Wedding Season 2016 Guide

February 19, 2016

Wedding Season HEADER


Oh joy! How we love weddings here at Mud Pie! No matter the time of year – winter, spring, summer and fall – there is much beauty to be seen and much fun to be had. Wedding season is upon us, and we are itching for all the trends to come in 2016…across all categories.

Weddings have SO many exciting components – the bride, the bridesmaids, the groom, the groomsmen, the wedding itself, the decor, the wedding guests. I’m getting tired just thinking about it all! (I’m allowed to use the word tired because I recently planned my entire wedding, and well, it’s the one word that fits).

I cannot begin to tell you how many resources I looked through to bring together the perfect wedding for my husband (I love saying that!) and I. So I want to provide a wedding season 2016 guide that will help you in the process.

We will have even more wedding items coming in March 2016!

For the Bride


1. Mrs. Dress Hanger // 2. Linen Towels // 3. Wifey Tank Top (NEW!) // 4. Life Plates  // 5. Coming March 2016

For the Bridesmaid

1. Coming March 2016 // 2. Bridesmaid Ask Bottle Bag // 3. Bridesmaid Tank Top (NEW!) // 4.Bridesmaid Kimono Robe // 5.Bridesmaid Hanger


For the Wedding

1. Wedding Flag // 2. Coming March 2016 – Similar Here // 3. Coming March 2016 // 4. Mr. & Mrs. Tabletop Sign // 5.Wire Card Basket


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