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Easter: Last Chance!

April 6, 2017

Last Chance EasteRDFinnnnnal

  • Rosie Shift Dress
    Rosie Shift Dress
  • Sawyer Swing Dress
    Sawyer Swing Dress
  • Britain Scalloped Shift Dress
    Britain Scalloped Shift Dress
  • Bunny Chambray Stripe Shortall
    Bunny Chambray Stripe Shortall
  • Striped Bunny One-Piece
    Striped Bunny One-Piece
  • Bunny Tutu Crawler
    Bunny Tutu Crawler
  • Bunny Snack Tray
    Bunny Snack Tray
  • Bunny Egg Cup
    Bunny Egg Cup
  • Bunny Gravy Boat
    Bunny Gravy Boat

Fill your cart and check out by Saturday, April 8th in order to get all of your Easter treats in time!

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Cyber Tuesday Deals!

November 29, 2016


cAnother day, another deal! And today is all about the little ones! The holidays are a big time for family pictures and making sure your cutie patootie is best dressed!

Holiday cards/family pictures/picture with Santa

You’ve waited all year to show off your kiddos to friends who may live far away and you don’t see often. Dress them up in Mud Pie outfits to create the best holiday card yet! The Christmas Longall is a corduroy overall that features repeating car and tree embroidery and is on sale today for $7.99! For your princess, dress her up in our Poinsettia Flounce Dress. The dress is perfect if you have girls from 0-6 months all the way to 5T. Today it is 62% off at $12.99!


‘Twas the night before Christmas

Santa is loading up his sleigh and getting his reindeer fed and ready for a long night! Dress your sweeties in these cozy onesies and put them to bed! The sooner they sleep, the sooner Santa comes! The Poinsettia Kimono One-Piece is a perfect buy for her ($9.99) and the Puppy Footed One-Piece is perfect for him! ($7.99). Both pieces are over 70% off today!


SANTA CAME! (Christmas Morning)

Merry Christmas! Santa has dropped off the presents and your kids are up before the sun! Dress your mini Ms. Claus in the sweetest Christmas morning outfit! Our Glitter Santa Tunic & Legging Set ($7.99) makes for a comfy lazy morning around the house. Dress your munchkin in our Initial Crawler Set ($6.99) monogramed special for him!

          1112271-06         1032233 

Time to go to Church

If it’s Christmas Eve Services or Mass on Christmas Day, we have the most ADORABLE pieces for your little ones! Your prince will look like royality in our Vest One Piece, which today is 80% off at $8.99! Dress your little lady in our Tartan All In One Dress, which is 82% off today at $6.99! What deals!!

                                                                 1032136-06    1132154-06

Get Them Now!

It’s never too soon to start shopping for Spring and Summer! Get ahead and grab these sale items to put away for warmer weather! The Daisy Crochet Dress ($7.99) is perfect for Easter and the Safari Monkey Dress ($6.99) can be worn when you go on vacation to the beach or if your little girl just feels like going bananas! Have a future quarterback on your hands?! Make sure he stays healthy and warm! Dress him in our Football Bunting ($9.99) and he’ll be so cute, everyone will want to pass him around!

1142104-06 1142106-06



One can never (and we mean never!) have enough accessories for their bundle of joy! Hats, swaddle sets, burp clothes and baby bags! Mud Pie has it all and of course it is SUPER cute! Our Safari Newborn Caps (set of 3 for $6.99) matches perfectly with our Safari Animal Print Swaddle Set ($7.99). This Cyber Tuesday, we also have this Chick Pocket Burp and Rattle set for over 80% off!! ($3.99) One of our FAVORITE deals is our Lil Biter Bangle Bag (gray, navy stripe, pink check and navy) for just $5.99!! It’s a canvas carry-all for mommy and can easily fit into a diaper bag or be used as a wallet or clutch! The silicone cuff can be used as a teething ring for your little one! How smart!!

  9998872p 9998873

1592064 8613070gyl_1_

We hope you love our Cyber Tuesday deals as much as we do! Remember, you don’t need a code, the prices are already marked down on We have three more days of deals for you!! So make sure you check back to our blog and website every day for details!



Fit Fridays + Holiday Sneak Peek

July 29, 2016

fit fridays-01

As a technical designer, patterns are the key for opening the door to many problems you will have with the fitting of the garments. When you are looking at a sample on a mannequin or on a person it may be hard to see exactly what needs to change. Once you unfold your patterns and start piecing them together, you may find that the answer to the solution is laying in front of you! An AHA moment might occur. Patterns are a technical designers best friend. The reason why I personally love patterns so much is because they are like puzzles. You need each piece to complete the picture and every pattern piece relates to another to complete a garment. It is very intriguing.

The most difficult style I have worked on since my start at Mud Pie in October was during the Fall 2016 line. This style was a raglan sleeve one-piece that was fitting so strange at the shoulder and top portion of the sleeve. Raglan styles tend to be more difficult, making it tough to shape them perfectly correct. For those of you who do not know exactly what a raglan sleeve is, it is a diagonal seamed sleeve that comes from under the arm, across the body, to the collar bone and connects at the front and back neckline. If you didn’t quite get all of that nonsense you will see below during today’s Fit Friday.


The diagonal aspect is what makes a raglan sleeve challenging. There are so many ways for it to go wrong – the angle of the diagonal, the shape of the diagonal, the placement and more. For this particular style below the width of the raglan at the shoulder/ neckline was too narrow, causing the sleeve to fit very tight. And trust me, that fit would be very uncomfortable for your little.


The position of the raglan on the front and the back of the garment is in the wrong place. It is too far over onto the shoulder. So we had to move the placement of the front and back.


In a correction like this, the sleeve pattern is adjusted and what we add to the sleeve pattern we take away from the front and back body of the pattern.


tape measure icon-01


The next sample came in and looked much better. The placement of the raglan was almost perfect and the sleeve fit better as well! Now this style was not fixed all in one fitting. We had to rework it a few times, but after all of the other pattern adjustments we made, I think it turned out great!


Here is a sneak peek of today’s Fit Friday piece – the Reindeer One-Piece – coming Fall 2016!


Hannah Sig


Printspiration: Spring 2016 Baby Preview

February 5, 2016

Oh my heart is so excited for this month’s Printspiration! Let me just start by saying…you all are getting a sneak preview into our Spring 2016 baby line. And let me also just say…it makes me so excited for all else that is to come! This season, Mud Pie is bringing new styles – patterns and prints that progress our brand further! I want to spill all the beans now, but I must keep somewhat of a secret until the new product launch in March!

Before I say too much about Spring 2016, let me focus on this month’s Printspriation: the ballerina print. It’s perfect for your chic little one whose hobbies include playing dress up and having tea time with her stuffed friends. This print is one of my all-time favorites to date! It was a trip back to my childhood to create a print that relates to every little girl at some point in their lives. We all have dreams growing up, and I can vouch for many when I say that twirling around on stage would be the best career (besides designing baby prints, of course!).

I can’t say it enough – I loved working on this print so much! But it was also challenging. I went through an endless number of rough drafts before it was exactly how we wanted it. Drawing a print is easy…drawing a print and manipulating it to work on clothing is challenging. Being the person I am, I took the task head on – who doesn’t love a good challenge? After a number of changes and revisions, I finally had it perfect with you all in mind.

Enjoy the below – available in retail stores now! It will be available to purchase directly from this March!

ballerina_headerballerina-1-and-2ballerina_3ballerina_4-and-5ballerina_6and7ballerina_8Katherine Sig


Printspiration: Fall Floral

November 24, 2015

The holidays are here, and they sure are full of color! For this month’s Printspiration, I’m showing off a fun, colorful Fall Floral. I will be the first to tell you how much I love wearing dark fall colors (a.k.a. BLACK). But as timeless as those dark fall colors are, I also believe that fall deserves just as much pop as spring and winter! That was the real drive behind the festive print below. Enjoy!






Katherine Sig



10 Tips for Capturing Holiday Photos

November 18, 2015

holiday photos

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! To many that means sweet treats, holiday decor, whimsical music, gifts with over-sized bows and everything jolly, but to me it means an opportunity to enjoy a side passion of mine. Most of you know me as Mud Pie’s Baby Designer, but I have a hidden talent aside from designing over-the-top Christmas outfits…that’s right, I LOVE taking photos. From portraits of friends and family to places and lifestyle shots, I am always looking to capture moments that turn to memories. And what better time of the year to do just that?

One of my favorite purchases – well besides my princess poodle, Olive – was my camera lens, a Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L. It has brought a recollection of the best moments throughout the past years.

It’s the season to gather your family, and dress your kids up in a delightful outfits (even if they “don’t wanna”) for that perfect holiday photo. The digital world has turned this event into a hot trend. With that being said, I want to share my passion, and 10 tips for capturing holiday photos!

Keep the room comfortable.  Kids get easily distracted when they are in a space they aren’t familiar with, so pick a comfortable spot.  Make sure the location is kid friendly—put away anything you think a kid could get into!
Make sure to schedule the shoot during your kid’s happiest time. It’s not a good idea to schedule a photo shoot with a stranger during nap or eating time.   Make sure the child is well rested and has a full belly.  This seems like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised to see how many people end up scheduling the shoot during nap time and then complain when it doesn’t work out.
I have a small checklist I go over before I leave for a baby shoot. These items are MUSTS when photographing kids.  Always, always, always bring bubbles… the kids love them!  I also ask the parents to have their favorite toys handy- just in case.  I hate to say it, but bribery works.  Come with a stash of cookies or lollipops… it works every time.
Bring a friend or ask the mom to have someone on stand-by to help out.  Although we want mom there for the breakdowns, it’s not always a good idea to have her there during the shoot.  If a kid gets nervous they will cling to mom.  It’s best to start in a room away from the camera and then distract the kid from their mom.
It’s important to choose a cute outfit but nothing that outshines the kid.  Here are some of my favorites Holiday outfits from Mud Pie!

Mud Pie Kids Outfit

Christmas Car Footed One-Piece | Santa Tunic & Legging | Christmas Longall | Ribbon Tree Tunic & Legging
Reindeer Jumper & Tights | Tunic & Fur Legging SetSanta Tutu One-Piece

They are kids. They won’t always act the way you think they will.  It’s okay. Better luck next time.
Natural lighting is the best.   If possible, choose a spot with a large window where a lot of natural light comes in or take the shoot outside.  I prefer when it’s cloudy, so everyone is not squinting and eye colors pop.  If you happen to schedule the shoot on a cloudy day the pictures will turn out even better.
Don’t forget PROPS!  Although the kids are cute by themselves, props add a little dimension to the shoots.  Here are some of my favorite holiday props from Mud Pie.

Mud Pie Props

Pom Pom Hat and Reindeer Hat are Sold Out.  A similar option is below.

Striped Glitter Dot Leggings | Cookies For Santa
Santa Stocking & Hat Set | Holiday Daddy & Me Bowtie Set | Red Organza/Grosgrain Bow  | Knit Tree Hat

Kids love to dance, clap and sing along.  I  make sure to always bring my iPad and a speaker to all my kids shoots.  Some of the songs that get the kids smiling are… Uptown Funk, Call Me Maybe and Shake It Off.
Some shoots take one hour some four.  Be patient. It will pay off!


Good Luck and HAVE FUN!

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