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Measure Twice, Buy Once.

November 28, 2014

fit fridays-01

Getting your accurate measurements is important for many reasons. Whether its for purchasing clothing online, or your best friend is getting married but lives in Katmandu and needs your measurements to get a perfect fit for a bridesmaid dress. Or maybe you’re just simply curious why Sir Mix A lot randomly lists sets of numbers in his lyrics from the 90’s hit song “Baby Got Back”…FYI: he’s measuring the bust, waist, and hip diameter.

Most importantly, knowing your accurate measurements is the first step to getting garments to be the perfect fit.




The easiest way to get your own measurements without having it professionally done is to have a friend help you measure.

Do: Ask a friend, or someone close to you. Chances are you probably have a Facebook friend out there searching for the same answers.

Don’t: measure yourself, unless you have 4 arms. Then it’s acceptable.

No new friends?

Don’t: ask a craigslist stranger.


tape measure icon-01

measure twice, buy once

1. Height: Standing against a flat wall without shoes, measure from the floor to the top of the head.
2. Bust: The fullest part of the chest. Measure around the fullest part of the bust and straight across the back.
3. High Bust: Directly under the arms. Straight across the back and above the bust.
4. Natural Waist: Slimmest part of the torso. Tip: Tie elastic around the waist and let it settle naturally at the waistline.
5. Back Waist Length: From the most prominent bone at the base of the neck to the natural waistline.
6. Hip: Around the body at the fullest part. Usually 7-9” below the natural waist.7. Neck Size: Measure around the neck just above the collar bone putting one finger between the tape and the neck, or measure without 1 finger and add ¼” to the final measurement. Round up to the nearest ½”.
8. Sleeve Length: This step is best completed with a friend. It is important that the arm is at the side and slightly bent at the elbow. Place one end of the tape measure at the middle of the back of the neck and run the tape measure across the shoulder and down the outside of the arm to just below the outer wrist bone.





measure twice, buy once




baby shower decorating Ideas

November 21, 2014


Last weekend I hosted my first baby shower. When I began the planning, I was quick to check off the more practical tasks from my list (catering, cleaning, etc.) so I could focus the most attention on my favorite part: Decorating. My goal was to create a personal, homespun look that didn’t feel too predictable. By mixing in homemade decor along with some key Mud Pie items, I was able to pull off the authentic look I was aiming for. Here’s a preview of some of my favorite details!  Hope you get some of your own baby shower decorating ideas!



  1. Large Chalkboard Arrow. Hanging these chalkboard arrows outside was a perfect way to direct guests to the party.  (Tip: I traced over my writing with a chalk marker to avoid smudges.)
  2.  Pinwheel Garland. I created a long strand of these to drape over the entrance way. These are so easy make! Find the tutorial I used here.
  3.  Mason Jar Centerpiece, Queen of Hearts Antiques.  I love mixing older pieces mixed in with new to create interest.  This 50″ vintage mason jar was a fun antique store find.  To match the occasion, I tied it with a blue ribbon and added cherry blossoms.  For a smaller version, consider this.
  4. Petit Fours, Henris. My co-worker, Lindsey, recommended these for dessert.  Not only were they beautifully decorated, they were absolutely delicious.
  5. Monster One Piece and Bib, Mud Pie. Everyone seems to love looking at new baby clothes. Hanging up a baby clothesline was a great way to showcase some of the baby clothing items that were received as gifts.
  6. Distressed Frame, Mud Pie. One of the newest additions to Mud Pie’s baby frames, coming Spring 2015!
  7. Blue and White Circle Garland, Etsy. I hung strands of this festive garland over the mantle and gift table to add in more color.
  8. Drink Station. Preserve jars can be an interesting alternative to disposable cups. These were placed on a tiered shelf next to the ice bucket so guests could help themselves to their beverage of choice. For an even more personalized look, these are also great.  (Tip: if you chose to go this route for casual glassware, make sure to include decorative straws!)


Katherine Sig


Poodle Party!

November 19, 2014

Many of the Mud Pie girls bring their favorite fur companions to work regularly. My puppy, Olive, has been coming to the office ever since she was two months old. She is the company sweetheart! This past week we celebrated Olive’s birthday in style! Check out photos of Olive and her best friend Lola wearing upcoming Spring 2015 baby styles!  It was a fabulous Poodle Party…


Mud Pie Poodle Party One

Mud Pie Poodle Party Kids


Buy here! | Mud Pie Birthday Candle Plate |




Thanksgiving Decor Around the House

November 18, 2014

When it comes to Thanksgiving decorating, it’s all about the table.  But why not spread a little Thanksgiving decor around the house? A few simple touches can make a home warm and inviting for family and guests.


Make a great first impression with a pretty wreath – I love this one because it can work all season long. Bring the same look into the entryway, where a coordinating topiary is an easy way to add height and interest to a console.



Greenery is an easy way to add color – I just clip a few sprigs from the boxwoods in front of our house. Though our holly bushes never seem to produce any berries, the nandinas along our fence have plentiful clusters of red berries this time of year. The best part? You get a little yard work done while you decorate! We usually use this vintage milk glass bowl to stash our keys by the door – I just repurposed it here on the coffee table.


Decorations can get a little more whimsical in the kitchen. This turkey basket is a great spot for fruit, and this spoon rest is equal parts cute and practical.



If overnight guests are on their way, a few sprigs of greenery and a seasonal candle can be a quick way to freshen up the bedside table. I also like to include this little frame displaying the wifi password – crucial info for every guest!





World Prematurity Day

November 17, 2014

World Prematurity Day Mud Pie and March of Dimes

Today is Wold Prematurity Day. Did you know that every year, about 450,000 babies are born too soon in the United States? That’s 1 in 9 babies that is born premature. But the good news is that our country’s preterm birth rate has declined by 11 percent over the last 7 years. However, it still remains too high at 11.4 percent, which is higher than most developed nations.

Premature birth costs society more than $26 billion a year and takes a high toll on families. Babies born just a few weeks early are at risk of severe health problems and lifelong disabilities. Premature birth is the number 1 killer of newborns.

That’s why in 2003 the March of Dimes launched the Prematurity Campaign to address the crisis and help families have full-term, healthy babies. The March of Dimes is funding lifesaving research and speaking out for legislation that improves care for moms and babies.

As a supporter and partner of March of Dimes, Mud Pie donates 10¢ of every sock and soft headband sold to help eradicate prematurity and provide comfort to those who experience premature birth in their families. This November, Mud Pie is joining March of Dimes in celebrating Prematurity Awareness Month®, a time when the March of Dimes focuses the nation’s attention on premature birth. On November 17 we’ll join organizations across the world to recognize World Prematurity Day, and we’re asking everyone to help spread the world on the serious problem of premature birth.

Visit the Facebook page for more information, and to view stories and videos about babies born too soon. The page features an interactive world map showing the home place for each story told.

Please help bring attention to World Prematurity Day and remember that every pair of socks or soft headbands sold supports the work of the March of Dimes.

World Prematurity Day Mud Pie Join the Cause

Thanks for your support!

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Travel in Style

November 14, 2014

My husband and I were recently married and we were fortunate enough to spend our honeymoon in Italy! For ten days, we ate delicious food, drank all the wine we wanted, enjoyed gelato, and took in all the beauty Italy had to offer.

When preparing for our adventure, I learned that the temperatures during the fall season can vary from day to night. We had to pack for both warm and cool weather, which can pose a challenge when you’re limited on the amount of luggage you can bring… I was not about to lug two big suitcases through the cobble streets of Rome! It was a no brainer that I would pack some Mud Pie clothing for my trip. Not only do I love the designs we offer but they make great travel pieces! They were light enough to keep cool during the day and paired perfectly with a light jacket and scarf for the evening.

All the pieces I packed are light weight and do not wrinkle easily. And hey, the less my clothes weigh the more wine I could bring back, right?!

Please enjoy a few of my favorite photos from our trip!

Mud Pie Blair Shift Dress

travel in style

About to explore Montepulciano in Tuscany!

travel in style Mud Pie Whitney Tunic

The Ponte Vecchio bridge at night.

Travel in style City of Florence

View of Florence from Piazza Michelangelo

Travel in Style Mud Pie Hadley Dress

 Enjoying the sunset over the Spanish Steps

Travel in Style St. Peters Basilica

 St. Peter’s Basilica

Travel in style Colloseum

The Roman Colosseum





Time to GOBBLE till you WOBBLE!

November 13, 2014

how to set a thanksgiving table Time to GOBBLE till you WOBBLE

Growing up, my Mom and I always decorated for every holiday. Thanksgiving was no exception and we went all out
decorating the table with harvest finds, such as, acorns and beautiful colored leaves. At my house we had two tables:
one for the grownups and one for the kids. This is your basic everyday table setting, perfect for any occasion.
This year I will be decorating with some of my Mud-Pie favorites along with gourds and pumpkins I buy from
the local produce stand. Fall leaves add a pop of color to the table and doesn’t break the bank.

1. Acorn Candle Holder. This metal candle holder with acorn sculpted accents adds a warmth to any tablescape.
2. Lime Velvet Pumpkin. This decorative pumpkin is great to use as a placard holder. Just add a personalized card
with jute ribbon and tie it around the stem.
3. Initial Burlap Runner. This table runner features printed initial design at both ends.

thanksgiving Time to GOBBLE till you WOBBLE

Even though I have graduated to the adult table, I much rather sit at the kids’ table, it’s just way more fun! Use pages from a
coloring book as a placemat, it’s a great way to keep your little guest entertained. Candy corn is an inexpensive way to add color
to your tablescape and is a special treat for after meal time. I love decorating with pumpkins, the different shapes
and colors adds interest to the table. The best features on my table are my Mud-Pie accessories.

1. Fresh Jar Tumbler. The fresh jar is a casual and cute way to entice the kids to drink their milk!
2.Turkey Napkin Ring. This colorful napkin ring doubles as a place card holder.
3. Give Thanks Chalkboard Runner. This chalkboard table runner displays “Give Thanks” message at each
end. Encourage guests to write things they are thankful for as an interactive holiday activity. The great thing
about this table runner is it reverses to a solid burlap runner for everyday use.




November 11, 2014

cake set 4071059So, on my first post it would of course have to be all about the cakes.


The birthday cake tradition started 20+ years ago when there were just a handful of people. On their birthday I would bake their favorite cake. As the company has grown (we have over 65 Employees in the office now) we have had to consolidate the birthdays for the month on one day. That makes for a lot of baking and is an all-day affair. So Sunday starts early with a big mug of coffee and just about every cake pan in the kitchen.

coffee cup


One of my favorite cakes is a Lemon Pound Cake. It’s light and fresh and almost makes you forget there is half a pound of butter in it 😉

It starts with lemons of course…zest, juice and slices.

lemons on plate

And ends with butter and sugar, the good stuff.

Cake day at work is a fun time. Everyone takes a few minutes from their busy schedule to catch up on what’s up. And have some cake too…

serving cake day at work


It’s also a good time to showcase what’s to come…here are a few previews of new additions to Circa Style. Be on the lookout for them soon.

   cake set b4071059cake set b4071059

cake-set cake day at work

sweet-tray-set cake day at work

cake set b4071059

cake set b4071059

And of course the old favorites too… Our Berry Bowl Set

berry-bowl- cake day at work

Here is the recipe…hope you enjoy !

lemon pound cake recipe



Chip Off The Old Block

November 7, 2014

Have you ever wondered who decides how your clothes fit you? The best description I’ve heard describing the relationship between a designer and a technical designer is if the designers are the architects then the technical designers are the engineers.

Mud Pie Clothing Block Pattern



Fit begins with the basic building blocks. At Mud Pie we are still getting to know our customer and what makes her comfortable. We met her about two years ago and are now perfecting her foundational fit.

Mud Pie Clothing Fit on Form



The basic block patterns pictured above are used to generate new styles. After the patterns are finalized they are traced on to stable tag board, which is used to create the initial start of a pattern from which new styles are generated.

Mud Pie Clothing Pattern Making


After patterns are created they are sent overseas for a prototype sample. Upon receipt of the sample the designers and tech designers collaborate to make adjustments. After a couple rounds of this process we reach the final Mud Pie clothing you see in our stores today.

Mud Pie Clothing Final Product


Our goal is to create an effortless wardrobe of well-fitting pieces. You know what they say, “If It Fits, I sits.”


Keep coming back to see more behind the scenes of Fit Fridays…


Trick or “Lee”ting

November 6, 2014

 Let the trick or treating begin!

Although I am the dedicated Mud Pie Fashion Director, I couldn’t resist making my first post baby-centered. I’m one of the first Mud Pie design girls to venture in to mommy-hood, which has quite a few perks, but one of the most adorable of those is my son’s Mud Pie stocked closet.

Here’s a look at Halloween through the eyes of an almost 2 year old.  Nothing is better than a little trick or treating!  

Mud Pie Happy Halloween

trick or treating



best parttrick or treat mud pie



waitingtrick or treat halloween



waiting on t
trick or treat costume



reflectingtrick or treat candy



some lighttrick or treat pajamas


Mud Pie Trick or Treat Bag  //Mud Pie Monster PJs

Laura Anne Sig