Chip Off The Old Block

November 7, 2014

Have you ever wondered who decides how your clothes fit you? The best description I’ve heard describing the relationship between a designer and a technical designer is if the designers are the architects then the technical designers are the engineers.

Mud Pie Clothing Block Pattern



Fit begins with the basic building blocks. At Mud Pie we are still getting to know our customer and what makes her comfortable. We met her about two years ago and are now perfecting her foundational fit.

Mud Pie Clothing Fit on Form



The basic block patterns pictured above are used to generate new styles. After the patterns are finalized they are traced on to stable tag board, which is used to create the initial start of a pattern from which new styles are generated.

Mud Pie Clothing Pattern Making


After patterns are created they are sent overseas for a prototype sample. Upon receipt of the sample the designers and tech designers collaborate to make adjustments. After a couple rounds of this process we reach the final Mud Pie clothing you see in our stores today.

Mud Pie Clothing Final Product


Our goal is to create an effortless wardrobe of well-fitting pieces. You know what they say, “If It Fits, I sits.”


Keep coming back to see more behind the scenes of Fit Fridays…

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