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Bachelorette Party Weekend Guide

June 28, 2016

The forever Bridesmaid is finally THE BRIDE.

I very well thought it was time to change my job occupation to “Professional Bridesmaid.” After being in 10 weddings of friends and family, I could plan every detail of the big day overnight- including a Bachelorette Party Weekend Guide.

But my days of being the bridesmaid are over because it is finally my turn to be the bride! And I can promise you, as fun as it is to stand by your friend on her and her dream guys wedding day, it’s also a joy to plan the details for your own wedding with your future husband!

The day cannot come soon enough.

One of the most exciting parts of any wedding is the Bachelor and Bachelorette party weekends that take place. Some go all out in Vegas, others vacation in Miami, and some, like me, have a fun-filled weekend with the bridal party at Sea Island. The beautiful destination is my all-time favorite place to go. So much so that I will be marrying my future husband there in September. My fiance and I dreamed of showing our friends and family that has meant so much to us over the past years, so it was no question when we decided to have a destination wedding on the island.




Okay, back to the fun part – my Bachelorette party weekend. Being that we were celebrating my final days of being single, I made sure to create the perfect atmosphere for the weekend.

From gifts to activities, here is your guide to the perfect Bachelorette party weekend in Sea Island!



Being a bridesmaid so many times, I know the importance of thanking your bridal party for all their time and support during the planning process. One of the small ways you can thank them is with a gift of bachelorette party weekend essentials.

I gifted my bride tribe with Maya Bay Totes. A cute bag is a must when you are spending a weekend at the beach. My bridal party got the beach bag and matching dazzle carry-all case.

IMG_3571 - Copy

Here’s what’s I included inside each bag:

Cute heart shaped sunglasses that had everyone’s name in gold foil on the side

A sea island tumbler

A cute custom koozie

Sea island cotton lotion from Bath and Body Works

Sun Screen


Chap stick

Sea Island magnet

Rodan and Fields facial kit and cute wash cloth


And of course, I had my Mud Pie dazzle “Bride” bag to match!

mudpie_bridetotaIn addition to the bags, I had cute custom cups made for all of us to use all weekend!



I also put name tags on all the doors showing people what room was theirs.door_tags_for_bachlorette

Of course no bachelorette party weekend is complete without a giant flamingo float and mini flamingo cup holders.

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset




I had Hot pink trucker hats made for all the girls with my wedding hash tag #MELGIN printed on the front. And I have a white one to match.IMG_0157

Both afternoons we went to the Sea Island Beach club and spent the afternoon there. We laid out and swam in the pool and hung out at the beach.


wE went on a private trolley ride for 2 hours and got to see all of St. Simons Island while listening to music and drinking champagne stopping all along the way at different sights and bars


We went to one of my favorite restaurants Crab Daddy’s for dinner on Saturday night to end the perfect weekend








Creative & Organized Desk Space

June 21, 2016


Let’s face it, whether you want to admit it or not, your desk is your home away from home. It needs to be functional, but it also just needs to make you happy – point blank. Here at the Pie we believe that if you have an organized desk space, you have a more creative and productive workday. We have the freedom to add the inspiration and creativity needed to make us feel home. It’s quite a joy strolling through the office and seeing how everyone organizes their space. I think everyone agrees that our Visual Merchandising Manager wins the office space gold metal. We will save his inspiring space for a future post… 

Working as a Sales Support Associate, I have to be organized. But I also need to keep my space creative. I have created a place that I can walk into every morning feeling ready to grind through the workday. Here’s a look into how I keep my desk space organized. 


Like a majority of us, coffee keeps my brain organized so there are a couple of mugs around me at any given time. Luckily Mud Pie mugs are so cute they serve as décor too! The ones that aren’t filled with my fourth cup of coffee – or tea! – are used to store my extra pencils and pens.




Everything you use on a daily basis should be in a handy location, for me that is Mud Pie catalogs, markers and a notepad.  They always stay on my desk, it may look prettier to put them away in my metal filing drawers, but I know I’ll be reaching for them all day. So, I make it simple by keeping them organized to the right of me. When I pack up for the weekend, I place them back in my filing drawers. Nothing is more refreshing than walking into a clean desk space on Monday morning.



I also believe the best way to stay organized is to keep a trashcan close. I suggest hiding it under your desk. Nothing is more frustrating than not know which copy of a document is the updated version because you didn’t just throw away the old copy immediately. It’s also a great feeling at the end of the day to get rid of your to-do list along with anything else you no longer need and be able to start fresh the next morning.

Lastly, I live pretty far from home and my family so it’s also a must to have some pictures around. They may not serve any organizational purpose, but I love them and they make me smile.

A few simple changes can turn your desk from blah to brilliant. Here are some of my favorite Mud Pie pieces (and some that I’ve used) to create a creative desk space.

Vases- for decorations or functional use

Picture Frames – to make your desk feel homey

Small Plates – for paper clips, rubber bands, etc.

Sentiment Sticks-my favorite desk decor

Mugs- for coffee, tea, or pencils and pens 

Candy Dishes – fill them with mints or chocolates for meetings/visitors

Candles – to add a special touch

Wood Letters – put your name or initials to claim your desk space

Coasters – use them as a paper weight



4th of July Decor

June 17, 2016


Oh 4th of July – boat rides and watermelon, salty hair and bare feet! If you’re like me, this All-American holiday is one of the happiest and cherished times of the year with family and friends. We swim and laugh, play and sunbathe, and gather around the screen porch eating boiled peanuts and pretending tomorrow isn’t a work day until the sun finally begins to set over the creek. Then my personal favorite time of the day begins… grilling and prepping for a fresh summer meal. And by prepping I mean letting others show off their talents in the kitchen while I stick to what I love most – décor. What better way is there to celebrate American independence (other than excessive fireworks) than creating a festive, patriotic and beautiful tablescape for your family and guests?

For the hosting planners out there, here’s a few of my favorite 4th of July décor pieces to style your porch, patio, or backyard – all things red, white and blue!


1. Printed Nautical Pillows & Navy Burlap Pillow // 2. Crab Platter // 3. Willow Chip Dip Set // 4. Anchor Hostess Tray // 5. Whale Mini Dip Set // 6. Grill Master Platter Set // 7. Anchor Ice Scoop // 8. Sea Party Tubs // 9. Anchor Pitcher 

Happy {almost} Birthday, America!



Baby Shower Gift Guide

June 15, 2016


We all know the drill – you receive yet another baby shower invitation and a part of you immediately starts to panic…“I don’t have kids… I have no idea what to buy…  Did she even find out what she’s having?… I want to get her something she doesn’t already have”. Thankfully, our fears and insecurities are often settled by today’s world of registries and wish lists. But what do you do if there’s no registry included on the invite? Or what if all the good items are already taken?

We all want our gifts to be meaningful, memorable, all around adorable and lets just face it… the best one at the shower. I’ve found the biggest crowd pleaser is to mix and match a few Mud Pie essential “too adorable not to buy” items to create an unforgettable gift basket.  And by essentials I mean items like our My 1st Tutu Photography Set… a necessity in my eyes! Here is my baby shower gift guide to make you gift searching run as smooth as possible!


1. My 1st Tutu Photography Set // 2. Baby Socks // 3. Floral Wipe-Away Bib // 4. Monogram Me Pink Sleeper


1. Blue Blanket & Rattle Set // 2. Twinkle Two-Piece Set // 3. Daddy & Me Bow Tie Set // 4. Prince Tooth/Curl Set


1. Confetti Hospital Set // 2. New Baby Girl/Boy Stickers // 3. Mommy & Me Frame // 4. First Year Frame

Susan M Sig


Meet The Office Dog

June 13, 2016

MeetThe-OfficeDog_HeaderAs busy as work gets with looming deadlines, and prepping for our Spring 2017 launch, having all of our lovable furry babies running around the office makes for a better day. Getting a little snuggle session in always helps the creativity flow. What better form of therapy than a puppy in a tutu?MAYBE 2


 Office Dog Q&A:

 NAME: Maybe Blazer

OWNER: Katie Blazer – Fashion Director

FAVORITE FOOD: ice cream

HOBBIES: car rides, sun bathing, being in my mom’s purse

GUILTY PLEASURE: chick-fil-a nuggets




Stay tuned for more “Meet the Office Dog” posts. We promise we have lots of fur babies to show!





Katie Sig



10 Pool Bag Essentials

June 10, 2016


I think I may speak for everyone when I say my favorite summer activity is lounging by the pool (or the beach). I simply love relaxing and listening to my favorite tunes while soaking up some rays.  Nothing says “SUMMER” like and impromptu trip to the pool, so for me,  a well-stocked pool bag is a must! Nothing’s worse than showing up the pool only to find — “Oh, man I forgot the sunscreen!”  It’s happened one too many times, which is why I make sure my pool bag is always stocked with my 10 pool bag essentials.

What should i pack in my pool bag

My pool bag stays packed with the essentials. It’s filled with those vital “pool day” items…the things I can’t go without. The Mud Pie Tideline Tote is made of jute, which is great when you’re out in the heat because it breaths.  The tote features five adorable starfish, faux leather handles, and stylish gold grommets.  Not only is this tote a great size for holding all my lute, it has a wipe-clean interior– which is great for the pool— and an interior pocket for those smaller items like keys, IDs, phone, etc.

what is in my pool bag

#1 Mud Pie Carry-All

First things first, every pool bag needs a Mud Pie carry-all.  These things are the  Our jute cases come in a number of different patterns and styles. Each one has a laminated wipe-clean interior and tasseled zipper pull.  In my case, I use it to carry sun screen, lip balm, aloe, extra hair ties and other skin care products. Our carry-alls can also  hold a tablet, wet suits or be used as a clutch.

#2 Sunscreen/Aloe

This may seem like a no-brainier, but you’d be surprised how many times my friends have forgotten their sunscreen.


how to back a pool bag

#3 Hat:

I always wear a baseball cap at the pool…I can’t stand the sun in my eyes!  I’m loving Mud Pie’s seersucker baseball cap.  It has an adorable grosgrain ribbon detail and adjustable bow closure.

#4 Sunglasses:

I can’t leave the house with out my sunglasses and when you’re at the pool they are a must!  My latest splurge; new RayBans.

the things in my pool bag

#5 Some Tunes: 

For me, it depends on the atmosphere of the pool.  What’s the scene… is it a relaxing solo day at the pool or are you going with a big group?  I’ll either pack my iPod with headphone or my portable speaker. Either way, I’ve to have some sort of music.

#6 Snacks:

 The heat can really ware you out… so be sure to have some sort of snack. I tend to take something small.  I usually take almonds, a little sweet candy, and a granola bar or two.

# 7 Water Bottle:

You HAVE to have water when you’re in the heat all day.  Taking a dip in the pool to cool off usually isn’t enough for me.  I usually bring at least two large water bottles with me filled with freezing cold water.

#8: Big Huge Beach Towel:

I have a million beach towels, but my favorite on is my “Big Huge Beach Towel” it’s about the size of 3 beach towels.  It’s soft, colorful and lasts all day!

#9 Bathing Suit: 

DUH! I typically wear strapless tops to keep my tan lines in check.

#10: Coverups:

Currently my favorite cover-up is the Heidi Eyelet Cover-Up. It’s light, flattering and the details on the trim are adorable.  I am also a fan of our Round Crochet Lace Scarf Sarong.  It comes in 4 different colors and can be worn as scarf or sarong.

That covers the 10 pool bag essentials. But let’s call it 11, because some pool days call for a pitcher of mimosas. Am I right?

Want a deal on pool day must-haves? Shop our FASHION BLOWOUT SALE for up to 80% off select items- happening now!

cover ups on sale coverups




Summer Cocktails

June 6, 2016

SummerCocktails Header 

I can taste the sweet summer sun as I daydream of beach side lounging. School is finally out, pools are open and vacations are underway. Although Mud Pie says every season is their favorite, I think we really mean it when we say that summer gives the best welcome of them all, and that may be due to the fruity cocktails that come along with it. 

No matter the activity – relaxing by the water, entertaining on your porch or celebrating the long weekend – you have to have a refreshing drink in hand. I didn’t make the rules, but I promise to follow them. 

So treat yourself to sunshine and summer cocktails!


1.5 oz white rum

.5 oz Triple Sec

1.5 oz of pineapple juice

2 tbsp lime juice

1 tsp turbinado cane sugar  

Top with club soda


1 watermelon cube, muddled

1. Muddle a cube of watermelon at the bottom of a small cocktail glass.

2.Fill with ice. 3.Add rum, Triple Sec, and pineapple juice.

4.Stir in lime juice and sugar. 5.Top with club soda.

6.Stir! Sip! Enjoy!

Summer Cocktail Pitcher



1.5 oz white rum

1 dash orange run

3 oz grapefruit juice

1.Dash bitters into ice-filled glass.

2.Add rum.

3.Fill with juice.



Want more summer cocktail recipes? Our drink towels have you covered. Not to mention, they are a great addition to your bar.Cocktail Bar TowelsDRINK TOWELS // ALL BAR ACCESSORIES 

Sip away! And happy {almost} summer!



Monogrammed Travel Bags and Accessories

June 3, 2016

Mud Pie Initial Products

I like that idea of keeping and wearing timeless, quality pieces time and time again, don’t you? Mud Pie’s Chelsea Collection is beautiful and classic for everyday adventures, and it comes in a bunch different piece types —  including adorable monogrammed travel bags and accessories. With the single initial, you can choose your first or last name initial– there’s no wrong or right — it’s your personal preference.

 The cotton canvas accessories have vegan leather features and a single initial which is great for travel, storage, accessorizing and adding that personal touch. The Chelsea scarves, bracelets and Instamonogram patches are perfect additions to your favorite outfit. Our gold foil monogram shopper totes and printed carry-alls are the transitional bags for every season.

We love the Mud Pie Chelsea Collection and love to see it styled!  Here are some of our favorites.

We want to see how you use the Mud Pie Chelsea Collection!   Tag us on InstagramFacebook or Twitter flaunting your personal style!


Get initially inspired!  Some of our most popular pieces are now up to 80% off.  Trust me– these great deals won’t last long!

mud pie initial items on sale

printed carry-all  |  carry-all  |  weekender  |  bracelet