Printspiration: Spring 2016 Baby Preview

February 5, 2016

Oh my heart is so excited for this month’s Printspiration! Let me just start by saying…you all are getting a sneak preview into our Spring 2016 baby line. And let me also just say…it makes me so excited for all else that is to come! This season, Mud Pie is bringing new styles – patterns and prints that progress our brand further! I want to spill all the beans now, but I must keep somewhat of a secret until the new product launch in March!

Before I say too much about Spring 2016, let me focus on this month’s Printspriation: the ballerina print. It’s perfect for your chic little one whose hobbies include playing dress up and having tea time with her stuffed friends. This print is one of my all-time favorites to date! It was a trip back to my childhood to create a print that relates to every little girl at some point in their lives. We all have dreams growing up, and I can vouch for many when I say that twirling around on stage would be the best career (besides designing baby prints, of course!).

I can’t say it enough – I loved working on this print so much! But it was also challenging. I went through an endless number of rough drafts before it was exactly how we wanted it. Drawing a print is easy…drawing a print and manipulating it to work on clothing is challenging. Being the person I am, I took the task head on – who doesn’t love a good challenge? After a number of changes and revisions, I finally had it perfect with you all in mind.

Enjoy the below – available in retail stores now! It will be available to purchase directly from this March!

ballerina_headerballerina-1-and-2ballerina_3ballerina_4-and-5ballerina_6and7ballerina_8Katherine Sig

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