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June 2017


Mud Pie Launches Mud Pie Market

June 28, 2017

Mud Pie Market Logo

Imagine if you went to the best place in town to get your favorite slice of pie. Now imagine if that piece of pie was the exact same as it always is, but at a better price. Your favorite dessert just got sweeter. That is exactly what Mud Pie Market is here to do for you. We deliver your favorite Mud Pie styles at prices you will love. New items added regularly, monthly promotions and exclusive MPM products. Make sure you sign up for emails and be the first to know all of MPM’s AMAZING deals! (and you get a little something extra on your birthday.)

Go ahead and indulge!

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Photo cred: J’s Every Day Fashion & Caitlin Cagle



June 15, 2017

Hey babes!

DIY projects are starting to heat up, just in time for Summer! Get your DIY brain ready, because we have another crafty wall for you to try this season.

So you’ve heard it before, but if you are new to the blog party (which you should just go ahead and subscribe to us, that way you’ll stay in the loop!), we will give you a little background on our ridiculously amazing design team.

A little backstory on our Super Squad

Every year, twice a year, our Mud Pie Visual Merchandising Director, Chad Gieseke rounds up his team and creates a master piece of a showroom based on that seasons catalog.

It takes a lot of time and hard work to make a showroom as innovative and beautiful as Chad and his team does. “I’m constantly thinking of ideas for the showroom. It never stops,” says Chad. Where do all of his magnificent ideas come from? Well, it’s simply the product itself. He picks up on the color, textures and icons from the product and designs from there.

And you may think that is simple. Oh, but then add in three different lines (kids, living and fashion) and then a 11,000 sq ft showroom in Atlanta, a 3,800 sq ft showroom in Las Vegas, a 4,000 sq ft showroom in Dallas AND a 800 sq ft showroom in New York. Believe it or not, Chad, his 4 freelance designers and his MP sidekick Nola have the same amount of hours in the day as we do. And just saying, I’ve never seen Chad, Nola and the team in the same room as Superman, Superwoman and their team..

Now onto the goods

We highlighted Chad and his team’s work on four different walls in the Atlanta Showroom for Spring 2017. Our third stop on this super crafty train features the Fashion Ombre Bandanna Wall.  Now this is just pure craziness! It’s like a life size ombre wall using a gazilion bandannas!. This wall featured our Fashion items (hint hint: Many you can find on right now!). Blue is totally trending right now and you can see it through out all three of our lines. But the fun Fashion prints along with the addition of in-house watercolor designs make you want to fill your entire closet with Mud Pie pieces.

Now, off to DIY!

Show us how you incorporate our Spring 2017 Showroom Walls into your home! Follow us @mudpiegift and use #mudpiegift when posting!!

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