Mud Pie Playlist: New Year, New You Playlist

January 10, 2018

New Year, New You!

Happy New Year, babes! The holidays are over and 2018 is officially here! We are so excited for all that 2018 has in store for us, we can hardly contain ourselves. One of our Mud Pie babes got engaged, one got a new puppy and one moved into her brand new house! So we’d have to agree that these first few days of 2018 are going to be hard to top!

New Year New You Playlist  New Year New You Playlist  New Year New You Playlist

One MAJOR part of starting a new chapter every year, is setting New Year’s resolutions. A lot were set here in the office, including a lot on the list below. What were your New Year’s resolutions?

Top 10  New Year’s resolutions ( according to Statista)

1.  Eat healthier

2. Get more exercise

3. Save money

4. Focus on self-care

5. Read more

6. Make new friends

7. Learn a new skill

8. Get a (new) job

9. Take up a new hobby

10. I am not making any New Year’s resolution

New Year, new ways we can help!

Now we wish we could say we could help you with all of your resolutions this year. While we may not be able to help you with absolutely everything, we can help with a few!

1. Eat healthier – It’s easier to eat healthier when you have fun serving pieces to put the food in. Fill our Veggie Bowl Set to the top with your favorite healthy foods.

2. Get more exercise – This was definitely on our list (not going to lie, it is every year!) Even if it is taking a few minutes out of our lunch break to walk around the warehouse, we are determined to exercise more this year. While we can’t force you to go to the gym, we can motivate you with darling athletic wear you can buy right now on our sister site, Mud Pie Market

3. Save money – We can absolutely help here. While all of our Mud Pie products are already marked at great prices, we also have our sister site, Mud Pie Market, where you can find products you already like, at prices you will absolutely love.

4. Focus on self-care – There are a lot of angles to this one. Washing your face more, brushing your teeth more or even being in a happier state of mind. We have a great selection of Make Up Bags that you can store your make up or toiletries in. Need a mental pick me up or know someone going through a hard time? Our Pazitive Thoughts collection has a little something to brighten up everyone’s day.

5. Read more – Here are a list of best books to read in 2018. While we don’t sell books, we do sell the coziest blankets you can curl up under while reading a great book!

6. Make new friends – Easy, friend us on Facebook and Instagram, we may throw a like or two your way!

7. Learn a new skill – Like cooking! Don’t forget the essentials!

8. Get a (new) job – Come work with us! Check out our careers page & see if you are everything we’ve been searching for.

9. Take up a new hobby – Maybe you want to become an interior designer? Or learn how to monogram? Or even become a personal stylist (or just changing up your own wardrobe)

10. I am not making any New Year’s resolution – That’s okay too! Sometimes you have to set smaller goals in order to reach the bigger picture, or maybe you are just going into 2018 with an open mind! Celebrate every moment of 2018.

New Year, New Playlist!

Whether it is at the gym, working on your fitness goals, or cleaning around the house, we have created a brand new playlist to kick off 2018!

What are your New Year’s Resolutions in 2018?

Message us on Instagram or Tweet at us (@mudpiegift) and let us know!

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