Resort Wear 2016 + Spring Sneak Peek

February 11, 2016

Living in Georgia during the winter can have you changing out your wardrobe every day. Let me explain…one day it is 20° and snowy, the next day is is a high of 65° and sunny, and the whole city is outside soaking it in because it will be 35° and rainy by weeks end. Most Georgians are smiling from ear to ear come spring, I promise you.

Naturally, my husband and I did what we do best in the winter: we escaped to a resort vacation in the tropical Caribbean island of Anguilla. Escaping to warm weather made me eager to show off Mud Pie resort wear 2016. And I can’t wait to share a sneak peek with you all!

Our trip was short (but wonderful nonetheless)! This go, I wanted to limit my tendency to over pack and only bring beach clothing and accessories that would pair with lots of different options. Think minimalist – which is a tough task.

First, I needed a beach bag that matched all my bathing suits and cover-ups- one that felt special but neutral enough to not be too memorable. I chose our Bombay Tote- not only does it have real leather accents but the navy and white color story felt perfect for our Caribbean getaway.TheBombay

Next I had to choose my cover-ups wisely. I wanted to bring enough to have options, but not so many that I would feel silly for bringing them and not wearing them. I chose our navy Dakota Fringe cover-up. It looks great over any colored bathing suit and the fringe made it feel special. I also love how it looks with my Bombay tote. I also brought a black Colbie cover-up because a black cover up is an absolute staple for any beach vacation- who doesn’t own a little black bikini? If you don’t – I promise any style will flatter you…it’s a must!TheDakota

My third Mud Pie cover-up choice was the Kelli Shirtdress in Blue Ikat (there is a pattern for everyone). I wanted a long sleeved option for boat rides and cool evening breezes and the fit on this style is so flattering and easy to wear. If I could have, I would have brought all 5 styles on my trip! I forgot to take a picture of mine, but the model shows it off just as well! Cover-Ups

Last- I wanted to bring one perfect beach accessory to complete my looks. I opted for our Madison Fedora in black. I absolutely love this piece and wore it nearly every day.


Tips for packing for a resort vacation:

1. Bring a beach bag that goes with everything- no sense wasting your 50lbs of luggage with bags that you won’t likely use

2. Choose cover-ups that match multiple bathing suits- if you mix it up and wear your cover-up with a different suit, you won’t feel like you’re “outfit repeating.”

3. Bring an accessory. Whether it’s a hat or a necklace or a scarf- it makes your outfit seemed finished and polished, even though you’re just poolside for the day!

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