Cyber Monday Deals!

November 28, 2016


So let’s say someone came up to you and offered you either a slice of pie or the entire pie. Which one would you take? Well, we would take the entire pie, of course! So instead of just giving you one day of deals, we are giving you FIVE DAYS OF DEALS this cyber week!! (Looks like Santa came early!)

So what type of deal will you get on Cyber Monday?! You can shop all of the items on our website, but let’s take a look at a few of them now!


The cold weather is FINALLY upon us and it is no fun being outside with cold hands. Get our Chelsea Initial Gloves and keep your fingers warm all winter long! These feature a “smart screen” knit on thumb and index finger so you won’t miss a call or text!


Our Chelsea Printed Initial Carry-All can be used in so many different ways! You can add it to any outfit for a night out on the town or when meeting friends at a coffee shop, use it as an iPad case, or as a make up bag! It fits the part for all occasions!


These Chelsea Initial Boot Cuffs are PERFECT for winter, because you won’t get too hot wearing full length socks under your boots! The best part is they work with any boot! Short or tall!


Once you kick off your boots and boot cuffs, put on these cozy Chelsea Initial Slippers. Raise your hand if you find yourself getting up in the middle of the night to sleepwalk your way to the bathroom? Now keep it raised if the second you touch the cold tile, you actually wake up?! Nothing should ever wake you from your beauty sleep! Keep these puppies by your bed and slip them on before you head to the bathroom!


Spending the holiday’s away from home or sneaking away for a quick weekend over New Years?! Our Miller Initial Weekender fits everything you need for a few days away!  It’s genuine leather with an additional pocket inside. We will be using it to keep all of our new initialed Mud Pie items in!

Keep checking back to and for an entire week of cyber deals and get the details right here at!

Happy cyber shopping Mud Pie dolls!


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