September 16, 2015


Hi again everyone! I’m SO happy to continue the Printspiration series with even more illustrated prints unique to Mud Pie! This month I’m taking you through the creation process of our Fair Isle print! This interesting challenge will be featured throughout our 2015 Kid’s Fall/Holiday Collection, coming to this fall!

To give a little background, “Fair Isle” is traditionally known as an old knitting technique used to create patterns with only a select amount of colors (5 or less). Before starting the artwork, I knew I’d have to come up with a way for the print to resemble a design that had been hand knitted. Which, as you can imagine, hand knitting is a beautifully thought out design.

The challenge: Taking the concept of a timeless winter print and making it unique to both Mud Pie and modern day holidays!

A behind the scenes look at how it evolved:

fair_isle_1and2fair_isle_threefourfair_isle_fivefair_isle_sixsevenKatherine Sig

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