November 11, 2014

cake set 4071059So, on my first post it would of course have to be all about the cakes.


The birthday cake tradition started 20+ years ago when there were just a handful of people. On their birthday I would bake their favorite cake. As the company has grown (we have over 65 Employees in the office now) we have had to consolidate the birthdays for the month on one day. That makes for a lot of baking and is an all-day affair. So Sunday starts early with a big mug of coffee and just about every cake pan in the kitchen.

coffee cup


One of my favorite cakes is a Lemon Pound Cake. It’s light and fresh and almost makes you forget there is half a pound of butter in it 😉

It starts with lemons of course…zest, juice and slices.

lemons on plate

And ends with butter and sugar, the good stuff.

Cake day at work is a fun time. Everyone takes a few minutes from their busy schedule to catch up on what’s up. And have some cake too…

serving cake day at work


It’s also a good time to showcase what’s to come…here are a few previews of new additions to Circa Style. Be on the lookout for them soon.

   cake set b4071059cake set b4071059

cake-set cake day at work

sweet-tray-set cake day at work

cake set b4071059

cake set b4071059

And of course the old favorites too… Our Berry Bowl Set

berry-bowl- cake day at work

Here is the recipe…hope you enjoy !

lemon pound cake recipe


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