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Mud Pie’s Snow Shop

January 16, 2018

Mud Pie’s Snow Shop

Have you had a chance to shop our Snow Shop!? We know time to wear sweaters + scarves is starting to dwindle down (at least down here in Georgia. But then again with GA weather, who knows!) Taking a trip up north or hitting the slopes? Make sure your Winter wardrobe is up-to-date with the most stylish items of the season. Mud Pie has the sweetest sweaters, scarves + more to make sure you are rocking your outfit, wherever you go! Here are a few of our favorite items you can find in the Snow Shop!

Snow Shop Winter Shop

Chessie Scarf | Tobi Turtleneck Sweater | Camilla Sweater

Snow Shop Winter Shop

Tobi Turtleneck Sweater

Snow Shop Winter Shop

Chessie Scarf | Camilla Sweater

Snow Shop Winter Shop

Woven Throw BlanketBistro Mug

Snow Shop Winter Shop

Tobi Turtleneck Sweater | Bistro Mug

Snow Shop Winter Shop

Ceramic Chili + Spoon SetSnow Shop Winter Shop

Ceramic Chili + Spoon Set | Tobi Turtleneck Sweater

From sweaters, to scarves, to blankets, hot cocoa and chili, our Snow Shop has inspiration for everyone as we bundle up through the colder months. We love Winter for so many reasons. If it is a night ice skating around the town, or a weekend cuddled by the fire with homemade chili, Winter makes us all warm and fuzzy inside.

New Year, New You!

How are your New Year’s resolutions going? We’re half way into January, have you read our post on the top resolutions for 2018? Maybe you can get a little inspiration + stick to your resolution this year. Tired of the same music that is so 2017? Check out our New Year, New You playlist with a few oldies but goodies.

Tell us!

What are your go to Mud Pie styles you can’t live without over the chilly months? Tell us by tweeting at us or tagging us in a photo on Instagram  + Facebook

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Mud Pie Launches Mud Pie Market

August 31, 2017
Launch Cover Photo

Guess what’s brand new for Mud Pie in 2017? (Well that little cutie up there, but something else just as sweet!) Imagine if you went to the best place in town to get your favorite slice of pie. Now imagine if that piece of pie was the exact same as it always is, but at a better price. Your favorite dessert just got sweeter. That is exactly what Mud Pie Market is here to do for you. We deliver your favorite Mud Pie styles at prices you will love. New items added regularly, monthly promotions and exclusive MPM products. Make sure you sign up for emails and be the first to know all of MPM’s AMAZING deals! (and you get a little something extra on your birthday.)

Go ahead and indulge!

Mud Pie Market Logo

 Fashion & Accessories Living  Baby & Kids Shop All

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Photo cred: Hello Dollie, Heather Holt Photo & Colton Reagan



June 15, 2017

Hey babes!

DIY projects are starting to heat up, just in time for Summer! Get your DIY brain ready, because we have another crafty wall for you to try this season.

So you’ve heard it before, but if you are new to the blog party (which you should just go ahead and subscribe to us, that way you’ll stay in the loop!), we will give you a little background on our ridiculously amazing design team.

A little backstory on our Super Squad

Every year, twice a year, our Mud Pie Visual Merchandising Director, Chad Gieseke rounds up his team and creates a master piece of a showroom based on that seasons catalog.

It takes a lot of time and hard work to make a showroom as innovative and beautiful as Chad and his team does. “I’m constantly thinking of ideas for the showroom. It never stops,” says Chad. Where do all of his magnificent ideas come from? Well, it’s simply the product itself. He picks up on the color, textures and icons from the product and designs from there.

And you may think that is simple. Oh, but then add in three different lines (kids, living and fashion) and then a 11,000 sq ft showroom in Atlanta, a 3,800 sq ft showroom in Las Vegas, a 4,000 sq ft showroom in Dallas AND a 800 sq ft showroom in New York. Believe it or not, Chad, his 4 freelance designers and his MP sidekick Nola have the same amount of hours in the day as we do. And just saying, I’ve never seen Chad, Nola and the team in the same room as Superman, Superwoman and their team..

Now onto the goods

We highlighted Chad and his team’s work on four different walls in the Atlanta Showroom for Spring 2017. Our third stop on this super crafty train features the Fashion Ombre Bandanna Wall.  Now this is just pure craziness! It’s like a life size ombre wall using a gazilion bandannas!. This wall featured our Fashion items (hint hint: Many you can find on right now!). Blue is totally trending right now and you can see it through out all three of our lines. But the fun Fashion prints along with the addition of in-house watercolor designs make you want to fill your entire closet with Mud Pie pieces.

Now, off to DIY!

Show us how you incorporate our Spring 2017 Showroom Walls into your home! Follow us @mudpiegift and use #mudpiegift when posting!!

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Spring 2017: Watercolor

March 17, 2017



Did you know that Mud Pie has an in-house watercolor artist that created a lot of our Spring 2017 prints?! Well if you didn’t, let us introduce you!


Meet Caitlin Alderfer, Product Development Artist at Mud Pie. Caitlin started working at Mud Pie almost exactly a year ago (at the end of the month!)  She has been painting/drawing/creating things ever since she can remember; her mom is very creative (she paints too in her spare time!) so there was always art supplies and classes during the summer as a kid.

Painting seriously didn’t begin until college though, where she was a Studio Art major, but focused in oil painting and collage. Watercolor painting only began for her about 3 years ago, when she was in grad school for Graphic Design but missed painting. At the time Caitlin had a roommate and limited space, and oil painting involves strong chemicals and is much messier than watercolors, so she decided to give it a try, and has grown from there.





 “I have also always been fascinated with watercolor because it is so challenging and unpredictable; the more you learn about it the more you understand how the paint will react when you add water, but it is always a little bit of a surprise,” says Caitlin. “It is also really a challenge because you really only get one shot; if you make a mistake you can’t erase it (for the most part) so you have to be very intentional.”Baby and Kids

Painting Horse




Watercoloring takes a lot of patience. It depends on the print and how detailed/complex it is. As a general rule, any prints Caitlin designs that begin as a watercolored painting take longer than ones created digitally, mostly because there are so many more steps involved. She begins with sketching the patterns, then after painting she has to load it into the computer to clean up and digitize! It’s a process, but a fun one!






Caitlin loves a lot of the patterns she created for Spring 2017, but her favorite has to be the Midnight Floral pattern for Fashion. Although landing on the final version of this pattern took several weeks, she painted the original watercolor elements on her 2nd or 3rd day working at Mud Pie! “I remember asking if it was ok if I brought in paints to work with and everyone thought I was a little crazy, so it was fun to get to show what I could do so early on,” she says. “I think about my journey at Mud Pie every time I see this print, which makes it special for me. Plus, I’ve always loved florals!”



As crazy as it seems, Caitlin is already starting work on our Spring 2018 prints! And even when watercolor isn’t the right medium for a pattern, you can find Caitlin sketching and drawing by hand before she gets to the computer!

“It has been so much fun getting to see my work, which I’ve previously only seen on paper and canvas, live on products,” Caitlin says!

Which pattern do you enjoy the best from our Spring 2017 line?! Let us know on social media! Tag us @mudpiegift and use #mudpiegift. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

January 26, 2017



If it’s for your significant other, wife, sister or friend, Mud Pie has you covered when it comes to giving the best gift this Valentine’s Day! From jewelry to handbags to clothing, there is a gift for everyone this year!

“I do not want jewelry on Valentine’s Day,” said no one ever. This year you are getting even more brownie points with these gifts. Why? Because you can wear them all more than one way.  The Reversible Sentiment Necklace comes in three different styles. In Black: Believe/Strength, in Blue: Sister/Friend, in Pink: Love/XoXo. You can change the saying of the necklace depending on how you feel each day! The Rowena Reversible Earrings come in two styles, peal or tortoise. Gone are the days of having to remember to bring a change of earrings on your vacation and hello to the solution. One pair, two ways. Need we say more? The Rowena Reversible Necklace comes in two styles: Horn/Gold and Mother of Pearl. If you are like us, you may be a bit indecisive. So half of the day you can wear your necklace one way and other half you can switch it up!


Every woman needs the perfect bag to hold all of their belongings. And one can ever have too many bags. The Pink Bailey Tassel Crossbody is perfect for a night out on the town. You can tuck in the gold chain to use as a clutch. Make it a bit more personal and monogram her initials on the front. The Bombay Carry-All Case is a bag for those who aren’t crazy about pink. For her makeup, electronics or bathing suit, this case can be used for everything! (and a bonus: you can monogram it!)  The Carlton Cork Case is one of our favs. This everyday purse can be used to hold your laptop, wallet, makeup bag and so much more! And the cork goes with almost everything!


Take a second and go check out her closet. Not much pink in it? Ok good, because we know you won’t be able to pick just one of these adorable outfits! The Kelli Shirtdress Cover-Up is perfect for to surprise your lady with a quick weekend getaway at the beach. The Kingsley Jersey Tunic is great for the working woman. Lay out the Courtney Essential Dress and give her a specific time when to be ready. She will be looking gorgeous for your surprise date night! And for the lady who is too hot to handle, let her show off those arms in the Teagan Tassel Tank!Pink Outfits


Shop more gifts for her at! Heart you lots Mud Pie loves!



Cyber Monday Deals!

November 28, 2016


So let’s say someone came up to you and offered you either a slice of pie or the entire pie. Which one would you take? Well, we would take the entire pie, of course! So instead of just giving you one day of deals, we are giving you FIVE DAYS OF DEALS this cyber week!! (Looks like Santa came early!)

So what type of deal will you get on Cyber Monday?! You can shop all of the items on our website, but let’s take a look at a few of them now!


The cold weather is FINALLY upon us and it is no fun being outside with cold hands. Get our Chelsea Initial Gloves and keep your fingers warm all winter long! These feature a “smart screen” knit on thumb and index finger so you won’t miss a call or text!


Our Chelsea Printed Initial Carry-All can be used in so many different ways! You can add it to any outfit for a night out on the town or when meeting friends at a coffee shop, use it as an iPad case, or as a make up bag! It fits the part for all occasions!


These Chelsea Initial Boot Cuffs are PERFECT for winter, because you won’t get too hot wearing full length socks under your boots! The best part is they work with any boot! Short or tall!


Once you kick off your boots and boot cuffs, put on these cozy Chelsea Initial Slippers. Raise your hand if you find yourself getting up in the middle of the night to sleepwalk your way to the bathroom? Now keep it raised if the second you touch the cold tile, you actually wake up?! Nothing should ever wake you from your beauty sleep! Keep these puppies by your bed and slip them on before you head to the bathroom!


Spending the holiday’s away from home or sneaking away for a quick weekend over New Years?! Our Miller Initial Weekender fits everything you need for a few days away!  It’s genuine leather with an additional pocket inside. We will be using it to keep all of our new initialed Mud Pie items in!

Keep checking back to and for an entire week of cyber deals and get the details right here at!

Happy cyber shopping Mud Pie dolls!