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January 7, 2017



How many times have you said, “January 1st, I am finally getting into shape”. We have said it so many times, we can’t keep count. Every year we tell ourselves, “This is our year, we are going to be active and stay healthy” but then the New Year buzz fades away and we find ourselves pushing it off until the following year.


Well, that won’t be a problem this year, because we will be sporting our adorable Mud Pie active wear to the gym. How about you?

And it get’s better. You can join us in making 2017 the healthiest year yet, without breaking the bank. No one wants to spend $100 dollars on athletic leggings they are going to sweat in, but what about getting activewear for under $20?! Check out this KICK BUTT sale now! 


Mud pie has stylish workout apparel to wear to the gym, if you are running errands around town, sitting in carpool line to pick up the kiddos, or even if you are just having a lazy day around the house. Our Poppy Pullovers (below), Lexi Athletic Leggings (above), Harper Track Shorts (below) are pieces every woman should have in their closet! 


Running from your Barre or Spin class straight to a meeting? The Coralie Terry Dress (below) is a great piece to have in your gym bag to throw on after a workout!


Losing weight and staying active tops the New Year’s resolution list every year. And if you can never stay on track with your goal, you wouldn’t be alone. According to a study by the University of Scranton, only about 8% are successful in their goals. But we bet the 92% of you didn’t have Mud Pie Activewear in your closet, right? Shop our sale and stay on track to a better you (and look your best while doing it)! 

Get into the zone with our top seven workout songs of the week!



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