Meet The Mud Pie Designer

July 15, 2016

Hi Pies! It’s time for another “Meet The Designer” post. Today we’re talking to the talented and newest Mud Pie fashion designer, Afsina. Get ready to take a look into  the mind behind the magic in our Atlanta headquarters.

Meet the wonderful Afsina!


What’s your design role here at the Pie HQ? Associate Fashion Designer

How long have you been a part of the Pie family? 4 ½ months, I’m still pretty new:)

What ignited your passion for fashion? Initially I wanted to be an architect, but I had change of heart when I visited MET Museum in New York City. It was the curiosity of how everything was made; the pattern, construction, color and  what were the designers inspired by. I believe if you’re not curious enough to learn and make mistake then there is no room for creativity.

Where does your inspiration come from? As a designer, I find myself planted in front of a computer screen for hours.  While it’s easy to say that I find loads of inspiration through social media websites like Pinterest and visual blogs, but it’s necessary to step away from the screen. Street Style is my go-to source for inspiration as well as shopping around small boutiques.

If you could meet anyone, who would it be? I wish I could have meet late Alexander McQueen. I would also love to meet Josep Font, Creative Director of Delpozo. They both would be quite amazing!

Where are you most creative? In my comfy bed, all ideas seem to flow when I am comfortable.

What culture(s) inspires your design? I am originally from India and there couldn’t be anything more fascinating then India with all the different cultures in one country. The nation holds so much to be inspired by: Artisan techniques, prints, intricate embroideries, and colorful silhouettes.

Talk personal style to us: Recently I have started experimenting with colors and textures but before my style was minimalist with statement block heels. It’s really important to play off different silhouettes to feel confident and comfortable.             

We all have that one timeless item. What’s yours? My gold bangles. I wear them every day. They are the perfect accent for everyday.

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Style us! What’s your favorite style tip? Classic Tee with black jeans or pants. Pair it with statement block heels for an easy, comfortable, and stylish look! A look that can be worn year round!

Anything else? On my spare time, I apply Mehndi (henna) doodling on my calendar.


Tell us about designs you’re working on now! I am currently I am working on SPRING 17’. It is very fun and different from what we have done in the past, while maintaining our Mud Pie look. I am excited to see the customer’s reactions!



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