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Mud Pie Launches Easter Home Decor for 2019

February 7, 2019

Who is egg-cited for Easter Home Decor?

Easter is a little over two months away! That means it is time to hop to shopping for the most egg-celent Easter home decor. From door hangers, to door mats, to bowls, deviled egg platters and more. Mud Pie has the sweetest Easter decor you wont want to miss out on.

Mud Pie Launches Easter Home Decor 2019

Egg Hunt Wooden Door Hanger | Triple Bunny Hook Pillow | Happy Bunny Hook Pillow | Blue Bunny Hook Pillow

Mud Pie Launches Easter Home Decor 2019

Bunny Dinner Napkin Set | Striped Bunny Table Runner

Mud Pie Launches Easter Home Decor 2019

Happy Spring Door Mat

Mud Pie Launches Easter Home Decor 2019

Deviled Egg Tray Set

Mud Pie Launches Easter Home Decor 2019

Bunny Ceramic Candy Bowl Sets

Women’s Fashion Fit For Easter

Ever look into your closet and decide you need more color in your life? Our Spring 2019 Women’s collection has a ton of color and fun prints for warmer weather! Stand out this Easter with a splash of pastel in your wardrobe. Don’t forget to ruffle up your style a bit and add our best-selling ruffle neck pieces.

Mud Pie Launches Easter Home Decor 2019

Hannah Shirt Dress (on sale)| Clarissa Cold Shoulder Ruffle Top | Juliette Ruffle Bow Dress | Carrie Ruffle Top (on sale)

Coco Collared Vest | Eloise Ruffle Bow Top

Dress up your little bunny!

There is nothing sweeter than watching your little bunny hop around during the Easter egg hunt. From rompers, to dresses, to Easter baskets, Mud Pie baby & kids will have your little one picture perfect for the holiday. (P.S. all of these adorable outfits are ON SALE!)


Mud Pie Launches Easter Home Decor 2019

Pink Ruffle Bubble Romper | Juniper Chambray Romper | Bunny Gingham Shortall |Bunny Tutu Crawler

Let us know

Which Easter decor pieces are your favorites?

Tag us in a photo on Instagram (@mudpiegift) so we can see how you incorporate Mud Pie into your Easter celebrations.

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Celebrate with Mud Pie’s Wedding Shop

December 27, 2018

Time to Pop the Bubbly & Shop our Wedding Shop

It’s winter wedding season and we are falling in love with all of the sweet couples getting married in the next few months. At Mud Pie, we love celebrating every day. But Celebrating the BIG DAY is one we want everyone to remember. So your bestie gal is getting a hubby and it is time to celebrate? Mud Pie has everything for the day after the engagement, to the bachelorette party, to the day you’ll want to last a lifetime! Shop the Wedding Shop now!

Recently Engaged

Mud Pie's Wedding Shop

Heart Trinket Dishes | Future Mrs. Wedding Sash | Wedding Mugs | Laurel One Shoulder Dress

Wine Glass Topper Sets | Bride Tote Bag | Mrs. Carry All Case

For the Bridesmaids

Mud Pie's Wedding Shop

Bridesmaid Tank Top | Bachelorette Wedding Sash | Bridesmaid Carry All Case | Initial Bangle Bracelet

Bridesmaid Ask Bottle Bag | Initial Stud Reversible Earrings | Bridesmaid Tote Bag  | Initial Wine Bottle Stopper

Bride Squad Champagne Glass

For the Wedding Day

Mud Pie's Wedding Shop

Happily Ever After Keepsake Box | Wedding Wish Jar | Card Box Set | Wedding Cake Server Set

Double Picture Frame | Recipe Box Set | Hooray Cake Topper | Commemorative Wedding Plate

Don’t Forget about the Groom & Groomsmen

Mud Pie's Wedding Shop

Shot Glass Paddle Board Set | Stainless Steel Flasks | Ceramic Mug Sets | Beer Pint Glasses

Canvas Dopp Kits | Jigger Shot Glasses | Leather Drink Sleeves | Shot Glass Sets

Wood Bottle Opener Coaster | Initial marble Bottle Opener

For the Bridal Shower or the Wedding Gift
Mud Pie's Wedding Shop

Wedding Invitation Frame | Mr. & Mrs. MugsCommemorative Wedding Plate | Marble Serving Set 

Mrs. Apron | Mr. & Mrs. Hostess Tray Set | Mr. & Mrs. Wood Board Set | Mr. & Mrs. Hand Towel

 Tag us in a photo on Instagram (@mudpiegift) so we can see how you incorporate Mud Pie into your wedding celebrations!

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Take a Break with Mud Pie: Celebrate Every Day

June 21, 2018

Sometimes, you just need to take a break

And we so get that. It’s officially summer and you rather be jumping into the pool instead of jumping into another project at work. July 4th is right around the corner and you’ve got celebrations on your mind. Yes, we tend to look forward to holidays and big celebrations, but this summer, we are living by our moto: celebrate every day. And we mean every single day. Start every morning determined to give the day your best, take a little walk outside to breathe in some fresh air, do a little dance at your desk when you’ve checked off something on your to-do list, let the little ones stay up a past their bedtime just because and enjoy every single second of it, because it goes by fast.

Join us in taking a break today and watching this absolutely adorable video. Then get right back into conquering the day!

Boy Applique Raglan Top | Pull On French Terry Shorts

Do a Little Dance

Since it is the first day of summer, we have put together our summer soundtrack!

What songs are your go-to fun in the sun tunes? Let us know on Twitter or Instagram(@mudpiegift) so we can hear your favorite songs and see how you style Mud Pie all summer long!

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1 like = 1 dollar for the March of Dimes

May 2, 2018
March of Dimes Blog Custom Image

Help us get to 20,000 likes for the March of Dimes!

1 Like = 1 Dollar donated. Join the movement for healthy moms. Strong babies. Help Mud Pie raise $20,000 to support the March of Dimes!

Click “like” on this Facebook post if you agree that every baby deserves the best possible start in life. For every “like” on this post, Mud Pie will donate a $1 to the March of Dimes. The $20,000 raised will support the March of Dimes’ mission in leading the fight for the health of all moms and babies. Let’s #celebratebabies and all of their milestones and accomplishments. Hear the full story of one darling little one and the family’s journey by clicking ‘learn more’ on the Facebook post.

*March of Dimes does not endorse specific brands or products

March of Dimes Campaign

(click the image above to see the video!)

Why the March of Dimes?

1.  Premature birth is the #1 killer of babies. Each year, 1 in 10 babies are born prematurely in the United States.

2. Premature birth costs society more than $26 billion a year. Babies born early are at risk for problems and disabilities.

3. March of Dimes research investments have led to important advances that improve the lives of babies everywhere.

Did you know Mud Pie supports the March of Dimes through baby socks and headbands?

Your purchase of Mud Pie baby socks and soft headbands supports the March of Dimes with a dime donation for each. Through 2018, Mud pie will have raised $800,000 for the March of Dimes. We believe that every baby deserves to start life healthy from head to toe.

Want to share your stories, or join us in #celebratebabies? Tag us in a photo on Instagram (@mudpiegift) and use #celebratebabies & #mudpiegift so we can hear your story!

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Game Night: Holiday Edition

December 22, 2016



The holidays are FINALLY here!! And that means A LOT of time with your family, friends and loved ones! Other than enjoying delicious food, laughing over old memories and unwrapping gifts, you’ll have free time on your hands this weekend. It’s our version of Game Night: Holiday Edition! Here are a few fun games you can add to your family time!

Christmas Bingo can be so much fun, especially when the markers are chocolate! Print out as many boards as you need and get playing!


Now this game is one of our favs. You can play it two ways. First way, you need a few wrapped presents, mittens or oven mitts and a pair of dice. The first person starts with the oven mitts next to the present. When that player puts on the mittens and tries to unwrap the present, the person to their right rolls the dice. They keep rolling until they get doubles. Once they roll a pair, the next player puts on the mittens and tries to unwrap the gift, while the person to their right rolls the dice!  The person who opens the present completely gets to keep it!

The second way is just as fun. For this game, you will need a bunch of small boxes to wrap and as many pieces of blank paper as you have small boxes. You will then draw the words (or use a picture) SANTA on one of the pieces of paper. Place each piece of paper into one of the boxes and wrap them. Let’s say you have a group of ten people. So you will have 10 wrapped boxes that have pieces of paper in them, one has the picture or word SANTA. At the same time, each person puts on their mittens and grabs their box! You unwrap until you find out if you have SANTA inside your box. If you don’t, you can steal someone who is still going to try to see if their box has it! Winner is the one who gets the SANTA and of course they get a prize!


This website has 25 super creative party games. Check out all of them and then tell us what you think!


Did you know Hanukkah starts on Christmas Eve? Regardless of which holiday you celebrate, try out the Dreidel game! If you hdo not have a pack of dreidels, here is a print out you can cut and glue together. For this game, all you will need is a driedel and a bunch of gelt (gold chocolate coins)! You can also use pennies, Jelly Beans, or other small objects! Each player puts one piece of their gelt into the center, this will be known as the pot. The first person spins the dreidel and waits until it lands on a side. Bellow is a graph of what happens when each letter is landed on!

If the pot becomes empty, all players add one piece of their gelt back into the pot. If the player runs out of gelt, they lose, but if they end up with all the gelt, they win!!!


This game is perfect if you have a bunch of little ones hanging around! All you will need for this game is chocolate and the dot stickers you would normally use for a garage sale! On the stickers, write a letter or number. Make sure you do each letter or number twice so it has a match.Grab 16 chocolates (can be more of course!) and place one sticker on the bottom of each one. Mix up the chocolates and set them in a row. The first person looks under two chocolates and tries to find a match. Time to use your memory! Keep going until all of the matches are found! Winner will get to eat the most chocolate!


Now this game is SUPER fun! What you will need is a box of Saran Wrap and a bunch of goodies (can be candy, toys, Mud Pie clothes, what ever you want!) Before the game begins, a few people will need to help create the ball! Once it is ready to go, the fun begins! The first person starts with the ball in their lap. They try to unwrap as much as they can while the person to their right rolls a pair of dice. Once that person rolls doubles, the ball moves to the next player and it begins again! There are a lot of goodies in the ball, so keep what you unwrap as a gift! There are other ways you can make the game more fun, like blindfold the person unwrapping, make them wear mittens, use two balls for large groups, or make the person stand up while unwrapping! This game is fun for all ages!


This holiday season, appreciate time with your family. Every day is a gift, so enjoy it! After you have posted your Mud Pie goodies using #mudpiegift, put your phone away and live in the moment! This Game Night: Holiday Edition will be one that creates memories that will last a lifetime!

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend Mud Pie loves!