Imagination Station

August 28, 2020

Mud Pie’s Newest Play Sets and Educational Toys

Whether you need an afternoon activity during virtual learning or just want some more imagination fun for the little ones, we have everything you’ll need with our recently launched play sets, puzzles and inspiring interactive books!

Play Sets

Inspire your little ones to use their imaginations with our 9 different play sets. From pretending to put on makeup to becoming a doctor, they are sure to be creative with these wooden play sets!

Imagination Station -Play Sets

Makeup Toy Play Set | Chef Toy Play Set | Doctor Toy Play Set 

Interactive Books

Get them giggling during story time with our 20+ best selling books. Our plush printed books are baby safe and feature sensory crinkle paper to keep them engaged. Our new reading pals feature accordion style pages and fold up to sit sweetly on a shelf after reading time is over. Not to mention, they double as a plush toy and are easy to throw in a bag for on the go learning! 

Imagination Station-Books

Eyes See You Book | Blue Elephant Reading Pal Book | Pink Princess Reading Pal

Octivity Pals and Puzzles

Working on fine motor skills or need to keep them busy with developmental activities? Check out our new wooden puzzles and octivity pals. Octivity pals allow them to play with a plush toy while learning to zip, snap, buckle, stick, button, sing the abc’s, count to 8, identify colors, and tie a bow!

Imagination Station-Octivity Pals and Puzzles

Gray Octivity Pal Plush Toy | Train Puzzle | Pink Octivity Pal Plush Toy

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