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January 2017


Valentine’s Date Night In

January 31, 2017

Only fourteen days until Valentine’s Day! And if you haven’t made a reservation for your favorite restaurant, you may find yourself out of luck and on the waiting list. But instead of a pricey night out, what about switching it up this year and going for a Date Night In? We have pulled together Mud Pie pieces that will score you major points this Valentine’s Day.

Glitter Charger | Bistro Drizzle Cruet




While dinner is cooking, snack on some yummy appetizers. Cheese and wine? You don’t have to ask us twice!

Rectangle Wood Board with Enameled Handle


Now, what is the first thing you think of when you think of fine dining and spaghetti? The infamous Lady and the Tramp scene where they share a piece of pasta and exchange a smooch of course! So it was a no brainier, we had to recommend you serve spaghetti for dinner! (and if you really want to get into the mood, play some Italian music in the background!)

Hydrangea Pasta Bowl





Dish out some sweetness with a cake for two and of course, it’s made with love! And what is a Valentine’s Day with out candy hearts? Give your sweetheart some sugar!

Circa Mini Loaf Set | Scalloped Candy Dish Sets



Now darling, you need to be looking your best! Put on your favorite little black dress but make sure you keep warm. Don’t for get your accessories! A clutch for your belongings with a statement necklace and you are ready to make your date’s jaw drop!

Hudson Plaid Ruana | Reversible Sentiment Necklace | Bombay Carry-All Case




End the evening with a movie and hot chocolate! Cuddle up under a blanket to top off the perfect night!

Herringbone Initial Throw Blanket


For more Valentine’s Day ideas, head over to our Valentine’s Day Shop on And don’t forget! We want to see how you incorporate Mud Pie into your date night in! Make sure to follow us on social media (@mudpiegift) and use #mudpiegift. We heart you big time Mud Pie lovers! | Valentine’s Day Shop



Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

January 26, 2017



If it’s for your significant other, wife, sister or friend, Mud Pie has you covered when it comes to giving the best gift this Valentine’s Day! From jewelry to handbags to clothing, there is a gift for everyone this year!

“I do not want jewelry on Valentine’s Day,” said no one ever. This year you are getting even more brownie points with these gifts. Why? Because you can wear them all more than one way.  The Reversible Sentiment Necklace comes in three different styles. In Black: Believe/Strength, in Blue: Sister/Friend, in Pink: Love/XoXo. You can change the saying of the necklace depending on how you feel each day! The Rowena Reversible Earrings come in two styles, peal or tortoise. Gone are the days of having to remember to bring a change of earrings on your vacation and hello to the solution. One pair, two ways. Need we say more? The Rowena Reversible Necklace comes in two styles: Horn/Gold and Mother of Pearl. If you are like us, you may be a bit indecisive. So half of the day you can wear your necklace one way and other half you can switch it up!


Every woman needs the perfect bag to hold all of their belongings. And one can ever have too many bags. The Pink Bailey Tassel Crossbody is perfect for a night out on the town. You can tuck in the gold chain to use as a clutch. Make it a bit more personal and monogram her initials on the front. The Bombay Carry-All Case is a bag for those who aren’t crazy about pink. For her makeup, electronics or bathing suit, this case can be used for everything! (and a bonus: you can monogram it!)  The Carlton Cork Case is one of our favs. This everyday purse can be used to hold your laptop, wallet, makeup bag and so much more! And the cork goes with almost everything!


Take a second and go check out her closet. Not much pink in it? Ok good, because we know you won’t be able to pick just one of these adorable outfits! The Kelli Shirtdress Cover-Up is perfect for to surprise your lady with a quick weekend getaway at the beach. The Kingsley Jersey Tunic is great for the working woman. Lay out the Courtney Essential Dress and give her a specific time when to be ready. She will be looking gorgeous for your surprise date night! And for the lady who is too hot to handle, let her show off those arms in the Teagan Tassel Tank!Pink Outfits


Shop more gifts for her at! Heart you lots Mud Pie loves!



Winter Wedding Wonderland

January 24, 2017

There is just something about hearing wedding bells in the winter. You don’t have to worry about sweating off your make-up, overheating in your dress and if you plan it around the holidays, your venue may have a beautiful display of lights, at no cost! (Like the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana). We have put together ideas for a fairy tale winter wedding and a gift guide for the Bride and Groom and those attending!


When it isn’t 400 degrees out and you are trying your hardest not to melt, you can add more to your dress, especially when you are outside taking pictures! Add something cozy and warm like a fur throw or a shall. This makes your dress a little more unique and gives it more character.


During the winter, you can incorporate a lot of deeper, richer tones into your wedding palette. One thing we have noticed is a lot of people using jewel colors like Ruby, Emerald or Sapphire. You may decide to only show off your colors at the reception with centerpieces and table cloths, or you can add it in to your bouquet. This bride decided to incorporate her colors into her wardrobe and wedding party! The Maid of Honor wore a Sapphire dress while the bride wore Sapphire heels and jewelry to match!


    Bracelet   Boquet

It is also a great time to sparkle. The winter months can get a bit gloomy, so adding sparkle to your winter wedding spices it up!


Now let’s chat about what you need at your wedding. These Mud Pie items are perfect to purchase for your own wedding, or give at a wedding shower ahead of time, so that the Bride and Groom can use them on their special day. The Happily Ever After Cake Set (top left) comes with a silver stamped “HAPPILY EVER AFTER” cake server along with a gold glitter (there’s the sparkle again!) “Happily Ever After” cake topper. Make cutting the cake even more special with the Mr & Mrs Plate & Fork Set (top right). The set comes with a ceramic plate with “MR & MRS” on it and a beaded edge around the side. It also has two silver “MR” and “MRS” stamped forks! How cute!! Ok, now did your wedding really happen if you didn’t use a hashtag?! Your wedding comes and goes in a blink of an eye, but pictures capture memories forever! Use social media to keep them all in one place and to see how your guests are enjoying their time! Use the Hashtag Sign (bottom left) so everyone can share their fun! Now the Mrs. Dress Hanger (bottom right) is a great gift from the Maid of Honor, mother, or bridesmaid! This is a must-have item, especially to capture the perfect picture of the wedding dress before the bride puts it on!


It seems like everyone in your friend group is getting married doesn’t it? Now it would be a tad bit awkward if you gave every single one of them the exact same wedding gift, so we have picked a few of our favorites and each BFF gets something a bit different! The Wedding Hostess Tray Set is one of our obsessions at the moment! It is the PERFECT gift to give to a couple, especially if they have just moved into a new home together!  Initial gifts are always great to give a bride changing her last name! We have the Lower Case Wood Block Initials as well as the Wood Initials (these are uppercase letters!). We just gave the Mr & Mrs Right Mugs as a gift to a friend last month and she LOVED it! She couldn’t stop laughing and was so excited to use it every morning with her new boo, so he would be reminded daily who was always right in the relationship. You can’t go wrong gifting the Wedding Invite Clip Frame. Print off a photo from when she said yes, or if they did an engagement shoot, clip on your copy of the invitation and give as a sweet gift that the happy couple will cherish forever!


The month leading up to a wedding can be extremely crazy! So crazy, that the bride and groom forget to step back and take it all in. Make sure they get that moment. While they are off on their honeymoon, get one of their wedding pictures printed, place it in either our Mr & Mrs Black Square Frame, Just Married Frame or Mr & Mrs Deluxe Frame and leave it at their house for when they return!

Picture Frames

Show us your spin on winter weddings and what you give as a gift to the future Mr and Mrs on social media! Tag us @mudpiegift and use #mudpiegift so we can see your winter wedding wonderland! Shop more of the Mud Pie Wedding Shop! Cheers Mud Pie newlyweds!











Score Now for the Big Game!

January 18, 2017

The big game is coming up and we can’t believe football season is almost over! And that means only two more weekends to show off how cute your future quarterback is or how precious your cheerleader is! Uniforms have been washed and equipment is packed and ready to go. It is time to score now for the big game!

Dress up your MVP in the Red & Black or Burgundy & Gray Football Shirt. Every athlete has their name on their jersey, so don’t forget about your star! Get extra points and personalize these shirts!


We LOVE this idea. If you are looking for an adorable outfit for your cheerleader, purchase the Football Two Piece Set, as well as the Reversible Glitter Tutu. Put aside the bottoms in the two piece set and dress her up in the tutu! How cute is this?! (Or, for colder days, leave the bottoms on and put the tutu on top!)


Time to dress up your all-star and get him ready for kickoff! Every future QB (or running back, offensive tackle, linebacker, kicker, you get it, football player!) needs good head protection! Make sure his head is covered in the Chunky Football Knit Hat. Keep his uniform clean and stain-free with the Game Day Football Bibs. Now time to talk cleats. For those getting around on foot, slide on these adorable Football Socks! For those who prefer their knees, slip on these Football Knee Pads, because no one likes turf burn!


After a long first half, your little cutie needs some halftime rest. Mud Pie has exactly what you need to make sure they are well rested and ready for the final two quarters! Put your little one in the Football Convertible Gown or the super cozy Football Bunting.


Then let them nap on the Football Play Mat or snuggle under the Football Blanket.


Imagine how it would feel to hold the big trophy over your head? Now go to your shopping cart at and check out. Same feeling, right? You’ll score BIG with these catches and you’ll forever feel like you are #1! Now off to be your cuties biggest fan!






Bundle Up!

January 10, 2017


The worst thing about cold weather is having to put on a bunch of layers. No one wants to look like the Michelin man. With Mud Pie’s outerwear collection, you will be the best looking lady on the block! Bundle up with these pieces and layer them with any outfit to mix it up and stay warm during the cold months!


The Sierra Blanket Vest is absolutely adorable layered on top of everything Mud Pie! It comes in Burgundy, Gray and Tan!


The Spencer Quilted Vest comes in Black, Navy and Olive and we may or may not have all three in our closet. They look good zipped or unzipped and is a perfect extra layer to fight the cold air and look good doing so.


The Hudson Plaid Ruana is SO PERFECT don’t you think? Everyone in the Mud Pie office has this piece and it seems like every day someone else is wearing it! Layer it over a Mud Pie dress or our leggings and tunic!


It’s all about the layers this year and we want to see how you layer and bundle up in your Mud Pie purchases! Make sure you follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat (@mudpiegift) and then use #mudpiegift when posting a picture!! Stay warm Mud Pie cuties!







Stay Active with Mud Pie

January 7, 2017



How many times have you said, “January 1st, I am finally getting into shape”. We have said it so many times, we can’t keep count. Every year we tell ourselves, “This is our year, we are going to be active and stay healthy” but then the New Year buzz fades away and we find ourselves pushing it off until the following year.


Well, that won’t be a problem this year, because we will be sporting our adorable Mud Pie active wear to the gym. How about you?

And it get’s better. You can join us in making 2017 the healthiest year yet, without breaking the bank. No one wants to spend $100 dollars on athletic leggings they are going to sweat in, but what about getting activewear for under $20?! Check out this KICK BUTT sale now! 


Mud pie has stylish workout apparel to wear to the gym, if you are running errands around town, sitting in carpool line to pick up the kiddos, or even if you are just having a lazy day around the house. Our Poppy Pullovers (below), Lexi Athletic Leggings (above), Harper Track Shorts (below) are pieces every woman should have in their closet! 


Running from your Barre or Spin class straight to a meeting? The Coralie Terry Dress (below) is a great piece to have in your gym bag to throw on after a workout!


Losing weight and staying active tops the New Year’s resolution list every year. And if you can never stay on track with your goal, you wouldn’t be alone. According to a study by the University of Scranton, only about 8% are successful in their goals. But we bet the 92% of you didn’t have Mud Pie Activewear in your closet, right? Shop our sale and stay on track to a better you (and look your best while doing it)! 

Get into the zone with our top seven workout songs of the week!