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Holiday Pillow Wraps

October 27, 2015

Pillow Wraps


With all the happenings during the holidays – entertaining, travel, gifts, parties, family visits – decorations can seem like a chore. However, they bring charm and cheer to the home. Being a gift company, Mud Pie knows how busy our favorite season is. Some of us would love to dress our house from floor to ceiling, but we just cannot find the time to do so.

So, let us just take a minute to praise our pillow wraps! They will add the touch you are looking for this season, AND it will only take you minutes to spruce up your house. Don’t let holiday decor overwhelm you – you deserve to clink glasses and enjoy this time of year. Below are creative uses for Mud Pie pillow wraps that go beyond a couch throw!

Pillow Wraps



Shop Pillow Wraps HERE


Shop Thanksgiving // Shop Christmas 

Happy (almost) Holidays!



Kids Halloween Costumes

October 22, 2015

Here at the Pie, we think Kids Halloween Costumes are just the darn cutest part of the Holiday (we may be a bit biased). In fact, let us tell you a secret…we use these costumes way beyond Halloween. Because who doesn’t need an excuse to dress up their sweetie?

With life happenings each day, we get that costumes can be the last thing on your mind. So we’ve rounded up cute last minute Kids Halloween Costumes for you. Links to shop below!

Kids Halloween Costumes

Pink Skeleton // Baby Monkey // Classic Skeleton // Cool Cowgirl // Sweet Lion(ess)


DON’T FORGET! Post a picture of your sweetie in Mud Pie or of your house decorated in Mud Pie, and hashtag #MudPieHalloween for a chance to win a $50 credit to!



Fall Layers

October 17, 2015



Here at Mud Pie, we love fall layers. Layering clothes can sound as scary as a black cat, but layering doesn’t just imply adding volume. The right layers actually accentuate your body shape, and we love your body shape. Whatever body shape that may be.

It’s always smart to have at least one solid in the mix to calm down the prints. You want people’s eyes to look at you, not look away from dizziness. Our favorite layering lately, has been two solids on top, like our Parker poncho over a solid Whitney tunic with a pair of our patterned Ashton pants.

The best thing about fall layers is the versatility. Our blanket scarves are the perfect accessory for all day. You can wear it around your neck during those crisp mornings and remove during the afternoon when the sun decides to make a short appearance. Lastly, you can drape it over your arms for dinner. There is no denying that girls are chronic complainers of how cold they are in restaurants. This means our scarf is not only fashionable but functional. You’ll thank us when you can stay for that extra glass of wine because you aren’t sitting in your chair shivering. This truly is a scarf or a blanket.

Speaking of blankets, another favorite at our office is the Britt Blanket vest. What screams fall layers more than a blanket vest? It looks great paired with your favorite team t-shirt and Dylan leggings for tailgating. Throw a solo cup in your hand and a Bailey cross body over your shoulder and we call that a perfect Saturday outfit.

Here is a peek of some of our favorite layering pieces for the chilly weather:


Click HERE to shop fall layers!



Halloween Party

October 14, 2015

We’re un-BOO-lievably excited about the spook ahead! What’s better than a themed party? A Halloween party, of course! It is always entertaining to see the costumes friends and family dream up. We cannot control our excitement that Halloween falls on a Saturday this year…even more the reason to have a witch crafted celebration!

Mud Pie specializes in the seasonal decor and gifts, so this time of year brings so much joy for us! I’m sharing with you my top decor picks for any Halloween Party!


Shop the look: 1. Witch Hats // 2. Burlap Charger // 3. Witch Hat Table Runner // 4. Treats Basket // 5. Witch Legs Pillow Wrap // 6. Boxed Pumpkin Candle Set // 7. Boo Bottle Bag


For more tricks & treats, head over to our Pinterest board: Mud Pie Pinterest


Trick or drink, y’all!



Meet the Designer

October 9, 2015

Hey there, Pies! Ever wonder about the fabulous minds behind Mud Pie’s designs? Here’s a little slice about Mud Pie life – every single one of our brilliant creations comes right out of our headquarters in Atlanta. Yup, you heard right! The Mud Pie designers spend hours, days, even months creating fashion, baby and living!

We’re excited to kick-off a new blog series: Meet the Designer! First up, meet the eccentric Abby, Mud Pie’s talented bag and accessory designer.


Abby, tell us what exactly you do here at the Pie? I design bags and accessories! That involves:

1. Finding inspiration, and presenting it to our team creative director

2. Drawing pictures of design ideas based on the inspiration and how the styles need to fit into our line (example: our jute/cotton bags with leather accents did great last year, so we upped the ante and designed an additional canvas and leather bag collection this year! The hope is that the customer will love both collections so much they will want to buy all the pieces in each.)

3. Spec’ing out all the technical details for each design – things like dimensions of each detail, where stitch lines need to go, etc.

4. Reviewing samples when they come in, to make sure all my technical direction was followed!

5. Passing correct samples off to the catalog team to get them photographed for our catalog.

How long have you been here? Three years last month!

How did your passion for fashion ignite? I started sewing when I was eight years old. Throughout my childhood, I made a lot of my own clothes. I also absolutely fell in love with costume history and design. It felt like a natural progression to end up in Fashion Design.

Who inspires you? Oooh, that’s a tough one, so many great designers out there… I love Japanese designers; they have a very playful approach to design, and they often really think outside of the box. Rei Kawakubo (founder of Comme des Garҫons) is a fun source of inspiration, as well as Eiko Ishioka (costume designer who most recently design the costumes for “Mirror, Mirror”, the 2012 adaptation of the Snow White fairy tale. When she passed away a few years ago the creative world lost somebody awesome. L)

If you could meet any designer who would it be? Yohji Yamamoto. His perspective on design is really pure. Although my personal aesthetic diverges from his, I really love his approach to design.

How do you get your creative juices flowing? I actually love physically creating things, so often when I feel like my well of inspiration has run dry, I go home and start making things. I will sew a historical corset or pull out my charcoal and draw.

What culture do you want to experience fashion in? Probably Japan. Their street fashion scene is impressive (and sometimes a little crazy). So much creativity.

What is your go to accessory? My gold foiled python flats. I have bought the exact same pair multiple times, love them too much. I prefer to dress simply and wear serious gold shoes, haha.


Favorite timeless piece? Perfectly slim, pointed black flats. These have had an equivalent represented in almost every era of fashion during the past two hundred years.

Fun fall fashion tip? Layer neutrals! Absolutely loving winter creams and camel colors, in totally neutral ensembles.

Favorite Mud Pie fall piece? The Charlie Chambray Dress. Classic, comfortable, almost like the dress version of great jeans.

And a little extra…

1. I am from Michigan and I love it more than any place on earth. The white snow, and crystalline ice storms, and smell of woodsmoke in the winter. Better than anything.

2. I come from a BIG family (eight kids, no twins!) Pretty sure they have taught me more about life than anything I encountered after moving away.

3. Someday I would like to live in the Netherlands, or Germany, or Sweden. Maybe. Still working out how to engineer careers for myself AND my (accountant) husband, somewhere across the ocean.

Shop Abby’s Designs: Shimmer Juco Tote // Natural Print Jute Tote // Plaid Blanket Scarf // Staghorn Jute Tote


Join us next month for another Meet the Designer!

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