National Take Your Dog to Work Day

June 26, 2020

Happy National Take Your Dog to Work Day!

Take a look inside Mud Pie’s home office

National Take Your Dog to Work Day - Meet the Mud Pie pups

Did you know Mud Pie is a dog friendly office?

Mud Pie strives to add laughter, inspiration, and joy to every day occasions. Living by this motto, Mud Pie’s Atlanta office is dog-friendly! There are many advantages of a dog-friendly workplace including helping reduce employee stress, boosting morale, and promoting productivity. Not only is having dogs in the office great for the employees, but it also allows the dogs to socialize rather than being left home alone.

Meet the famous office dogs below!

National Take Your Dog to Work Day - Ryder

Meet Ryder! As the newest addition to the Mud Pie family it is safe to say Ryder has stolen the hearts of everyone in the office. When she’s not running around saying hi to friends, Ryder can be found taking a nap in her mom, Angie’s, office. Angie, Senior National Account Manager, says her favorite part about bringing Ryder to the office is all the benefits Ryder receives from being exposed to other people and all of the other office dogs! At an impressive 8 pounds, Ryder is able to steal the spotlight and bring smiles to everyone in the office, in exchange for cuddles, of course.

National Take Your Dog to Work Day - Jax

Next up we have Jax! Jax is a favorite around the office and can even be seen featured in our catalogs. While he may be sporting devil horns from our Halloween pet collection, Jax is truly an angel. He enjoys saying hi to everyone who passes his mom, Haley’s, desk. Haley, Assistant Technical Designer, enjoys bringing Jax to the office because he is the sweetest coworker and always brightens her day! When he’s not snacking on Skinny Pop popcorn, Jax can be found babysitting the puppies in the office. In true Jax fashion, his favorite Mud Pie product is the Attention Seeker Dog Bed because he loves how great his naps are on it while mom is in a meeting!

National Take Your Dog to Work Day - Birdie

Meet Birdie! Rescued by Mattie, Social Media and Ecommerce Manager, Birdie loves to come to the office to spend time with her momma and enjoys the many snacks her coworkers treat her to throughout the day. Mattie will tell you that having Birdie at the office is an instant stress reliever, not only because she is too cute, but also because she does not have to worry about Birdie home alone. Birdie enjoys rice and chicken broth but on the occasional cheat day indulges in cheeseburgers and fried chicken (we feel you girl). When she’s not playing with her sisters Peanut and Lula, Birdie can be found cuddled up in her favorite Mud Pie Muslin Swaddle Blankets. They are soft and comfy yet light enough to burrow into during the summer!

National Take Your Dog to Work Day - Millie

Meet Millie! When she’s not begging for food and getting her way, Millie can be found saying hi to all her friends around the office. Millie’s mom, Ashley, Digital Marketing Manager, loves bringing her to work to spend time with her and is secretly trying to make Millie love her more than her fiancé. Millie loves to take adventures to the dog park to play fetch and sit in the water bowl, just so the other dogs cannot get to it. Millie has been coming to the office since she was a tiny puppy who could fit under her mom’s chair. Millie’s favorite Mud Pie product is the Doodle Dog Plush Woobie because it looks just like her!

National Take Your Dog to Work Day - Olive

Last but certainly not least is this precious pup, Olive! Olive can always be found lounging around in her mom, Hillary’s office. Hillary, Kids Gift and Accessories Design Manager, loves bringing Olive to work with her because she is a chill lazy pup that loves her naps on momma’s desk. Olive loves to be wrapped up in Mud Pie’s Leopard Faux Fur Blanket to snooze the day away. While she is calm and lovable, Olive is known to bark at Jax (featured above) when he steals her bones. When shes not munching on her beloved bones, Olive can be found enjoying her favorite foods, cheese and green beans.

National Take Your Dog to Work Day - Featured Products

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