Behind the Office: Product Development

August 30, 2016

I have officially been a part of the Mud Pie team for 3 years – Boy, how much it has changed in that short time! But what many of you may not know is that I’ve been an unofficial employee since the day I was born. Growing up as Marcia Miller’s daughter, I was bred into the Mud Pie lifestyle. Ever since I was a girl, I can remember filing invoices and ticketing products for market weeks. I’ve worn many hats, and each one has provided a new, exciting challenge for me.

After many (many) years of learning the company, I’ve found my role as Assistant Vice President in Product Development.

The product development department is the place at Mud Pie where all the magic happens. Our team is always busy- samples floating everywhere, dogs running about, and constant meetings anywhere we can find available space. With the busy lifestyle, we are fortunate to have the freedom to create and express our personalities. Every work space you walk by is a collage of inspiration unique to that employee. This stands true beyond product development. Mud Pie believes that employees should feel at home, and our office as a whole is a reflection of that.

Here is a short, but fun behind the scenes of a few creative spaces + some office puppy love (a daily necessity).



Everyone in PD has a cork board wall. We use these to hang inspiration, current projects, photos – really anything relevant to working in a creative environment where product is developed on a crazy fast pace every single day. Take a look at the different ways some of our designers and merchandisers design their cork boards!






If you are a PD girl there is basically one requirement- YOU. MUST. LOVE. DOGS. There is a steady stream of Mud Pie dogs in our department on any given day. Many of them have grown up here. Having a furry coworker to snuggle up with on a crazy busy day makes a stressful day so much better.

Meet Olive! – She has been coming to work since she was 8 weeks old!



Maybe “baby” is testing out some Fall 17 Living developments!


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