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March 2015


Easter Basket Essentials

March 31, 2015

We will be spending our Easter in Disney World this year.  That means Cade’s Easter basket has to fit into a carry on for the flight.  Below are the easy to pack Easter Basket Essentials.

Easter Basket

1. Mud Pie Football Easter Basket (great to personalize and folds easily) //  2. Pez Easter Bunny  //  3. Hubba Bubba Cluckers (winds up and lays gum eggs – this will greatly amuse his five year old sense of humor)  // 4. Hershey Bunny Shaped Chocolate //  5. Star Wars Lego Kit (Cade is Lego and Star Wars obsessed at the moment) //  6. Disney Cars Coloring Book (great for the plane ride) //  7. Rose Art Scented Markers (what child doesn’t love scented markers)



Must Haves for the Easter Season

March 19, 2015

 Hop, hop, hooray! Easter is almost here, one of my favorite seasons. The weather is perfect, I spend some much needed time with my family, and I finally get to eat all of the things I gave up for Lent (fried foods and chocolate– really practicing some self-control here). Check out some of my favorite, bright and fun Easter picks below to help celebrate the season in style!

Easter Must Haves


1. J. Crew Bracelet // 2. Kendra Scott Earrings // 3. Mud Pie Willow Crochet Dress (love mixing blue tones with this dress) // 4. Kate Spade Scallop Clutch // 5. Rifle Paper Co. Card // 6. Peeps (an Easter staple) // 7. Mud Pie “Blessed” Bar Bracelet (the perfect Easter sentiment) // 8. Mud Pie Easter Baskets (love the personalized tote for Easter egg hunts) // 9. Jack Rogers Cork Sandals (cork is one of my favorite Spring trends!) // 10. Tory Burch Pitcher and Peonies (my flower go-to)




Baby’s First St. Patrick’s Day

March 10, 2015

My sweet baby niece was born last fall, and I’ve had so much fun dressing her up for every occasion – every holiday is more fun with a little one!  For her first St. Patrick’s day, I’ve been shopping the Mud Pie spring catalog for adorable pieces with a touch of green.  I’ve picked out some cute looks for the little gentlemen as well!

Mud Pie Baby St. Patrick's Day

1.  Lady Bug Bubble // 2. Initial Bib – Coming Soon! Spring 2015 // 3. Blanket // 4. Daisy Crochet Tunic & Legging // 5. Flower Pacy Clip // 6. Straw Fedora // 7. Initial Bib – Coming Soon! Spring 2015 // 8. Blanket // 9. Alligator Polo One-Piece // 10. Tie Bib // 11. Bow Tie Pacy Clip




Style Your Shape

March 6, 2015

fit fridays-01

We know that there is no perfect figure. The part that needs to be perfect is the style you choose, not your figure! Everyone is unique in their shape, and there are many terms to define shape. You could be a type of fruit- apple shaped, pear shaped.  Your hips could be in the geometry category- square, diamond, triangular. Or your figure could even be labeled under an alphabet letter- A shape, O shape, R shape. It can get a little tricky.



Fit Fridays decided to help our customers find what are the best attributes of their figure. What styles work best for your figure and help to accent your best features? With this guide we share our favorite shape solutions from the up coming Mud Pie Spring 2015 Fashion Collection. Let’s start first by analyzing the shape characteristics of you!

F I G U R E     A N A L Y S I S


We chose a few common shapes to demonstrate the differences here. Some figures can have one feature without the other so being aware of different shapes and characteristics can help you identify your body type. As you can see, everyone is shaped in a unique way. Knowing your features and being aware of your shape can be your best tool for finding the perfect style to fit you.




Wedge and standard shapes tend to have smaller hips and bottoms with less of an hour glass figure. This shape can also come with narrow shoulders. To hide narrow shoulders try more attention at the neck. The Whitney Sleeveless tunic (pictured below with muscular shape) is a perfect addition for this. Show off your flat tummy with the Nora Crochet Tunic and add angular tunics into your wardrobe like the Safia Racer-back.



Your best assets are your shoulders, torso, and flat stomach. Aside from the Hourglass, a Pear shape can often come with narrow shoulders and smaller chests. Pear shapes can accent these features with the Taylor Tassel Tunic to draw the eyes up to the face and shoulders. Wear the Safia Tunic Cover Up for a flattering V-neck, while balancing your hips with the 3/4” sleeves. The Waverly Dress is a perfect style for Hour Glass figures to show off your  shape with the the gathering at waist and low neckline.



This shape tends to be more of an athletic body type. These types have a solid torso and shoulders with a narrower waist. Features include wider arm muscles, broader shoulders, and fit legs/calve muscles. Show off your calves you’ve worked so hard on in any mid length dress or shorts. If arm muscles are tight in fitted sleeve blouses then try looser fitting sleeves like our Camille Flutter Sleeve, or sleeveless items like the Whitney Sleeveless Tunic.


Try tops with a wide, scooped neck to show some skin up top, while giving shape. The Waverly Dress (pictured with Hourglass shape) is perfect to form and shape a waist line. The Shoreline Poncho is slimming with its drape and the strong v-neck directs the eyes up and down the neck area. Choose styles with more of a structured fabric that are less likely to cling to the body. Try the Sienna Embroidered Chambray Dress.