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February 2016


Resort Wear for Kids

February 29, 2016

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent the last few winter months daydreaming of warm breezes on a tropical island somewhere. If you’re lucky enough to be packing up for a winter getaway with the family, make sure you haven’t forgotten a few fun new outfits for the little ones too! Whether they’re splashing in the pool or building sandcastles on the beach, Mud Pie has the perfect warm-weather outfit for every occasion.

Even if a getaway is not on the agenda, it’s never too early to pick out a few new outfits for those upcoming summer days…they’ll be here sooner than you know it!

Mud Pie Resort Looks for Kids


1. Mom Beach Tunic in Pink Seersucker // 2. Mini’s Beach Tunic in Pink Seersucker // 3. Shark Snap-Mouth T-Shirt // 4. Pirate Ship T-Shirt // 5. Pirate Tote // 6. Mermaid Cover-Up // 7. Mermaid Capri Set // 8. Seersucker Bubble // 9. Flamingo Cover-Up // 10. Flamingo Swimsuit // 11. Flamingo Tote



March of Dimes Kick-Off 2016

February 26, 2016


We have officially kicked-off our fundraising efforts for March of Dimes.  Who knew milk & cookies, along with our ever-so-fun diaper changing contest would be such a crowd pleaser!

With all of the fun aside, we cherish this time of year around Mud Pie!  We have donated over $350,000 to the March of Dimes…we know that every “dime” counts!

Thanks to our amazing retailers and customers with the sales of our baby socks and soft headbands, we are able to make a difference, not only in our community, but nationwide.  Below are a few pictures of our day!

We will have many fundraising events in the next two months, and will end on Saturday, April 30th at the World Georgia Congress Center with our March for Babies walk.

If you are in the area, we would love for you to stop by our Mud Pie tent and show your support!

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Our  FAVORITE part about this day is when the Angel II shows up.  This miracle of a truck is a sight to see!  With operating costs at $100,000 a year, it definitely shows your donations hard at work.

It takes an entire team to make this truck run, and can carry up to three premature babies at once, if needed. In fact, this exact truck was leaving our event to pick up a baby in need.




Spring 2016 Trends Report: Living

February 24, 2016

Spring TrendsI must say – I’m a fan of all seasons, even winter…but, towards the end, I always get sick of the “Georgia cold.” I look up to you all who live up north, because 40 degrees and sunny is enough to keep me locked up in my house.

Winter is slowly but surely moving out, which means colorful spring is right around the corner! Oh the excitement! I can’t wait to enjoy bike rides, patio brunch with my girlfriends and weekend getaways to the seaside. Even more so, I can’t wait for the Spring 2016 trends for decorating and gift giving. You will see over-sized pillows, galvanized tin, neutral palettes, gallery walls, mixed mediums and more making an appearance.

Above is a look into what Mud Pie will bring to the table this coming spring! While you can currently find our spring product in retailers across the country, we will be launching Spring 2016 product on Tuesday, March 1st!

But lucky you – we released Easter 2016 early! Get your sweetie and your dinner table ready for Easter weekend –> SHOP NOW.

Happy (almost) spring!



Wedding Season 2016 Guide

February 19, 2016

Wedding Season HEADER


Oh joy! How we love weddings here at Mud Pie! No matter the time of year – winter, spring, summer and fall – there is much beauty to be seen and much fun to be had. Wedding season is upon us, and we are itching for all the trends to come in 2016…across all categories.

Weddings have SO many exciting components – the bride, the bridesmaids, the groom, the groomsmen, the wedding itself, the decor, the wedding guests. I’m getting tired just thinking about it all! (I’m allowed to use the word tired because I recently planned my entire wedding, and well, it’s the one word that fits).

I cannot begin to tell you how many resources I looked through to bring together the perfect wedding for my husband (I love saying that!) and I. So I want to provide a wedding season 2016 guide that will help you in the process.

We will have even more wedding items coming in March 2016!

For the Bride


1. Mrs. Dress Hanger // 2. Linen Towels // 3. Wifey Tank Top (NEW!) // 4. Life Plates  // 5. Coming March 2016

For the Bridesmaid

1. Coming March 2016 // 2. Bridesmaid Ask Bottle Bag // 3. Bridesmaid Tank Top (NEW!) // 4.Bridesmaid Kimono Robe // 5.Bridesmaid Hanger


For the Wedding

1. Wedding Flag // 2. Coming March 2016 – Similar Here // 3. Coming March 2016 // 4. Mr. & Mrs. Tabletop Sign // 5.Wire Card Basket



Resort Wear 2016 + Spring Sneak Peek

February 11, 2016

Living in Georgia during the winter can have you changing out your wardrobe every day. Let me explain…one day it is 20° and snowy, the next day is is a high of 65° and sunny, and the whole city is outside soaking it in because it will be 35° and rainy by weeks end. Most Georgians are smiling from ear to ear come spring, I promise you.

Naturally, my husband and I did what we do best in the winter: we escaped to a resort vacation in the tropical Caribbean island of Anguilla. Escaping to warm weather made me eager to show off Mud Pie resort wear 2016. And I can’t wait to share a sneak peek with you all!

Our trip was short (but wonderful nonetheless)! This go, I wanted to limit my tendency to over pack and only bring beach clothing and accessories that would pair with lots of different options. Think minimalist – which is a tough task.

First, I needed a beach bag that matched all my bathing suits and cover-ups- one that felt special but neutral enough to not be too memorable. I chose our Bombay Tote- not only does it have real leather accents but the navy and white color story felt perfect for our Caribbean getaway.TheBombay

Next I had to choose my cover-ups wisely. I wanted to bring enough to have options, but not so many that I would feel silly for bringing them and not wearing them. I chose our navy Dakota Fringe cover-up. It looks great over any colored bathing suit and the fringe made it feel special. I also love how it looks with my Bombay tote. I also brought a black Colbie cover-up because a black cover up is an absolute staple for any beach vacation- who doesn’t own a little black bikini? If you don’t – I promise any style will flatter you…it’s a must!TheDakota

My third Mud Pie cover-up choice was the Kelli Shirtdress in Blue Ikat (there is a pattern for everyone). I wanted a long sleeved option for boat rides and cool evening breezes and the fit on this style is so flattering and easy to wear. If I could have, I would have brought all 5 styles on my trip! I forgot to take a picture of mine, but the model shows it off just as well! Cover-Ups

Last- I wanted to bring one perfect beach accessory to complete my looks. I opted for our Madison Fedora in black. I absolutely love this piece and wore it nearly every day.


Tips for packing for a resort vacation:

1. Bring a beach bag that goes with everything- no sense wasting your 50lbs of luggage with bags that you won’t likely use

2. Choose cover-ups that match multiple bathing suits- if you mix it up and wear your cover-up with a different suit, you won’t feel like you’re “outfit repeating.”

3. Bring an accessory. Whether it’s a hat or a necklace or a scarf- it makes your outfit seemed finished and polished, even though you’re just poolside for the day!

While you’re waiting for our new Spring 2016 resort wear to launch, use that money to shop our sale, so you can save for the big launch! We promise you don’t want to miss these deals –> Apparel Sale – SHOP NOW




Printspiration: Spring 2016 Baby Preview

February 5, 2016

Oh my heart is so excited for this month’s Printspiration! Let me just start by saying…you all are getting a sneak preview into our Spring 2016 baby line. And let me also just say…it makes me so excited for all else that is to come! This season, Mud Pie is bringing new styles – patterns and prints that progress our brand further! I want to spill all the beans now, but I must keep somewhat of a secret until the new product launch in March!

Before I say too much about Spring 2016, let me focus on this month’s Printspriation: the ballerina print. It’s perfect for your chic little one whose hobbies include playing dress up and having tea time with her stuffed friends. This print is one of my all-time favorites to date! It was a trip back to my childhood to create a print that relates to every little girl at some point in their lives. We all have dreams growing up, and I can vouch for many when I say that twirling around on stage would be the best career (besides designing baby prints, of course!).

I can’t say it enough – I loved working on this print so much! But it was also challenging. I went through an endless number of rough drafts before it was exactly how we wanted it. Drawing a print is easy…drawing a print and manipulating it to work on clothing is challenging. Being the person I am, I took the task head on – who doesn’t love a good challenge? After a number of changes and revisions, I finally had it perfect with you all in mind.

Enjoy the below – available in retail stores now! It will be available to purchase directly from this March!

ballerina_headerballerina-1-and-2ballerina_3ballerina_4-and-5ballerina_6and7ballerina_8Katherine Sig


Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

February 3, 2016

Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday if you really think about it. Although, I may be biased due to my love for red and pink?

Valentine’s Day is a relaxing holiday, and it’s virtually stress free…sneaking in during a season where things have slowed down after the big December rush. And if we’re being honest, who can turn down chocolate, champagne and flowers? Bring on the love!

But of course, the gifts go beyond getting spoiled with sugar and bubbly. Especially when we’re talking about the ones who steal you over everyday – the little sweetheart in your life! There is nothing like a momma or dadda’s love for their cutie.

AND let us just grow your puppy eyes even bigger…select Valentine’s items are on SALE – just in time for the joyful holiday!

Here is my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide


1. Ruffle Kimono Sleeper (Similar) 2. Elephant Receiving Blanket 3. Mommy & Me Heart Necklace Set 4. Red Grosgrain Bow (Similar & In Pink) 5. My 1st Tutu 6. Red Stripe Sleeper 7. Red & Cream Planked Frame with Bow  8. Bamboo Convertible Sleep Gown 9. To The Moon Cuff 10. So Loved Block Frame


Happy Valentine’s Day!