Fall’s Hottest Outfits

November 3, 2016

Fall will cool eventually, right? I’m definitely in fall weather mode as far as fashion, and there is no turning back from that. So until it cools down, it looks like I will just be burning up in Fall’s Hottest Outfits.

Trends come and go – some stick around for multiple seasons and others last less than a month. But one thing is certain: sweaters, classic patterns and fall colors will never go out of style. They will ALWAYS come together to create Fall’s Hottest Outfits.

I love how versatile Mud Pie can be. It is for every age and can be dressed to fit all personal styles – preppy, trendy, casual, boho, artsy – I could go on and on.

Here’s my spin on how I style Mud Pie and turn our pieces into Fall’s Hottest Outfits.


The Lawton Sweater Tunic 

The Lawton Sweater Tunic is a must have piece this season. It couldn’t be any softer, go with more stuff in my current closet or drape better on anyone’s shape. It’s an all-around winner for every Fall outfit. Throw it on with a black lace skirt or a pair of black ripped jeans. Spice it up the whole look with accessories – you can see they are not joke to me. When my outfit is made of solid pieces I tend to go overboard with the jewelry. It makes me feel like my outfit still has a little extra even when it consists of basic pieces.



The Coralie Dress

Our Coralie Dress will be the most comfortable and versatile dress you can put in your closet this year. Not to mention it comes in 2 patterns and a solid navy!

Fall is all about the patterns, and I am the biggest sucker for a good stripe. My favorite way to wear stripes is to pair them with another pattern, like an animal print or plaid. I’ve been really into tying a jacket or shirt around my waist this season because it adds extra flare to my outfit without adding bulky layers. Finish the look with suede booties, riding boots or platforms like I’m wearing.



Prim Night Shirt

Who would have guessed that this windowpane “dress” is actually a night shirt? The best of both worlds! The key to making pajamas into daywear is accessorizing and confidence. You have to walk around like everything is normal, not like you just rolled out of bed. This pattern was one of my favorites from the collection this season, so the fact that it was meant for sleeping didn’t deter me from wearing it. I made sure to go trendy with my hair, load up the jewelry and add a heel to make me feel best.

Happy Fall, y’all! JordansSig

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