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December 2016


Champagne Campaign

December 30, 2016



It’s time for the New Year! Which means it is time to stock up on Champagne! 2016 is officially in the the rear view mirror and it’s on to conquer 2017! (Take a minute to realize 2000 babies are turning 17 this year! WHAT?! Time needs to sloooooow down!)

Whether it is staying in with close friends, wathcing the ball drop or a crazy party, get ready to pop the bubbly, because it’s time to celebrate! We have put together a few recipes that you can mix up for your New Year’s Eve party and of course, a few to help recover on New Years Day!




2 Tbs fresh squeezed lime juice

1 oz Tequila

1 oz Triple Sec

3 oz Champagne

Combine lime juice, tequila and triple sec in champagne a flute. Top with champagne and garnish with a fresh lime.



1 oz vodka

1/4 oz ginger liquor

1/2 oz fresh lime juice


Fresh mint and lime slices for garnish

Mix together the vodka, ginger liquor and lime juice and pour into flute first. Then, top with champagne and garnish with mint and a slice of lime!

(Home Made Interest)

sharefrombeautyplus5 oz Triple Sec

1/4 cup cranberry juice

1/2 cup Prosecco

Pour triple sec and cranberry juice into chilled flute or wine glass and then top with Prosecco. Add a poinsettia garnish to top it off!



1 oz cognac

1 oz fresh lemon juice

1/2 oz simple syrup

3 oz champagne

Place ingredients into a shaker with ice. Shake and strain into the glass. Add a lemon twist as garnish!

(Real Simple)



1 blood orange


1/8 tsp vinilla


Dash of cinnamon

First, juice your blood orange, then pour champagne to fill half the glass. Pour in the blood orange juice, stir in the vanilla, Stevia and cinnamon.

(The Luminary)



1 bottle Simply Grapefruit Juice

2 12 fl oz cans cream soda

1/2 cup St. Germain

1.2 cup Absolute Ruby Red

1 bottle of Champagne

Mint and Grapefruit for garnish

Combine all ingredients into a punch bowl over ice and stir. Top with fresh mint and grapefruit slices.

(Blahnik Baker)


It’s been an absolutely amazing year at Mud Pie and we are even more excited to see what 2017 has in store! Continue our journey with us by following our us on all social media channels (@Mudpiegift). Show us your New Years Eve/New Years Day concoctions by using #mudpiegift

Cheers to what’s ahead!






Game Night: Holiday Edition

December 22, 2016



The holidays are FINALLY here!! And that means A LOT of time with your family, friends and loved ones! Other than enjoying delicious food, laughing over old memories and unwrapping gifts, you’ll have free time on your hands this weekend. It’s our version of Game Night: Holiday Edition! Here are a few fun games you can add to your family time!

Christmas Bingo can be so much fun, especially when the markers are chocolate! Print out as many boards as you need and get playing!


Now this game is one of our favs. You can play it two ways. First way, you need a few wrapped presents, mittens or oven mitts and a pair of dice. The first person starts with the oven mitts next to the present. When that player puts on the mittens and tries to unwrap the present, the person to their right rolls the dice. They keep rolling until they get doubles. Once they roll a pair, the next player puts on the mittens and tries to unwrap the gift, while the person to their right rolls the dice!  The person who opens the present completely gets to keep it!

The second way is just as fun. For this game, you will need a bunch of small boxes to wrap and as many pieces of blank paper as you have small boxes. You will then draw the words (or use a picture) SANTA on one of the pieces of paper. Place each piece of paper into one of the boxes and wrap them. Let’s say you have a group of ten people. So you will have 10 wrapped boxes that have pieces of paper in them, one has the picture or word SANTA. At the same time, each person puts on their mittens and grabs their box! You unwrap until you find out if you have SANTA inside your box. If you don’t, you can steal someone who is still going to try to see if their box has it! Winner is the one who gets the SANTA and of course they get a prize!


This website has 25 super creative party games. Check out all of them and then tell us what you think!


Did you know Hanukkah starts on Christmas Eve? Regardless of which holiday you celebrate, try out the Dreidel game! If you hdo not have a pack of dreidels, here is a print out you can cut and glue together. For this game, all you will need is a driedel and a bunch of gelt (gold chocolate coins)! You can also use pennies, Jelly Beans, or other small objects! Each player puts one piece of their gelt into the center, this will be known as the pot. The first person spins the dreidel and waits until it lands on a side. Bellow is a graph of what happens when each letter is landed on!

If the pot becomes empty, all players add one piece of their gelt back into the pot. If the player runs out of gelt, they lose, but if they end up with all the gelt, they win!!!


This game is perfect if you have a bunch of little ones hanging around! All you will need for this game is chocolate and the dot stickers you would normally use for a garage sale! On the stickers, write a letter or number. Make sure you do each letter or number twice so it has a match.Grab 16 chocolates (can be more of course!) and place one sticker on the bottom of each one. Mix up the chocolates and set them in a row. The first person looks under two chocolates and tries to find a match. Time to use your memory! Keep going until all of the matches are found! Winner will get to eat the most chocolate!


Now this game is SUPER fun! What you will need is a box of Saran Wrap and a bunch of goodies (can be candy, toys, Mud Pie clothes, what ever you want!) Before the game begins, a few people will need to help create the ball! Once it is ready to go, the fun begins! The first person starts with the ball in their lap. They try to unwrap as much as they can while the person to their right rolls a pair of dice. Once that person rolls doubles, the ball moves to the next player and it begins again! There are a lot of goodies in the ball, so keep what you unwrap as a gift! There are other ways you can make the game more fun, like blindfold the person unwrapping, make them wear mittens, use two balls for large groups, or make the person stand up while unwrapping! This game is fun for all ages!


This holiday season, appreciate time with your family. Every day is a gift, so enjoy it! After you have posted your Mud Pie goodies using #mudpiegift, put your phone away and live in the moment! This Game Night: Holiday Edition will be one that creates memories that will last a lifetime!

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend Mud Pie loves!









An Extra Slice of (Mud) Pie!

December 19, 2016

Only FIVE days until Christmas! How in the world is it time for Santa to pack up his sleigh and hit the sky? Just yesterday it was Thanksgiving, was it not?! Tomorrow, Tuesday the 20th is the LAST day to order your Mud Pie gifts so our elves can get them wrapped and ready for Santa to deliver by Christmas!


Well, now that you have your Mud Pie goodies wrapped and under the tree (or have checked out and completed your final Mud Pie order before the holidays), we are giving you an extra slice of (Mud) Pie because we think you should add just a little more to your present! The gift itself will show your love and gratitude, but it is always a bonus when you have a cute card to put with it! Write your family member, significant other or friend a little message to remind them how special they are and that every day is a gift!





We have also created gift tags that will help you add personalization to the gift. Punch a hole in the corner and add a piece of ribbon or yarn to attach it to a bag or simply tape it on a wrapped gift!





Need an extra little something for that one person you feel like needs just a bit more? Or needs a positive reminder in the morning? Print out these posters and put them in a frame! They are a perfect addition to any dorm room, office, or vanity!










Just right click, save image as and print! We want to see how you are using our cards, gift tags and printable posters! Use #mudpiegift on social media when posting a picture of your Mud Pie goodies! Enjoy the holidays with everything Mud Pie!




Gift Guide for Last Minute Shoppers

December 12, 2016


We are getting closer and closer to single digits! Only 13 days until Christmas (12 until Hanukkah!) Where oh where are the days going?! December, we need you to hold your reindeer! You definitely have all of your gifts purchased and wrapped with the holidays a little less than two weeks away, right? No? Okay good, us either!! But take a deep breath because Mud Pie has put together a list of the perfect gifts for those last minute buys!

First, for the little elves:


Reindeer Bib

1592093_1_         1592103

                                                                                  Elf Hat                                                                        Jolly Bib & Sock Set

For Mrs. Claus:


                              Sierra Blanket Vest Sparkler Tassel Necklace                                   Devon Pajama Set & Prim Night Shirt

8613237_1_       4355038

                                Pretty and Polished Carry-All Case                                                                              Old St. Nick Ticking Mugs


For the hostess with the mostess:

4801007          4881012

                                                                  Souffle Set                                                                                 Scalloped Candy Dish Sets

4404173   4751084_1_

                                        French Knot Linen Holiday Towels                                                                       Merry Cutting Board Set

For Reindeer wannabes:

4675065_2_      5005001t

                                                           Furry Friend Ornaments                                                                Tree Dot Dog Collar

These are only a small slice of our big pie! Make sure you head over to to check out all of our AMAZING gifts for your loved ones this holiday season!



Gifts for the Hostess!

December 9, 2016


Where are the days going?!?! 17 days until Santa makes his rounds! There are so many adorable gifts you can find on, it took us forever to narrow it down to a few! There is a gift for every occasion and every person! We have collected a few of our favorite items that would be perfect to give if you are going over to a friend or family members house for the holidays!


1. Marble and Wood Board Set

Give them a gift they can use year round! The Marble and Wood Board Set can be displayed at any party!

2. Gold Merry Marble & Wood Board

Obsession alert! We have already stocked up on the Gold Merry Marble & Wood Boards for our hostess gifts! Have you?!

3. Large Serving Spoons

“You know you want more,” “Never eat more than you can life” and “Save room for seconds” Need we say more?!

4. Santa & Reindeer Holiday Dip Cups

Go ahead and scoop that chip, when I dip, you dip, we dip.

5. Burlap Celebration Wine Bags

First time at your significant other’s house for the holidays? You can’t go wrong giving a nice bottle of wine wrapped in our Burlap Wine Bags!

6. Holiday Cracker Boats

These Holiday Boats crack me up! And they are selling FAST! We only have Santa boats left, so get them now, now, now!

7. Cheese Island Serving Set

Everyone will want to cut the cheese with this sophisticated Cheese Island Serving Set!

8. Circa Pasta Bowl Set

Thisa bowla isa perfecto! (said in Italian voice and then kisses thumb and index finger)

9. Toile Rectangle Baker In Willow Holder

Try saying Toile Baker out loud three times in a row. Hard isn’t it?! Well getting the Toile Rectangle Baker in our Willow Holder is SUPER EASY! And great to bake in and give as a gift to those you love!

We can’t wait to see all that you will get and give this holiday season! Take a picture, post it on Instagram or Facebook and use #mudpiegift so we can see how you bake Mud Pie into your holiday traditions!

Now off to shopping for the Hostess with the Mostess!



Gifts for the Little One!

December 7, 2016



The countdown is quickly getting smaller! Only 18 days until the holidays kick off! Are you ready?! We have put together some of our favorite gifts for your little elves this season.

1012195_1_          1112323_3_    1592101_1_

              (Alpine Multi-Tree Two-Piece Set)                            (Santa Tunic & Leggings Set)                                  (Santa Suspender & Hat Set)     

   1032295_2_ 1152044_1_1012192_1_

                   (Buffalo Check One-Piece)                                                       (Pink Fur Vest)                                              (Camo Stag Two-Piece Set)    

If it’s holiday pictures, Church on Christmas eve, or hanging around the house Christmas morning, Mud Pie has the cutest apparel for the little ones in the house!

Wrap your bundle of joy in our warm Blanket Buddies this year! Our Bunny Blanket Buddy (left) comes with a plush bunny with hand-embroidered eyes and dimensional scarf and a rolled polka dot fleece blanket. Our Elephant Blanket Buddy (right) also has hand-embroidered eyes and nose and is rolled with a fleece blanket! Buy one for your sweet pea and prince charming or they give GREAT as gifts to those with newborns!


Make sure your sweet heart’s tiny toes stay as warm as piggies in a blanket!! Our Sleigh & Train Box Socks (top) come warm and ready to gift! Our Rattle Toe sock and Headband Sets (bottom) feature either a reindeer plush rattle toe with a white and gold polka dot headband or a Santa plush rattle toe along with a red and white polka headband!


Has your baby elf been naughty or nice this year? Make sure they receive their Official Elf Report to find out if they will be getting coal in their stocking! (But of course they’ve been absolutely perfect, so stuff away with Mud Pie goodies!)


From gifts for your own to gifts for friends and family with new additions, Mud Pie has everything you need to make this holiday the best yer!

Shop all Mud Pie’s Baby & Kids gifts now!



Gift Guide for Her

December 5, 2016


It’s December fifth which means we are only 20 days away from the holidays!! Where did time go?? We swear just yesterday was the beginning of Fall and now we are falling into winter! What?!

But do not worry! From clothing to sleepwear to accessories, Mud Pie has you covered. We have the go-to gifts for every occasion and we are going to help you pick the best of the best!



Our first pick is this cute dress that our Blogger@loverlygrey (left) has on! It’s our Jesse Flounce Dress in Burgundy and such a staple for the holidays! It’s a  go-to for holiday pictures, church,           or even a night out with old friends! You can wear it alone, or pair it with our Sierra Blanket Vest (right).

During the holiday’s, we found ourselves hanging around the house in our PJ’s, especially on Christmas Eve! Mud Pie wants you to dish your old over sized shirt from college and instead look cute and cozy in our Prim Night Shirt or our Devon Pajama Set


This Fall/Winter season is all about layering and these two pieces are a MUST!   If your girlfriend/wife/sister/daughter/friend does not have either of these in their warm wardrobe, get it for them ASAP! On the left is the Spencer Quilted Vest (comes in navy, black and olive) and on the right is the Hudson Plaid Ruana (comes in red and tan).

8513085gr_2_  8513082tn_1_

Now time for accessories! Just like a woman can never have too many shoes, a woman can never EVER have too many necklaces! Our Rowena Reversible Necklace comes in two different styles, pearl/gold and horn/gold. It is a great addition to any wardrobe because it goes with absolutely everything!!


Our final Mud Pie obsession for our Gift Guide for Her is the Regan Reversible Tote. This vegan leather tote features a solid color on the exterior and reverses to a metallic pebbled finish. We LOVE this piece because it is so versatile and can be switched depending on what you are wearing or where you are going! Now you have a little extra room in your closet to shop other Mud Pie items!


Check out the entire website for more gifts for her and ideas for other important people in your life!!



Cyber Friday Deals!

December 2, 2016


Well Mud Pie loves, we are serving you the fifth and final piece of our Cyber Week pie! And it’s a delicious slice! Mud Pie has deals on gifts for the holidays this Cyber Friday!

Let’s take a look at a few of our final deals!


Mud Pie’s Lodge Log Totes are great for the special man in your life! This yard dyed jute log tote features genuine leather handles and a wipe-clean interior. Great as a gift for your macho man. (Was $25.00, TODAY ONLY $9.99)


We LOVE these Christmas Initial Pillow Wraps! They are super convenient when it comes time for the holidays because you don’t have to go buy another pillow! Just simply wrap the ones you already have! And then un-velcro and switch for the next holiday! Great as gifts, or keep them for yourself! (Was $15.00, TODAY ONLY $3.99)

4675019 4264219ji

We <3 stand out Christmas ornaments!! On the left, are our Bell Ornaments tied with a burlap bow and tag! (Was $15.00 each, TODAY ONLY $1.39 each) That is over 90% off!! On the right is our Jingle Bell Pillow Hanger and is sure to make a statement on your tree! There are three different styles: ‘Merry Merry’, ‘Joy’, or ‘Jingle’. Each pillow has four stressed jingle bell accents that adds a little glee to your tree!  (Was $8.50, TODAY ONLY $2.99)


Add some color to your holiday with these Character Stockings! Stuff them with Mud Pie goodies for the kiddos! (Was $17.00 each, TODAY ONLY $4.99 each!)


Now ladies, this is a deal you DO NOT want to miss out on! Mud Pie’s Glitter Chargers are gorgeous as additions to your holiday table! They accent any dinnerware and can also be used if you are hosting friends for New Years! (Was $15.00, TODAY ONLY $2.99)

That wraps up our Cyber Friday!! We hope you have loved our Cyber Week deals as much as we have! But you don’t have to stop shopping! You can always find more goodies and deals on our website, So while you keep shopping, our elves are off to start packing!



Cyber Thursday Deals!

December 1, 2016

WOOT WOOT!! It’s Cyber Thursday and we are as excited as this cutie for your fourth slice of Mud Pie’s Cyber Week sale!


 We have gifts for every occasion! Deals to keep you warm during the winter, a handbag for the office or a night out on the town and must have accessories for everyone! Check our website, for even more great deals this Cyber Thursday!