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January 2016


The Big Game Party

January 26, 2016

Ask anyone, I am one of those girls who pours her soul into football. And WOW have things been looking up for my teams this year…not only did my college team pull in another National Title (Wonder who that could be? RTR), but now my NFL team is traveling to Santa Clara for the big game on February 7th!

Living in Charlotte for a few years, and my husband being from Charlotte, I have grown to love the Carolina Panthers! This year, they clinched the division – 3 years in a row! Needless to say, this is a big football year for us. So much so, that we are headed to California for the big game! Last minute trips make for the best ones, right?

In any case, we would be throwing a huge party for the day. But with all our joy, we couldn’t help and book tickets to be there in all the action.

For those of you celebrating from your home, Mud Pie has great items for the big game party. And the best part? Most of it is currently on sale – just in time!


Shop the look: Tailgate Bucket // Game Day Straws // Football Photography Set // Game Day Tumblr // Game Day Tailgate Banner // Chalkboard Beverage Tub

Shop all Game Day – select items on sale!

On top of my picks, here are some fun ways to add to the big game party!

A touchdown drink for when your team scores! Add your teams color to each shot glass with tape!


Add a little party to your outfit with a beaded tassel necklace in your teams colors!Untitled-1And don’t forget about the pre-game!


Let the games begin! Here are some of photos of my favorite Panther memories!

Panthers 3

Panthers 2







January 22, 2016

fit fridays-header


We know that there is no perfect figure. The part that needs to be perfect is the style you choose, not your figure! Everyone is unique in their shape, and there are many terms to define shape. You could be a type of fruit- apple shaped, pear shaped.  Your hips could be in the geometry category- square, diamond, triangular. Or your figure could even be labeled under an alphabet letter- A shape, O shape, R shape. It can get a little tricky.


Once again, Fit Fridays decided to help our customers find what are the best attributes of their figure. What styles work best for your figure and help to accent your best features? With this guide we share our favorite shape solutions from the our Fall 15 Fashion Collection. Let’s start first by analyzing the shape characteristics of you!


Wedge and standard shapes tend to have smaller hips and bottoms and less of an hour glass figure. Choose styles that create shape for you. Our Samantha Shirt Dress (ON SALE!) creates a belted waist with a cute bow detail. Mud Pie’s Drew Wrap Dress (ON SALE!) has a cinched elasticated waist that gives your body shape. This dress is also great for square shapes since they tend to have narrow shoulders, and the three-quarter sleeves balance out your upper body. Also try adding more attention to the neckline area with a Whitney Ruffle Tunic or Dress!



Also known as the S-curve, have a rounder physique. Your best assets are your shoulders, torso, and flat stomach. Aside from the Hourglass, a Pear shape can often come with narrow shoulders and smaller chests.  Heighten these features with a detail at the chest for balance with the Belle Bow Tunic! Mud Pie’s Kingsley Tunic also has super cute V neck detail that draw the eyes up to the face and shoulders. The Mud Pie Laney sweater is a great form fitting winter piece to show off your curvy figure for the Hour Glass shapes!



This shape tends to be more of an athletic body type. These types have a solid torso and shoulders with a narrower waist. Features include wider arm muscles, broader shoulders, and fit legs/and calves. Show off your calves in our form fitting Ashton Ankle Pant this winter. Pair the Pant with an open neckline like our Kingsley Tunic or Belle Bow Tunic to draw attention to neckline detail and away from other areas. Mud Pie’s Colette Sequin Poncho is a one size fits most! This style is great for muscular shapes. The Colette hits just below the waist with a flattering deep V neckline. Wide sleeves slim your arms and scoop hem elongates your front body while concealing your back side!



Box shapes can often be a shorter figure. The linear outline of Mud Pie’s Tuxedo leggings will contour your shape and elongate your legs. Other bottoms like our Harlow pant are a cut to hem style! Shorten with scissors in a snap to meet your perfect length! For tops, mix and match with layers to create more dimension in your style, and try to play around with different lengths. Try our Parker Poncho paired over our longer Whitney Tunic. Pick a contrasting print or color to differentiate between the two separates.



Winter time is a perfect way to style up your shape! Wrap up with a Mud Pie Plaid Blanket Scarf to add some depth to your top half! Scarves are a great way to layer and distract from the body and accentuate the face. Our Plaid Blanket Scarf features coordinating patterns on each side that highlight around the face!



New Year Organization

January 7, 2016

I don’t know about everyone, but I know for me it is hard to keep up with being organized around the home. I try to at least once a month go through all of my belongings and organize and get rid of things I don’t need.

I wanted to show you some easy New Year organization tips! It is very simple and doesn’t have to be a very expensive endeavor. The bathroom, I think is the hardest place to keep things organized because there are a lot of little items that are hard to find a place for.

Here are some examples of how to keep your bathroom items organized.


I think the easiest way to organize yourself is to start by taking everything out of the space you are trying to organize so you can see your blank canvas. Then separate everything into categories: nail polish, hair products, face products, makeup, lotions and body productions, etc. I find this makes it easier to see what I have and the amount of stuff I have of each category. Then I can buy or make the correct size container for the items in the category.

Baskets are a great way to organize and have a place for the small odd stuff, or if you have empty plastic containers at home or even mason jars or old jelly jars that you can decorate and fill with your items, those are great too! Decorating your own containers creates a nice personal touch in the space and you can decorate simply with colored paper, yarn, or paint that you already have at home.organize2

Photo and Organization Credit: Mom4Real // Beauty and Bedlam // Living Locurto

Use these Mud Pie products for 2016 New Year organization –>

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Hannah Sig