Meet the Mud Pie Office Dog

July 24, 2016


Happy weekend, Pies! One of the top reasons we love the weekend is a no brainer…more play time with our favorite fur babies, obvi. Today you get to meet the largest fur member, but also the absolutely sweetest Mud Pie office dog. Your mouth may drop due to his size, and you may be wondering how on earth he comes to the office for play dates. So for the record, Mud Pie accepts all doggies, no matter the size.

Without further due, meet the Mud Pie office dog, Angus.


Q & A:

NAME: Angus Atkins A.K.A “Associate Director of Squirrel Activity.”

HOW DID ANGUS COME ABOUT? I adopted Angus when he was 4 months old from a local veterinarian in Savannah and it was love at first sight! I couldn’t adopt him right away because he was malnourished and needed to gain weight first, so I visited him every day for 2 months while he got bigger. The veterinarian said he loved grazing in the field and eating grass like a cow, so we named him Angus like a black steer.

OWNER: Mallory Atkins – Associate Technical Designer.


FAVORITE FOOD: Beef jerky, spaghetti, and ice cream!

HOBBIES: Chasing squirrels and chips monks, riding in the car, going to the dog park, and taking extremely long naps.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Plush toys that look like squirrels.

CELEBRITY ALTER EGO: Angus is 11 years old so,I always say he’s a real George Clooney for his salt and peppery beard, not to mention they have both aged with such grace!


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Stay tuned for more meet the Mud Pie office dog!


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