National Tooth Fairy Day

February 28, 2017

One thing we love at Mud Pie is keeping kid’s imaginations alive. From Santa Clause, to the Easter Bunny, to the Tooth Fairy, we have items that will get your little one excited to keep the fantasies alive. Did you know February 28th has been named National Tooth Fairy Day?! Mud Pie has fun gifts to make losing a tooth even more exciting!

Tooth Fairy Pocket Buddy 

Join in the fun and give your child’s pocket buddy a name! Take your kids name and spell it backwards. Then type out a name tag or write one by hand. Tuck the tooth under the heart pocket to keep it safe until the Tooth Fairy arrives!

Pink Fairy Box

Pink Fairy with tooth

Fairy on pillow

Blue Knit Tooth Pillow

For your little man, have him place his tooth in the back of the pillow and lay it next to him until he falls asleep! It’s a fun way to make sure the tooth does not get lost under a regular pillow!

Tooth Pillow Front

Tooth Pillow Back

Tooth on pillow

Tooth Fairy Doors

We think our Tooth Fairy Sets add even more to your little one’s imagination! Get creative with your kiddo and set up an easy way for the tooth fairy to get in and get the tooth! (And this helps from having to potentially wake your child up from reaching under their pillow) Comes in two colors: Blue Tooth Fairy Door  & Pink Tooth Fair Set

Double Doors

Back Of Door Box

Blue Door Set Up

Pink laid out

Pink Door Set Up

All of our Tooth Fairy items come ready to give as a gift!Shop all of our Tooth Fairy items on! Has your child lost a tooth? We want to see your spin on the Tooth Fairy! Follow us on social media @mudpiegift and use #mudpiegift when posting photos!

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