October 23, 2014

My fiancé and I recently purchased our very first home. We are slowly decorating on a limited budget but I am still aiming for a high end a la Restoration Hardware type look. Our den is a fairly small room that really only has room for a TV console, a couch, and some various nick nacks. Our open style floor plan is awesome except for the fact that glaringly empty walls can be seen pretty much from every angle in the house. And our den had one big empty wall. I have been waiting for months trying to figure out what to hang without breaking the bank. Generally, pieces of art large enough to cover a decent sized wall can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, money which I would rather spend on all the other things we need like couches and rugs and a King sized bed. But finally I figured it out! Mud Pie’s fall 2014 burlap and stud frames combine really well to give us that high design style at a very reasonable price.

Mud Pie Before Living Room Text Burlap





Mud Pie Before Living Room Image

Mud Pie Before Living Room Text Burlap




Mud Pie Burlap Wall Collage

Mud Pie Burlap Wall Collage 2

Mud Pie Burlap Wall Collage Final

Mud Pie How To




To collage frames on a wall, measure the width and height of the space you want to cover. Then place one frame right in the center. Build out around the frame by adding different styles one at a time in a semi haphazard manner to avoid uniformity (it really looks best when frames aren’t arranged in a perfect square). The result will really transform a large space with very minimal effort at a great price. The entire project took us 30 min!

LARGE FRAME 8″ x 10″ // MEDIUM FRAME 5″ x 7″ // SMALL FRAME 4″ x 6″ // X-SMALL FRAME 4″ x 4″

SOFA: Hand-me-down but similar here and here // COFFEE TABLE: Europe2You // CONSOLE: Scott Antique Market


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