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Mud Pie’s Pretty Prints for the Perfect Summer

June 7, 2018

Summer Prints by Mud Pie

It’s June and we are officially breaking out the summer wardrobe. From dresses, to maxis to flowy tanks and cozy tops, Mud Pie has something for every occasion this summer! We are all about adding a pop of color to our closet and Mud Pie prints are sure to make a statement. Camo, stripes, florals and lemons have us wishing it could be summer all year round.

Mud Pie's Pretty Prints for the Perfect Summer

Margot Shift Dress: Black & White Stripe // Blue Camo // Rugby Stripe

Where to wear: Work! This is an office no brainier and an easy outfit to go straight to happy hour in.

Mud Pie's Pretty Prints for the Perfect Summer

Mud Pie's Pretty Prints for the Perfect Summer

Miley Maxi Dress: Black & White Stripe // Blue Ikat

Where to wear: Vacation! Make sure this flowy maxi gets packed in your suitcase. Throw over as a cover up or wear it for dinner.

Mud Pie's Pretty Prints for the Perfect Summer

Mud Pie's Pretty Prints for the Perfect Summer

Lana Flounce Dress: Blue Floral // Navy Lemon // Black Print

Where to wear: Summer Showers! Engagement showers, bridal showers, or baby showers, this fun and flirty flounce can be worn for any exciting moment.

Mud Pie's Pretty Prints for the Perfect Summer

Tucker Jersey Tunic: Camo // White // Navy & White Stripe // Poppy Red // Stonewash Blue // Black

Where to wear: Traveling! Ok, so this is hands down the best and most comfortable top you will ever own, which makes it a perfect piece to travel in for summer vacation!

Mud Pie's Pretty Prints for the Perfect Summer

Mud Pie's Pretty Prints for the Perfect Summer

Mud Pie's Pretty Prints for the Perfect Summer

Bel Air Peplum Top: Navy Lemon // White Chambray Stripe // Black & White Gingham // Red Floral

Where to wear: Date night! We are falling in love with our Bel Air Peplum Top. It literally looks amazing on everyone in the office! Wear with ripped jeans, white jeans, a jean skirt or shorts.

Did you know?

Most of our prints are designed by our in-house artist and designer Caitlin Alderfer! (follow her on Instagram: @CaitlinAlderfer)

How she does it: The process starts with an idea, then moves on to the painting/drawing stage. The designs are then scanned, refined and digitized. Once the elements are ready, then begins the process of creating a repeating pattern, editing or changing colors, and modifying scale.

“Whenever possible, I like to start our original prints outside of the computer, either water coloring or drawing on my iPad Pro. I feel strongly that the hand-done quality adds character and uniqueness to our prints and makes them more special overall.”

Mud Pie's Pretty Prints for the Perfect Summer

Mud Pie's Pretty Prints for the Perfect Summer

Mud Pie's Pretty Prints for the Perfect Summer

Mud Pie's Pretty Prints for the Perfect Summer

Mud Pie's Pretty Prints for the Perfect Summer

What are your favorite Mud Pie prints this Summer? Tag us in a photo on Instagram (@mudpiegift) so we can see how you style Mud Pie all summer long!

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Watercolor Wonders with Mud Pie!

March 20, 2018

Happy Spring!

We are walking into the office today with a little extra spring in our step! We are loving this warmer and oh so excited for these gorgeous days of Spring! The season brings beautiful flowers, warmer weather, weekends spent outside and darling prints all season long. Did you know our prints are one-of-a-kind and created right here in Stone Mountain, GA? Learn more about our lovely in-house artist and the steps it takes to get the watercolor prints from paper to product!

First day of Spring with Mud Pie

Shop the designs: Cactus // Palm Tree // Floral

Follow Caitlin and all of her beautiful designs on her Instagram: @CaitlinAlderfer

See more of her designs from seasons past

How are you bringing in Spring? Tag us in a photo on Instagram (@mudpiegift) so we can see how you style Mud Pie all season long!

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Spring 2017: Watercolor

March 17, 2017



Did you know that Mud Pie has an in-house watercolor artist that created a lot of our Spring 2017 prints?! Well if you didn’t, let us introduce you!


Meet Caitlin Alderfer, Product Development Artist at Mud Pie. Caitlin started working at Mud Pie almost exactly a year ago (at the end of the month!)  She has been painting/drawing/creating things ever since she can remember; her mom is very creative (she paints too in her spare time!) so there was always art supplies and classes during the summer as a kid.

Painting seriously didn’t begin until college though, where she was a Studio Art major, but focused in oil painting and collage. Watercolor painting only began for her about 3 years ago, when she was in grad school for Graphic Design but missed painting. At the time Caitlin had a roommate and limited space, and oil painting involves strong chemicals and is much messier than watercolors, so she decided to give it a try, and has grown from there.





 “I have also always been fascinated with watercolor because it is so challenging and unpredictable; the more you learn about it the more you understand how the paint will react when you add water, but it is always a little bit of a surprise,” says Caitlin. “It is also really a challenge because you really only get one shot; if you make a mistake you can’t erase it (for the most part) so you have to be very intentional.”Baby and Kids

Painting Horse




Watercoloring takes a lot of patience. It depends on the print and how detailed/complex it is. As a general rule, any prints Caitlin designs that begin as a watercolored painting take longer than ones created digitally, mostly because there are so many more steps involved. She begins with sketching the patterns, then after painting she has to load it into the computer to clean up and digitize! It’s a process, but a fun one!






Caitlin loves a lot of the patterns she created for Spring 2017, but her favorite has to be the Midnight Floral pattern for Fashion. Although landing on the final version of this pattern took several weeks, she painted the original watercolor elements on her 2nd or 3rd day working at Mud Pie! “I remember asking if it was ok if I brought in paints to work with and everyone thought I was a little crazy, so it was fun to get to show what I could do so early on,” she says. “I think about my journey at Mud Pie every time I see this print, which makes it special for me. Plus, I’ve always loved florals!”



As crazy as it seems, Caitlin is already starting work on our Spring 2018 prints! And even when watercolor isn’t the right medium for a pattern, you can find Caitlin sketching and drawing by hand before she gets to the computer!

“It has been so much fun getting to see my work, which I’ve previously only seen on paper and canvas, live on products,” Caitlin says!

Which pattern do you enjoy the best from our Spring 2017 line?! Let us know on social media! Tag us @mudpiegift and use #mudpiegift. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Spring Trends: Fashion

March 2, 2017


Things are going to get HOTT this Spring and we are not just talking about the weather. There are so many adorable looks trending in Fashion this Spring and of course Mud Pie has the looks you NEED in your closet this season!

Give winter the cold shoulder hun, because it’s all about showing off this Spring. Flaunt the freedom and show those shoulders!


Cold Shoulder

This season is big on versatile outfits that you can wear everyday! From the office, to the store, in carpool line or even for a picnic in the park. Pair our Hannah Shirtdresses with scarfs, light vests, hats, or jewelry and you can change it up for any occasion. Did we mention how comfy this dress is to?!


Everyday Wear

One of our least favorite things about summer? Trying to dress cute, but sweating your make up off by the end of the day. Yeah, no thanks. This year, we are so into the light layering. Over a dress, shirt or tank, the Mckinley Vest is must have addition to your wardrobe. (ps. it has a pull string in the back to give it an even more sexy shape!)

Light Layer

Versatility, versatility, versatility. Wait, we’ve said that before… getting the trend? We LOVE our cover-ups, because they do more than just, well, cover us up on our way to the water. Of course you can throw it on over your favorite bikini or one piece, but there is no need to go in and change before heading to get drinks. Pack wedges and white pants and you can go straight from the beach to the bar! That means no wasted time next vacation and more sun for you!

Beach to Bar

Not going to lie, we are about to brag. Because this is just pretty cool (no actually, REALLY cool!) Mud Pie has an in-house designer that does watercolor patterns! So that means our items are SUPER unique to our brand. You will not find it anywhere else and we can promise you that! So go ahead and skip off in your one-of-a-kind Sawyer Swing dress, because you look dang good in it, girl!



Flowers blooming, the sun shinning and more time spent outside. We CANNOT wait. But first you need to make sure your wardrobe matches the weather! Shop all of our new Spring 2017 Fashion at

We want to see it how trendy you are this Spring! Follow us on social media @mudpiegift and use #mudpiegift and you never know, your look may end up on our channel!

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Cheers to Spring, babes!




April 4, 2016

April showers bring Painterly Flowers! This month’s Printspiration is inspired by the blooms of the season! While forecasting what would be on trend, Mud Pie dreamt all many things floral. This unique, chic pattern is printed on our best selling (and most loved) Teagan Racerback Dress!









Katherine Sig


Printspiration: Fall Floral

November 24, 2015

The holidays are here, and they sure are full of color! For this month’s Printspiration, I’m showing off a fun, colorful Fall Floral. I will be the first to tell you how much I love wearing dark fall colors (a.k.a. BLACK). But as timeless as those dark fall colors are, I also believe that fall deserves just as much pop as spring and winter! That was the real drive behind the festive print below. Enjoy!






Katherine Sig




September 16, 2015


Hi again everyone! I’m SO happy to continue the Printspiration series with even more illustrated prints unique to Mud Pie! This month I’m taking you through the creation process of our Fair Isle print! This interesting challenge will be featured throughout our 2015 Kid’s Fall/Holiday Collection, coming to this fall!

To give a little background, “Fair Isle” is traditionally known as an old knitting technique used to create patterns with only a select amount of colors (5 or less). Before starting the artwork, I knew I’d have to come up with a way for the print to resemble a design that had been hand knitted. Which, as you can imagine, hand knitting is a beautifully thought out design.

The challenge: Taking the concept of a timeless winter print and making it unique to both Mud Pie and modern day holidays!

A behind the scenes look at how it evolved:

fair_isle_1and2fair_isle_threefourfair_isle_fivefair_isle_sixsevenKatherine Sig


Print Inspiration: Holly Toile

August 19, 2015



Happy Wednesday! I’m SO excited to continue the ‘printspiration’ series with more designs unique to Mud Pie! This month I’m taking you behind the Holly Toile print! This (fun) challenge will be featured throughout our 2015 Holiday Collection.  It may seem simple, but a great amount of detail and time went into making this print.

During the brainstorm session, my mind took me way back to a classic Christmas. More specifically, it made me think of gathering around the table with my WHOLE family for a tasty Christmas dinner! When I was a kid, we always headed to my grandma and grandpa’s house for Christmas dinner (after opening presents, of course!) My grandma would bring out the ham and all its dressings on gorgeous, timeless serve ware. Certain meals always bring me back to our Christmas dinners, but this design hits the spot more than any good food!  

The challenge: Taking a classic, Christmas print (and memory, for me!) and making it unique to both Mud Pie and modern day holidays!

A behind the scenes look at how it evolved:

toile_2and3toile_4 toile_5 toile_6 toile_7

Keep a lookout for this print in our 2015 holiday line – coming to this fall!Katherine Sig