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Mud Pie’s Pretty Prints for the Perfect Summer

June 7, 2018

Summer Prints by Mud Pie

It’s June and we are officially breaking out the summer wardrobe. From dresses, to maxis to flowy tanks and cozy tops, Mud Pie has something for every occasion this summer! We are all about adding a pop of color to our closet and Mud Pie prints are sure to make a statement. Camo, stripes, florals and lemons have us wishing it could be summer all year round.

Mud Pie's Pretty Prints for the Perfect Summer

Margot Shift Dress: Black & White Stripe // Blue Camo // Rugby Stripe

Where to wear: Work! This is an office no brainier and an easy outfit to go straight to happy hour in.

Mud Pie's Pretty Prints for the Perfect Summer

Mud Pie's Pretty Prints for the Perfect Summer

Miley Maxi Dress: Black & White Stripe // Blue Ikat

Where to wear: Vacation! Make sure this flowy maxi gets packed in your suitcase. Throw over as a cover up or wear it for dinner.

Mud Pie's Pretty Prints for the Perfect Summer

Mud Pie's Pretty Prints for the Perfect Summer

Lana Flounce Dress: Blue Floral // Navy Lemon // Black Print

Where to wear: Summer Showers! Engagement showers, bridal showers, or baby showers, this fun and flirty flounce can be worn for any exciting moment.

Mud Pie's Pretty Prints for the Perfect Summer

Tucker Jersey Tunic: Camo // White // Navy & White Stripe // Poppy Red // Stonewash Blue // Black

Where to wear: Traveling! Ok, so this is hands down the best and most comfortable top you will ever own, which makes it a perfect piece to travel in for summer vacation!

Mud Pie's Pretty Prints for the Perfect Summer

Mud Pie's Pretty Prints for the Perfect Summer

Mud Pie's Pretty Prints for the Perfect Summer

Bel Air Peplum Top: Navy Lemon // White Chambray Stripe // Black & White Gingham // Red Floral

Where to wear: Date night! We are falling in love with our Bel Air Peplum Top. It literally looks amazing on everyone in the office! Wear with ripped jeans, white jeans, a jean skirt or shorts.

Did you know?

Most of our prints are designed by our in-house artist and designer Caitlin Alderfer! (follow her on Instagram: @CaitlinAlderfer)

How she does it: The process starts with an idea, then moves on to the painting/drawing stage. The designs are then scanned, refined and digitized. Once the elements are ready, then begins the process of creating a repeating pattern, editing or changing colors, and modifying scale.

“Whenever possible, I like to start our original prints outside of the computer, either water coloring or drawing on my iPad Pro. I feel strongly that the hand-done quality adds character and uniqueness to our prints and makes them more special overall.”

Mud Pie's Pretty Prints for the Perfect Summer

Mud Pie's Pretty Prints for the Perfect Summer

Mud Pie's Pretty Prints for the Perfect Summer

Mud Pie's Pretty Prints for the Perfect Summer

Mud Pie's Pretty Prints for the Perfect Summer

What are your favorite Mud Pie prints this Summer? Tag us in a photo on Instagram (@mudpiegift) so we can see how you style Mud Pie all summer long!

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Meet The Office Dog

June 13, 2016

MeetThe-OfficeDog_HeaderAs busy as work gets with looming deadlines, and prepping for our Spring 2017 launch, having all of our lovable furry babies running around the office makes for a better day. Getting a little snuggle session in always helps the creativity flow. What better form of therapy than a puppy in a tutu?MAYBE 2


 Office Dog Q&A:

 NAME: Maybe Blazer

OWNER: Katie Blazer – Fashion Director

FAVORITE FOOD: ice cream

HOBBIES: car rides, sun bathing, being in my mom’s purse

GUILTY PLEASURE: chick-fil-a nuggets




Stay tuned for more “Meet the Office Dog” posts. We promise we have lots of fur babies to show!





Katie Sig



Why do I have a tail?

May 15, 2015

fit fridays-01

The absolute worst thing your clothes can do is create unflattering shapes on your body. A few weeks ago we received a fit sample of our Scalloped Edge Shorts (re-vamped for Spring 2016!) and the back rise had a sharp corner shape along our fit model’s mid back rise. It almost looked as if the shorts were concealing a little puppy tail!


This shape happens when the back rises’ “tilt” is off. Looking at the general pattern reference below, the curved rise is the area of the garment that contours the wearer’s back side. Like most women, our fit model is more full in her hips than her waist; therefore, the top of the rise was angled far enough away from her waist that the shorts were making an abrupt angle back to her body.


I hope I haven’t lost you yet! The four photos below illustrate how a few slashes in the pattern and some new angles quickly resolve this issue.


Just another case of some desperate pattern love needed to ensure the most flattering curve along your back side!


P.S. This will be my last blog post! It has been a pleasure working along side the Mud Pie family and I will miss it dearly. Goodbye, Atlanta. Hello, Raleigh!




What’s in a fit?

February 20, 2015

One of my biggest “day-to-day” tasks as a technical designer is directing fit sessions. In a fit session the design team and tech team evaluate samples and make necessary adjustments to improve styles. One of the most frustrating challenges of tech design is receiving a fit sample that measures perfectly, but looks awful!

Instead of loosing you in the technical jargon, I’ll try to illustrate a fitting to the best of my ability.

CAMILLE_GAP_UPPER BODYTowards the end of the Spring 2015 development season we kept receiving a sample of our Camille Beaded Midi dress with gaping at the neck.  The sample looked great on and none of the measurements were off, but the only way to wear it was low on the bust with “mucho cleavage” or with the neck flopping open.


With help from a well placed safety pin we determined the edge of the neckline was about 1″ too long and the strap was angled in the wrong direction.

I hope I haven’t lost you! These next pictures are the pattern correction needed to fix the neckline.


As you can see, all this style needed was a little pattern love to make it into that perfect summer “go to” it is today!






Chip Off The Old Block

November 7, 2014

Have you ever wondered who decides how your clothes fit you? The best description I’ve heard describing the relationship between a designer and a technical designer is if the designers are the architects then the technical designers are the engineers.

Mud Pie Clothing Block Pattern



Fit begins with the basic building blocks. At Mud Pie we are still getting to know our customer and what makes her comfortable. We met her about two years ago and are now perfecting her foundational fit.

Mud Pie Clothing Fit on Form



The basic block patterns pictured above are used to generate new styles. After the patterns are finalized they are traced on to stable tag board, which is used to create the initial start of a pattern from which new styles are generated.

Mud Pie Clothing Pattern Making


After patterns are created they are sent overseas for a prototype sample. Upon receipt of the sample the designers and tech designers collaborate to make adjustments. After a couple rounds of this process we reach the final Mud Pie clothing you see in our stores today.

Mud Pie Clothing Final Product


Our goal is to create an effortless wardrobe of well-fitting pieces. You know what they say, “If It Fits, I sits.”


Keep coming back to see more behind the scenes of Fit Fridays…