October 20, 2014

Welcome to a Slice of Pie, a blog curated by the Mud Pie design girls! Mud Pie has a design team of 17 women. We each bring different ingredients but come together deliciously to create new product every season. Our design team is located in Atlanta, GA and we design everything from scratch, bringing you the most original and freshest designs possible. We hope to bring you an inside look of our day to day lives here at “The Pie.” Follow us through everything from behind the scenes looks at photo shoots, trends to watch, design choices for upcoming lines and much, much more! We will strive to show you how we love and use Mud Pie product in our lives. We hope you savor each slice! Enjoy!


Click the images below to learn a little more about us!

Marcia CEO Mud Pie

Founder & CEO

Gina Creative Director Mud Pie

Creative Director

Bobbi Senior Designer Mud Pie

Senior Living Designer

Lauren McHenery Designer Mud Pie

Director of Kids & Gifts

Laura Anne Fashion Director Mud Pie

Fashion Director

Katie Lead Fashion Designer Mud Pie

Lead Fashion Designer

McCay Living Designer Mud Pie

Living Designer

Hillary Kids Designer Mud Pie

Kids Designer

Nicole Mud Pie Designer

Fashion Merchandiser

Abby Fashion Designer Mud Pie

Fashion Designer

Lauren Miller Mud Pie

Product Development

Amanda Edwards Mud Pie Baby Designer

Baby Designer

Jackie Mud Pie Technical Designer

Lead Technical Designer

Lindsey Potter Mud Pie Living Designer

Living Designer

Aimee Product Development Mud Pie

Product Development Asst

Kat Living Department Assistant

Living Dept. Assistant

Katherine Product Development Artist Mud Pie

Product Development Artist


























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