Take a Break with Mud Pie: Celebrate Every Day

June 21, 2018

Sometimes, you just need to take a break

And we so get that. It’s officially summer and you rather be jumping into the pool instead of jumping into another project at work. July 4th is right around the corner and you’ve got celebrations on your mind. Yes, we tend to look forward to holidays and big celebrations, but this summer, we are living by our moto: celebrate every day. And we mean every single day. Start every morning determined to give the day your best, take a little walk outside to breathe in some fresh air, do a little dance at your desk when you’ve checked off something on your to-do list, let the little ones stay up a past their bedtime just because and enjoy every single second of it, because it goes by fast.

Join us in taking a break today and watching this absolutely adorable video. Then get right back into conquering the day!

Boy Applique Raglan Top | Pull On French Terry Shorts

Do a Little Dance

Since it is the first day of summer, we have put together our summer soundtrack!

What songs are your go-to fun in the sun tunes? Let us know on Twitter or Instagram(@mudpiegift) so we can hear your favorite songs and see how you style Mud Pie all summer long!

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