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July 2016


Fit Fridays + Holiday Sneak Peek

July 29, 2016

fit fridays-01

As a technical designer, patterns are the key for opening the door to many problems you will have with the fitting of the garments. When you are looking at a sample on a mannequin or on a person it may be hard to see exactly what needs to change. Once you unfold your patterns and start piecing them together, you may find that the answer to the solution is laying in front of you! An AHA moment might occur. Patterns are a technical designers best friend. The reason why I personally love patterns so much is because they are like puzzles. You need each piece to complete the picture and every pattern piece relates to another to complete a garment. It is very intriguing.

The most difficult style I have worked on since my start at Mud Pie in October was during the Fall 2016 line. This style was a raglan sleeve one-piece that was fitting so strange at the shoulder and top portion of the sleeve. Raglan styles tend to be more difficult, making it tough to shape them perfectly correct. For those of you who do not know exactly what a raglan sleeve is, it is a diagonal seamed sleeve that comes from under the arm, across the body, to the collar bone and connects at the front and back neckline. If you didn’t quite get all of that nonsense you will see below during today’s Fit Friday.


The diagonal aspect is what makes a raglan sleeve challenging. There are so many ways for it to go wrong – the angle of the diagonal, the shape of the diagonal, the placement and more. For this particular style below the width of the raglan at the shoulder/ neckline was too narrow, causing the sleeve to fit very tight. And trust me, that fit would be very uncomfortable for your little.


The position of the raglan on the front and the back of the garment is in the wrong place. It is too far over onto the shoulder. So we had to move the placement of the front and back.


In a correction like this, the sleeve pattern is adjusted and what we add to the sleeve pattern we take away from the front and back body of the pattern.


tape measure icon-01


The next sample came in and looked much better. The placement of the raglan was almost perfect and the sleeve fit better as well! Now this style was not fixed all in one fitting. We had to rework it a few times, but after all of the other pattern adjustments we made, I think it turned out great!


Here is a sneak peek of today’s Fit Friday piece – the Reindeer One-Piece – coming Fall 2016!


Hannah Sig


Mud Pie Flash Sale

July 27, 2016


Wardrobe & home update starts now. Shop the Mud Pie Flash Sale now through Friday 7/29 for an extra 25% off already reduced sale items! Favorites from baby & kids, fashion and living are all on sale for a limited time!


We’ve rounded up our Mud Pie Flash Sale top picks in each category. Shop before prices go back up! Items won’t last long <3.


Baby & Kids – 1. Flamingo Tunic // 2. Striped Sock Set (supports March of Dimes) // 3. Bear Overall // 4. Navy Stripe Diaper Bag // 5. School Bus T-Shirt // 6. Birthday Bloomer // 7. Bunny Dress 


Fashion – 1. Samantha Shirt Dress // 2. Harper Track Short // 3. State Bracelet // 4. Chelsea Initial Weekender // 5. Casey Sun Hat // 6. Harlow Pant // 7. Reese Tunic Navy Mediterranean Mosaic


Living – 1. Game Day Tailgate Bucket // 2. Burlap Celebration Wine Bags // 3. Initial Wall Hanger // 4. Today’s Catch Platter // 5. Bunny Yard Stake

Happy shopping, Pies!

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Meet the Mud Pie Office Dog

July 24, 2016


Happy weekend, Pies! One of the top reasons we love the weekend is a no brainer…more play time with our favorite fur babies, obvi. Today you get to meet the largest fur member, but also the absolutely sweetest Mud Pie office dog. Your mouth may drop due to his size, and you may be wondering how on earth he comes to the office for play dates. So for the record, Mud Pie accepts all doggies, no matter the size.

Without further due, meet the Mud Pie office dog, Angus.


Q & A:

NAME: Angus Atkins A.K.A “Associate Director of Squirrel Activity.”

HOW DID ANGUS COME ABOUT? I adopted Angus when he was 4 months old from a local veterinarian in Savannah and it was love at first sight! I couldn’t adopt him right away because he was malnourished and needed to gain weight first, so I visited him every day for 2 months while he got bigger. The veterinarian said he loved grazing in the field and eating grass like a cow, so we named him Angus like a black steer.

OWNER: Mallory Atkins – Associate Technical Designer.


FAVORITE FOOD: Beef jerky, spaghetti, and ice cream!

HOBBIES: Chasing squirrels and chips monks, riding in the car, going to the dog park, and taking extremely long naps.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Plush toys that look like squirrels.

CELEBRITY ALTER EGO: Angus is 11 years old so,I always say he’s a real George Clooney for his salt and peppery beard, not to mention they have both aged with such grace!


Shop Mallory’s look:

Whitney Sleeveless Tunic

Kenzie Pants

Day Tripper Tote Navy Gingham (similar styles)

Adriana Scarf Sarong

Shop pet related items HERE

Stay tuned for more meet the Mud Pie office dog!



Mud Pie Wedding Gifts

July 21, 2016


For most people, wedding season falls during Spring and into Summer. For some of us, especially those of us in our late 20s & early 30s, wedding season never ever ends, or at least it seems that way. But we aren’t complaining! Weddings are an exciting and beautiful time to see family and friends become one. Plus, who doesn’t love a great reception?

With all those weddings, come all those wedding gifts. These gifts are something that last a lifetime. They are more than just an item received. Wedding gifts are cherished and hold memories for the Mr. and Mrs. And while registries are a great guide, it is also meaningful to gift the bride and groom with an item that is perfect for them. One that will go down in their memory box, or be displayed in their home for years to come.

I’ve round up my favorite Mud Pie wedding gifts for the future Mr. & Mrs. in your life. No matter the couples age, or style, Mud Pie has a gift fit for their special day. Not to mention – all are at very attractive price points. We know how expensive weddings can be!


1. Initial Napkins to celebrate her new last name

2. A keepsake Wedding Invite Clip Frame that will hang for a lifetime (my personal favorite)

3. Something they can both agree on, like the His & Her Cork Display Box (I have gifted this item almost every wedding!)

4. The Mr. & Mrs. Black Square Frame is the perfect decor piece for their new home

5. Guys, let’s admit it – The Mrs. Right Towel Set speaks the truth.

6. A table piece for their future dinners with or without guest – Wedding Hostess Tray Set / Initial Cutting Board Set 

Shop ALL Mud Pie Wedding Gifts for that extra special touch!



Meet The Mud Pie Designer

July 15, 2016

Hi Pies! It’s time for another “Meet The Designer” post. Today we’re talking to the talented and newest Mud Pie fashion designer, Afsina. Get ready to take a look into  the mind behind the magic in our Atlanta headquarters.

Meet the wonderful Afsina!


What’s your design role here at the Pie HQ? Associate Fashion Designer

How long have you been a part of the Pie family? 4 ½ months, I’m still pretty new:)

What ignited your passion for fashion? Initially I wanted to be an architect, but I had change of heart when I visited MET Museum in New York City. It was the curiosity of how everything was made; the pattern, construction, color and  what were the designers inspired by. I believe if you’re not curious enough to learn and make mistake then there is no room for creativity.

Where does your inspiration come from? As a designer, I find myself planted in front of a computer screen for hours.  While it’s easy to say that I find loads of inspiration through social media websites like Pinterest and visual blogs, but it’s necessary to step away from the screen. Street Style is my go-to source for inspiration as well as shopping around small boutiques.

If you could meet anyone, who would it be? I wish I could have meet late Alexander McQueen. I would also love to meet Josep Font, Creative Director of Delpozo. They both would be quite amazing!

Where are you most creative? In my comfy bed, all ideas seem to flow when I am comfortable.

What culture(s) inspires your design? I am originally from India and there couldn’t be anything more fascinating then India with all the different cultures in one country. The nation holds so much to be inspired by: Artisan techniques, prints, intricate embroideries, and colorful silhouettes.

Talk personal style to us: Recently I have started experimenting with colors and textures but before my style was minimalist with statement block heels. It’s really important to play off different silhouettes to feel confident and comfortable.             

We all have that one timeless item. What’s yours? My gold bangles. I wear them every day. They are the perfect accent for everyday.

 PIC 5

Style us! What’s your favorite style tip? Classic Tee with black jeans or pants. Pair it with statement block heels for an easy, comfortable, and stylish look! A look that can be worn year round!

Anything else? On my spare time, I apply Mehndi (henna) doodling on my calendar.


Tell us about designs you’re working on now! I am currently I am working on SPRING 17’. It is very fun and different from what we have done in the past, while maintaining our Mud Pie look. I am excited to see the customer’s reactions!



LoveMudPie Signature


Travel: Moda in Italy

July 12, 2016


Wheels Up to Italy!
First stop Paris! With a 9 hour flight to Paris and then a 2.5 hour flight to Florence and multiple train rides through Italy, I needed a reliable carry-on with room for all of my traveling necessities.
The Weekender from Mud Pie’s Bombay Collection surely did not disappoint!  It is monogramable too!!
With our first full day in Florence, I needed a comfortable & breathable, yet CUTE dress (but of course!).  The Marley Shirtdress in white chambray is my go-to dress.  I brought along a scarf and paired it with my blue converse to walk the lovely streets of Florence from sun up to sun down, panini caprese in hand…and of course, making a stop for Rose’ at the Duomo.
While touring the vineyards in Tuscany and shopping through the streets of Montepulciano, a cross body is a MUST.
Try Mud Pie’s Bailey Crossbody in tan.
“When in Rome” the Marley Shirtdress made an appearance, yet again, but this time in the classic, blue chambray.  This was perfect paired with a printed scarf for the day and for night, paired with a camel bootie and linen scarf…while choosing the perfect pizza and vino!
Sighh…one of my favorite parts of this trip was the beautiful Italian Coast!
While “island hoping” from Amalfi to Positano and then on to Capri, I found myself using the carry-all case from Mud Pie’s Bombay Collection to carry all of my beach & boating necessities.  The Melanie Poncho in white was a great beach to bar piece.  I paired it with both white jeans and denim cut-offs, as well. While boating through Positano and Capri, I went with my favorite cover-up, the Dakota Fringe in navy.
I wore it with sandals on the boat and then slipped on a camel wedge sandal and gold necklace for the island-it was PERFECT!
“Vivere una vita bella”

Nursery Gallery Wall Inspiration

July 10, 2016

Nesting (noun): a ritual performed by pregnant women in decorating and preparing the house, the “nest”, for their soon to be born child.

There is such excitement, joy and anticipation in the wait for new baby. As women, our tendency to prepare the nest, believe it or not, goes beyond our Pinterest boards and actually is a very common instinct. We clean, purge and baby proof but perhaps the most exciting (and overall fun) part of this urge to prepare is creating a beautiful and comforting oasis – the nursery.

From paint colors to crib choice, wall décor to bedding, the task of designing this Instagram-worthy room can seem overwhelming and never ending. Here at The Pie, we suggest first choosing a theme that best suits your home aesthetic. Whether you’re a rustic charm or minimal neutral kind of girl, we’ve put together a few darling nursery wall décor ideas to help inspire your own. Enjoy!


Rustic Nursery Gallery Wall :

1. Wood Initial Letters // 2. Buffalo Print via Sharon Montrose // 3. Play Dream Laugh Plaque – Coming this Fall! // 4. Blessings Cross – Coming Soon! // 5. Boy Definition Plaque // 6. Elephant Bank



Vintage Blush Nursery Gallery Wall :

1. Mini Distressed Wall Mirror via Restoration Hardware // 2. Pink Sweet Baby Deluxe Frame  // 3. Vintage Pewter Frame via Etsy // 4. Pink My Happy Frame // 5. Lower Case Wood Block Initial // 6. May All Your Dreams be Pink Plaque – Coming this Fall! // 7. DIY Framed Baby Booties


Blue Coastal Nursery Gallery Wall:

1. Blue So Loved Frame // 2. Vintage Wood Fish Wall Hanging // 3. Double Cleat Frame // 4. Rope Anchor Wall Hook // 5. Little Star Hanger Frame // 6. Vintage Sailboat Print via Etsy // 7. Blue/White Large Frame


“She’s My Cherry Pie”

July 6, 2016


Scrumptious Cherry Pie Recipe

1. Place cherries in medium saucepan and place over heat. Cover.

2. After the cherries lose considerable juice, which may take a few minutes, remove from heat.

3. In a small bowl, mix the sugar and cornstarch together.

4. Pour this mixture into the hot cherries and mix well. Add the almond extract, if desired, and mix. Return the mixture to the stove and cook over low heat until thickened, stirring frequently.

5. Remove from the heat and let cool. If the filling is too thick, add a little water, too thin, add a little more cornstarch.

6. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F.

7. Use your favorite pie dough recipe. Prepare your crust in the Mud Pie Circa Pie Plate. Divide in half. Roll out each piece large enough to fit into an 8 to 9-inch pan.

8. Pour cooled cherry mixture into the crust. Dot with butter.

9. Moisten edge of bottom crust. Place top crust on and flute the edge of the pie. Make a slit in the middle of the crust for steam to escape. Sprinkle with sugar.

10. Bake for about 50 minutes.

11. Remove from the oven and place on a rack to cool.

12. Serve in true Mud Pie fashion on one of the dessert plates.




4th Of July Playlist

July 4, 2016


Happy Birthday America! We’re celebrating the FREEdom this country had brought to all of us with FREE PERSONALIZATION + a 4th of July playlist to accompany whatever activities the holiday holds for you.

Have a happy 4th!


*use coupon: FREEDOM. Limit 5 personalized items per order.

Most importantly, thank you for all those who have served, allowing us to live in a country with freedom. Your devotion to America had allowed all of us to live a better life.

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We’re on Snapchat!

July 1, 2016


We’re on Snapchat! We’re so excited, we just can’t hide it! Follow us @MudPieGift!


Get special access to behind the scenes, sneak peeks, special events, exclusive promotions, styling ideas, a look into Mud Pie office life, and more! Follow us on Snapchat for never before seen footage – @MudPieGift.



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Happy Snapping, Pies!

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