Inspired By The Masters

March 31, 2016


I can hear the crowd cheering in silence! It’s a tradition that many plan their entire weekend around. It’s time for The Masters!

Whether you are going to the tournament, watching it at a bar or hosting a golf party weekend, we have the ideas on what to wear, what to serve and what to drink. We’re inspired by The Masters – bottoms up!


Whitney Sleeveless Ruffle Dress // Natalie Bow Tie Dress

The wear is inspired by THE green jacket. Mud Pie’s green and blue Whitney Sleeveless Ruffle Dress or the Kelly green Natalie Bow Tie dress are perfect for the weekend.


Orange Mint Julep Source // Southern Coasters // Lake Pitcher

Some yummy drinks your guests will love are the Orange Mint Julep and the Black Sunrise. The Mint Julep is a popular drink at the course’s clubhouse and your guests will love the orange twist.


Black Sunrise Source // Cork Tin

The amateurs that play in the Masters stay at the Crows Nest and it is a great honor. The Black Sunrise is to support the amateurs with a black vodka base.


Peaches and Cream Pie Bars Source // Lake Hostess Platter

Since the Masters is held in Augusta, Georgia, to pay homage to the Georgians these Peaches and Cream pie bars are a great dessert for your soiree.

Happy putting! And enjoy being inspired by The Masters!

Hannah Sig

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