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June 21, 2016


Let’s face it, whether you want to admit it or not, your desk is your home away from home. It needs to be functional, but it also just needs to make you happy – point blank. Here at the Pie we believe that if you have an organized desk space, you have a more creative and productive workday. We have the freedom to add the inspiration and creativity needed to make us feel home. It’s quite a joy strolling through the office and seeing how everyone organizes their space. I think everyone agrees that our Visual Merchandising Manager wins the office space gold metal. We will save his inspiring space for a future post… 

Working as a Sales Support Associate, I have to be organized. But I also need to keep my space creative. I have created a place that I can walk into every morning feeling ready to grind through the workday. Here’s a look into how I keep my desk space organized. 


Like a majority of us, coffee keeps my brain organized so there are a couple of mugs around me at any given time. Luckily Mud Pie mugs are so cute they serve as décor too! The ones that aren’t filled with my fourth cup of coffee – or tea! – are used to store my extra pencils and pens.




Everything you use on a daily basis should be in a handy location, for me that is Mud Pie catalogs, markers and a notepad.  They always stay on my desk, it may look prettier to put them away in my metal filing drawers, but I know I’ll be reaching for them all day. So, I make it simple by keeping them organized to the right of me. When I pack up for the weekend, I place them back in my filing drawers. Nothing is more refreshing than walking into a clean desk space on Monday morning.



I also believe the best way to stay organized is to keep a trashcan close. I suggest hiding it under your desk. Nothing is more frustrating than not know which copy of a document is the updated version because you didn’t just throw away the old copy immediately. It’s also a great feeling at the end of the day to get rid of your to-do list along with anything else you no longer need and be able to start fresh the next morning.

Lastly, I live pretty far from home and my family so it’s also a must to have some pictures around. They may not serve any organizational purpose, but I love them and they make me smile.

A few simple changes can turn your desk from blah to brilliant. Here are some of my favorite Mud Pie pieces (and some that I’ve used) to create a creative desk space.

Vases- for decorations or functional use

Picture Frames – to make your desk feel homey

Small Plates – for paper clips, rubber bands, etc.

Sentiment Sticks-my favorite desk decor

Mugs- for coffee, tea, or pencils and pens 

Candy Dishes – fill them with mints or chocolates for meetings/visitors

Candles – to add a special touch

Wood Letters – put your name or initials to claim your desk space

Coasters – use them as a paper weight


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