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Gender Reveal: What will it be! A He or a She?

April 6, 2018

Gender Reveal Party at Mud Pie!

As you can tell from previous posts here on A Slice of Pie, we LOVE to celebrate absolutely everything and everyone! From becoming a U.S citizen, to getting a new dog, to even having a great hair day, we find any excuse to throw a little party and of course, eat something sweet. Recently, we found out one of our own Mud Pie gals was expecting *cue dancing Oprah meme* so naturally, we had to have a gender reveal party. We were dying to know what it was going to be, a HE or a SHE?!

Gender Reveal Party at Mud Pie

Gender Reveal Party at Mud Pie

Gender Reveal Party at Mud Pie

Gender Reveal Party at Mud Pie

Gender Reveal Party at Mud Pie

Gender Reveal Party at Mud Pie

Here comes the Gender Reveal! Drum roll please…

We covered the table with pink and blue everything. Cupcakes, plates, napkins and toys. We had two games so people could guess what they thought the gender was going to be. First, you had to color in either the ‘SHE’ or ‘HE’ of a Hershey chocolate bar. Next, you had to color the front of a clothespin with either pink or blue and pin it to yourself. We checked out all of the clothespins before the cake was cut and the majority of the office thought it would be a girl (are you surprised?) It felt like an eternity waiting for the mama-to-be to slice that cake! The second she lifted up the knife, we were all going crazy, cheering and screaming for a BABY BOY that will be due in September. There must be something in the water her at MP, because it seems like everyone is having boys! We can’t wait to meet this sweet pea and for him to star in future blog posts.

Gender Reveal Party at Mud Pie

Looking for sweet pieces for your prince or trying to find the perfect gift for your friends baby shower? Check out these absolutely adorable must-have items:


Every princess should have a big wardrobe! Fill up your little girls closet or pick out the greatest gift for your friends baby shower! Check out these darling must-have items:


What are you doing for your gender reveal? Tag us in a photo on Instagram (@mudpiegift) so we can see how you celebrate your newest addition!

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Celebrating First Birthday with Mud Pie

March 28, 2018

First Birthday Bash!

We had so much fun filming videos for a little something we have up our sleeve! We played with these two precious cuties and it was super sweet in more ways than one. Here is a sneak peak of our first birthday celebration dressed head to toe in Mud Pie!

Celebrating First Birthday with Mud Pie

Celebrating First Birthday with Mud Pie

Celebrating First Birthday with Mud Pie

Celebrating First Birthday with Mud Pie

What we learned:

1. Talk about a sugar rush! These two were all over the place after they ate their weight in cake. Make your little one’s birthday picture perfect and shop all of our birthday products on now! (and our Gold Edge Marble Serving Board Set)

2. It is going to get messy, that is OK! Baby + cake = a complete mess. But that is how it is supposed to be. Create a cake smashing space inside the house with a disposable table cover (you can get one at the dollar store) underneath the high chair. You can also move the event outside.

3. Make sure you have a bib AND a back up bib, because it’s going to get everywhere.

4. Don’t put the cake down until you are ready to roll. We learned the second we set the cake down, these two went after it. Make sure you are ready to snap a pic or record a video and then set the cake down and let them get to smashing!

5. A first birthday party is all about the birthday boy/girl, but make sure the guests have something sweet to eat too! Get an extra cake (we ordered two of the exact same cake) for your guests, because the smash cake will have baby hands, nose and even feet all over it.

How are you celebrating your cutie’s first birthday? Tag us in a photo on Instagram (@mudpiegift) so we can see how you incorporate Mud Pie birthday products into your baby’s big day!

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Fall Bucket List: Host a Wine Tasting

November 17, 2017

Fall Bucket List: Host a Wine Tasting

So, we went a little above and beyond for the last item on our Fall Bucket List. We hosted a wine tasting + went to a winery! It seems there is always something to celebrate in the office. Our Social Media & Digital Marketing Manager, Jessica, got MARRIED!! She’s the darling blonde you have seen on our blog before (like the picnic in the park + pumpkin patch posts.) We had so much fun having a bunch of Mud Pie gals & guys over to toast the new bride and groom! We had a little wine + charcuterie board tasting and then spent the weekend at Montaluce Winery, where the sweet couple said their vows. Take a look at how much fun we had sending off the sweetest couple ever.

Fall Bucket List: Host a Wine Tasting

Initial Copper Wine Bottle Stopper

Fall Bucket List: Host a Wine Tasting

Fall Bucket List: Host a Wine Tasting

Fall Bucket List: Host a Wine Tasting

Marble & Wood Paddle Board

Fall Bucket List: Host a Wine Tasting

Fall Bucket List: Host a Wine Tasting

Sharing Planked Wood Snack Serving Board

Fall Bucket List: Host a Wine Tasting

Initial Marble Serving Board Set

Fall Bucket List: Host a Wine Tasting

Fall Bucket List: Host a Wine Tasting

Silver Ceramic Dip Cup

Fall Bucket List: Host a Wine Tasting

Pazitive Plate

Fall Bucket List: Host a Wine Tasting

Fall Bucket List: Host a Wine Tasting

Fall Bucket List: Host a Wine Tasting

Beaded Horn Necklace | Jocelyn Jersey Dress

Fall Bucket List: Host a Wine Tasting

Finn Fedora Hat | Elle Off The Shoulder Dress

Fall Bucket List: Host a Wine Tasting

Fall Bucket List: Host a Wine Tasting

Fall Bucket List: Host a Wine Tasting

Fall Bucket List: Host a Wine Tasting

Fall Bucket List: Host a Wine Tasting

Fall Bucket List: Host a Wine Tasting

Fall Bucket List: Host a Wine Tasting


We absolutely love celebrating every little moment here at Mud Pie and it is even more fun when we are celebrating our own! We were #FallingForMP in more ways than one. The boards we used to lay out our meat & cheese were absolutely stunning and everything looked 10 times better when it was in a Mud Pie bowl, or on a Mud Pie plate.

Need hostess gifts for the holidays, hosting a wedding shower of your own, or want to start stocking up for the new year? Shop all of our boards/bowl/plates here (and then keep shopping around and you’ll fall for Mud Pie too)

Host a Wine Tasting: CHECK

We had an absolutely blast showering the bride and groom with a wine tasting and joining them as they took the leap towards forever together. Now, that is a wrap on our Fall Bucket List! We have had such a great time this Fall checking off every item and we hope you did too. Did you check off any of the items on your Fall bucket list? Post your photos on social media, tag us @mudpiegift and use #FallingForMP so we can see how you tackled the bucket list!

Fall Bucket List: Host a Wine Tasting

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Champagne Campaign

December 30, 2016



It’s time for the New Year! Which means it is time to stock up on Champagne! 2016 is officially in the the rear view mirror and it’s on to conquer 2017! (Take a minute to realize 2000 babies are turning 17 this year! WHAT?! Time needs to sloooooow down!)

Whether it is staying in with close friends, wathcing the ball drop or a crazy party, get ready to pop the bubbly, because it’s time to celebrate! We have put together a few recipes that you can mix up for your New Year’s Eve party and of course, a few to help recover on New Years Day!




2 Tbs fresh squeezed lime juice

1 oz Tequila

1 oz Triple Sec

3 oz Champagne

Combine lime juice, tequila and triple sec in champagne a flute. Top with champagne and garnish with a fresh lime.



1 oz vodka

1/4 oz ginger liquor

1/2 oz fresh lime juice


Fresh mint and lime slices for garnish

Mix together the vodka, ginger liquor and lime juice and pour into flute first. Then, top with champagne and garnish with mint and a slice of lime!

(Home Made Interest)

sharefrombeautyplus5 oz Triple Sec

1/4 cup cranberry juice

1/2 cup Prosecco

Pour triple sec and cranberry juice into chilled flute or wine glass and then top with Prosecco. Add a poinsettia garnish to top it off!



1 oz cognac

1 oz fresh lemon juice

1/2 oz simple syrup

3 oz champagne

Place ingredients into a shaker with ice. Shake and strain into the glass. Add a lemon twist as garnish!

(Real Simple)



1 blood orange


1/8 tsp vinilla


Dash of cinnamon

First, juice your blood orange, then pour champagne to fill half the glass. Pour in the blood orange juice, stir in the vanilla, Stevia and cinnamon.

(The Luminary)



1 bottle Simply Grapefruit Juice

2 12 fl oz cans cream soda

1/2 cup St. Germain

1.2 cup Absolute Ruby Red

1 bottle of Champagne

Mint and Grapefruit for garnish

Combine all ingredients into a punch bowl over ice and stir. Top with fresh mint and grapefruit slices.

(Blahnik Baker)


It’s been an absolutely amazing year at Mud Pie and we are even more excited to see what 2017 has in store! Continue our journey with us by following our us on all social media channels (@Mudpiegift). Show us your New Years Eve/New Years Day concoctions by using #mudpiegift

Cheers to what’s ahead!






Summer Cocktails

June 6, 2016

SummerCocktails Header 

I can taste the sweet summer sun as I daydream of beach side lounging. School is finally out, pools are open and vacations are underway. Although Mud Pie says every season is their favorite, I think we really mean it when we say that summer gives the best welcome of them all, and that may be due to the fruity cocktails that come along with it. 

No matter the activity – relaxing by the water, entertaining on your porch or celebrating the long weekend – you have to have a refreshing drink in hand. I didn’t make the rules, but I promise to follow them. 

So treat yourself to sunshine and summer cocktails!


1.5 oz white rum

.5 oz Triple Sec

1.5 oz of pineapple juice

2 tbsp lime juice

1 tsp turbinado cane sugar  

Top with club soda


1 watermelon cube, muddled

1. Muddle a cube of watermelon at the bottom of a small cocktail glass.

2.Fill with ice. 3.Add rum, Triple Sec, and pineapple juice.

4.Stir in lime juice and sugar. 5.Top with club soda.

6.Stir! Sip! Enjoy!

Summer Cocktail Pitcher



1.5 oz white rum

1 dash orange run

3 oz grapefruit juice

1.Dash bitters into ice-filled glass.

2.Add rum.

3.Fill with juice.



Want more summer cocktail recipes? Our drink towels have you covered. Not to mention, they are a great addition to your bar.Cocktail Bar TowelsDRINK TOWELS // ALL BAR ACCESSORIES 

Sip away! And happy {almost} summer!



The Big Game Party

January 26, 2016

Ask anyone, I am one of those girls who pours her soul into football. And WOW have things been looking up for my teams this year…not only did my college team pull in another National Title (Wonder who that could be? RTR), but now my NFL team is traveling to Santa Clara for the big game on February 7th!

Living in Charlotte for a few years, and my husband being from Charlotte, I have grown to love the Carolina Panthers! This year, they clinched the division – 3 years in a row! Needless to say, this is a big football year for us. So much so, that we are headed to California for the big game! Last minute trips make for the best ones, right?

In any case, we would be throwing a huge party for the day. But with all our joy, we couldn’t help and book tickets to be there in all the action.

For those of you celebrating from your home, Mud Pie has great items for the big game party. And the best part? Most of it is currently on sale – just in time!


Shop the look: Tailgate Bucket // Game Day Straws // Football Photography Set // Game Day Tumblr // Game Day Tailgate Banner // Chalkboard Beverage Tub

Shop all Game Day – select items on sale!

On top of my picks, here are some fun ways to add to the big game party!

A touchdown drink for when your team scores! Add your teams color to each shot glass with tape!


Add a little party to your outfit with a beaded tassel necklace in your teams colors!Untitled-1And don’t forget about the pre-game!


Let the games begin! Here are some of photos of my favorite Panther memories!

Panthers 3

Panthers 2







February 13, 2015

Mardi Gras is next week and while we will not be making the trek to King Street we still have means to celebrate! A few Mud-Pie items and some DIY projects and we were ready to party.

Mardi Pardi Overhead Shot

Knot and Beau Burlap Runner: coming Mud-Pie Spring 2015 // Fleur de Lis Platter // Fleur de Lis Dessert Plates: coming Mud-Pie Spring 2015

Beverage Tub

 Wood Tray: coming Mud-Pie Spring 2015 // Fresh Mason Jar perfect for holding our DIY straws // Fleur de Lis Beverage Tub


 Love our straw flags? Print them below. Just print on card stock, cut, and hot glue to your favorite party straws!


 Champagne makes every celebration better! A little green sugar around the rim to make it extra festive.

King Cake

No Mardi Gras party would be complete without a King Cake!

FDL Salad Plate


Katy found the baby so she will be next years hostess and have good luck throughout the year!

Finny Ha

Of course Finny was invited too!


Free printable straw flags!

We hope your Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras celebrations are fabulous!



Poodle Party!

November 19, 2014

Many of the Mud Pie girls bring their favorite fur companions to work regularly. My puppy, Olive, has been coming to the office ever since she was two months old. She is the company sweetheart! This past week we celebrated Olive’s birthday in style! Check out photos of Olive and her best friend Lola wearing upcoming Spring 2015 baby styles!  It was a fabulous Poodle Party…


Mud Pie Poodle Party One

Mud Pie Poodle Party Kids


Buy here! | Mud Pie Birthday Candle Plate |