Earnie Awards: Company of the Year

August 5, 2015

Earnies-+-Mud-PieWe are so thankful we could shout have and will continue to shout about being an Earnie Awards nominee! I imagine you are thinking, “Congrats! But when…who…whatever in the world is an Earnie?” Luckily, I can fill you in with some background. I PROMISE to keep it simple, short, sweet.

The Earnie Awards, hosted by Earnshaw’s Magazine, honor brilliance in children’s fashion design. Receiving a nomination is valuable, but winning an award is a very high honor. That’s why we are so grateful for the opportunity.

So, what makes Mud Pie a nominee for Company of the Year? Our unique children’s line speaks for itself…

Voting takes places now through September 15th. The winners will be announced at an award ceremony on October 20th.

We hope you take a minute of your time to Vote Mud Pie for “Company of the Year” by clicking here: 


Over 27 years as a company, and we owe it all to our fans. Every design is thoughtfully created with you and your sweeties in mind. You all are the reason we have this nomination – THANK YOU!



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