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behind the scenes

October 29, 2014

At the Pie, you never know what your day will look like. Take this past Friday for instance – I was asked to step in and photo direct for our upcoming Spring 2015 Fashion catalog. The photo shoot took place on location in Downtown Atlanta. We had a great day filled with beautiful shots – we even snuck on top of a building for a gorgeous rooftop shoot! Enjoy the behind the scenes photos below and stay tuned for our new Spring 2015 Fashion product – will be available at



Mud Pie behind the scenes roof top

rooftop photo shoot!


Mud Pie behind the scenes Bridal

final edit of our bridal robes – hitting stores in Spring 2015!


Mud Pie behind the scenes Atlanta

pretty skyline view from our roof top location


Mud Pie behind the scenes rooftop


Mud Pie behind the scenes poncho


Mud Pie Behind the  Scenes street


Mud Pie behind the scenes proof


Katie Sig


Rush Hour Ready

October 28, 2014



I’m an early bird. I am usually at the office by 7am. With a lengthy (hour plus) commute in the morning I try to rush out the door before the Atlanta traffic sets in.  That being said, I do not have time to waste getting “ready” for work- I get “rush hour ready.”  My Mud Pie dresses are a wardrobe staple.  Confession time, I own every one that we have offered in the past two years!  I wear them year round and change out my accessories and shoes based on the season or event.  I can go from pajamas to fully dressed for work in under one minute.  I roll my hair into a bun, which looks super sophisticated and time consuming but literally takes seconds.   Slide on my watch, ring and cuff and I am out the door and on my way into the office!

Dress: Mud Pie // Shoes: Michael Kors // Cuff: Rebecca Ray (or Mud Pie)  // Watch: Rolex // Bun: Capelli New York





Marcia Mondays

October 27, 2014

My husband and I built our home to feel old. We love the elegance and sophistication of 19th Century British architecture but wanted to combine that with the comfort and ease of modern amenities. We really wanted our house to be a gathering place for family, friends, and coworkers on special occasions or just for weekend getaways. I worked with a phenomenal interior designer who helped me to combine antiques (I love when décor has a back story about where it comes from) many found at the Scott Antique Market, medium priced items from stores such as Restoration Hardware and the Atlanta Gift Mart, and “special” more high end designs. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the unique look we achieved. Our house isn’t “fussy” or too fancy, it feels warm and inviting for our family and all of our guests.  I am excited to invite readers in to our home through A Slice of Pie and encourage you to read and feel inspired. Stay tuned for decorating tips, holiday entertaining, baby and wedding showers, and much more on Marcia Mondays. Enjoy and welcome home!


Mud Pie Marcia Mondays Home Exterior


Mud Pie Marcia Monday's Den


Mud Pie Marcia Mondays Kitchen


Mud Pie Marcia Mondays Kitchen


Mud Pie Marcia Mondays Living Room-Dining Room


Mud Pie Marcia Mondays Library


Mud Pie Marcia Mondays Pool


maddie mo- text


Maddie and Mo 2




A Perfect Fit

October 24, 2014

For the past nine weeks I have been juggling all of our apparel programs; absent a teammate. And while I have enjoyed the endless rotation of piece types and new quandaries, it is a pleasure to introduce my new teammate Mallory Atkins.

mallory atkins


Finding Mallory was all about finding a perfect fit. She had to be experienced, but not too experienced. Understand the power of a well-placed smiley face in an e-mail to China and ultimately become my new workplace “BFF.”

There were a few candidates who came close, but there was something about Mallory’s quiet confidence and her ability to absorb an overload of information without looking like a deer caught in headlights that assured me she would be a great technical designer.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. I’ve asked her the hard hitting questions so you can decide for yourself.

So, Mallory, tell me about yourself.

Mallory: “That’s always a tough question. I grew up in Savannah, Georgia, but my family is originally from Ohio. I love riding vintage motorcycles and sewing has always been a big hobby.”

When did you know you wanted to pursue a career in fashion?

Mallory: “I actually wanted to be a Barbie designer. I used to call the Mattel phone number on the side of the box trying to reach the design team. My mom would get so mad when she got the phone bill and there were all these 1-800 numbers. One of my favorite designs was “Piano Barbie.” She would come with a full (Barbie-sized) piano. Eventually, making clothes for my Barbies turned into making clothes for me. I actually went to a performing arts high school and my senior year I designed for the “Junk to Funk” fashion show where we repurposed materials into wearable art.”

If you could do anything, all earthly limitations aside, what would you do for the rest of your life?

Mallory: “Hmmm…That’s a tough one. I think I would live on a sailboat; I love how the stove top is on a swivel axis so the stove top always stays level.”

What’s your favorite time of day?

Mallory: “Probably about 6PM in the fall. It’s the perfect temperature and with the sun setting it turns everything sepia; there is a pretty glow. I grew up on the beach and that’s how we used to end every day…. Not that I had a choice, my mom was always like, ‘Get down here and watch the sunset!'”

If you could only do one dance move for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Mallory: “It would be ‘Elaine‘ from Seinfeld.”

If you’re still not convinced, go check out her portfolio. She’s really good!



October 23, 2014

My fiancé and I recently purchased our very first home. We are slowly decorating on a limited budget but I am still aiming for a high end a la Restoration Hardware type look. Our den is a fairly small room that really only has room for a TV console, a couch, and some various nick nacks. Our open style floor plan is awesome except for the fact that glaringly empty walls can be seen pretty much from every angle in the house. And our den had one big empty wall. I have been waiting for months trying to figure out what to hang without breaking the bank. Generally, pieces of art large enough to cover a decent sized wall can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, money which I would rather spend on all the other things we need like couches and rugs and a King sized bed. But finally I figured it out! Mud Pie’s fall 2014 burlap and stud frames combine really well to give us that high design style at a very reasonable price.

Mud Pie Before Living Room Text Burlap





Mud Pie Before Living Room Image

Mud Pie Before Living Room Text Burlap




Mud Pie Burlap Wall Collage

Mud Pie Burlap Wall Collage 2

Mud Pie Burlap Wall Collage Final

Mud Pie How To




To collage frames on a wall, measure the width and height of the space you want to cover. Then place one frame right in the center. Build out around the frame by adding different styles one at a time in a semi haphazard manner to avoid uniformity (it really looks best when frames aren’t arranged in a perfect square). The result will really transform a large space with very minimal effort at a great price. The entire project took us 30 min!

LARGE FRAME 8″ x 10″ // MEDIUM FRAME 5″ x 7″ // SMALL FRAME 4″ x 6″ // X-SMALL FRAME 4″ x 4″

SOFA: Hand-me-down but similar here and here // COFFEE TABLE: Europe2You // CONSOLE: Scott Antique Market




October 22, 2014

Mud Pie Fall Transition Outfit 1

Hooray! It’s time for Fall — pumpkin spice flavors and cooler temps… So we thought. Here in Georgia, it’s hard to predict the weather. October days may be a crisp 60 degrees, others may feel like summer at 80+. It’s a struggle to stay cool and not look like you are ready for mid-July. My go-to item this October has been these Mud Pie black lace shorts. These are a transitional staple in my wardrobe. For summer days, they look great with just a tank and sandals. But when the weather cools off I love pairing them with a light sweater, scarf, and booties. Shorts at this time of year can be tricky but if you keep your color palette in fall hues you can execute it like a pro!

Sweater: Jcrew sold out but would also look great with this  // Scarf: Club Monaco // Shorts: Mud Pie // Shoes: Steve Madden // Sunglasses: Karen Walker // Bag: LV //  Necklace: Mud Pie coming soon for Spring 2015! // Watch: Marc Jacobs //  Bracelets: Mud Pie coming soon for Spring 2015! // Lips: Stila

Mud Pie Fall Transitional Outfit 2

Mud Pie Fall Transitional Outfit 3

Mud Pie Fall Transitional Outfit 3





October 21, 2014


  1. Anything monogrammed: Bags, sweaters, oxfords, ponchos—this season, EVERYTHING is personalized. My absolute favorite piece this fall is the Burberry Check Blanket Poncho that has been seen all over Fashion’s elite. If you’re not interested in cleaning out your bank account, try my go-to clutch this season– the Mud Pie Chelsea Carry All Case. It looks fabulous with a chic, clean monogram
  2. Hair calf Slip on Sneakers: Slip on sneakers are everywhere right now, much to my delight. They’re super comfy, easy to throw on, and the leopard hair calf gives just the right amount of edge.
  3. Wine Country: Bordeaux, Pinot, Cabernet—this fall I will be stocking both my bar and my closet with these gorgeous shades of red.
  4. Fringed Tote: The IT bag this season includes fringe. Crossbody, tote, bucket bag…as long as it has fringe, you’re good.
  5. Fur infinity scarf: Fur has trickled its way down into accessories this fall, my favorite version being the fur infinity. Great for warmth and will pair well with almost anything.
  6. Jogger Pants: I can’t get enough of jogger pants! Both comfy and trendy merged together to create a pant that allows you to eat another handful of Halloween candy (and another plate of Thanksgiving turkey) without having to unbutton your pants.
  7. Oversized Plaid Outerwear: Large scale plaids are everything this season. Placed onto slouchy outwear is my favorite interpretation.
  8. Tassel jewelry: Tassels come in many materials this season—beads, gold chain, thread, etc. But, I die over these gold pieces. Check out Bauble Bar for an awesome selection.
  9. Shades of Gray: Not only popular at your mom’s book club, but also popular at retail. Grey leathers and gunmetal accents are awesome fall trends. Pair multiple shades of grey in one outfit for an ultra-chic look.
  10. Windowpane: Windowpane is hands down my favorite fall print. The simplicity makes it wearable on any piece type—sweaters, pants, coats—you can’t go wrong.
  11. Wool Baseball Caps: Sporty chic is in this season. Lucky for me, these baseball caps will be perfect to cover up my often untidy hair.

Nicole Sig



October 20, 2014

Welcome to a Slice of Pie, a blog curated by the Mud Pie design girls! Mud Pie has a design team of 17 women. We each bring different ingredients but come together deliciously to create new product every season. Our design team is located in Atlanta, GA and we design everything from scratch, bringing you the most original and freshest designs possible. We hope to bring you an inside look of our day to day lives here at “The Pie.” Follow us through everything from behind the scenes looks at photo shoots, trends to watch, design choices for upcoming lines and much, much more! We will strive to show you how we love and use Mud Pie product in our lives. We hope you savor each slice! Enjoy!


Click the images below to learn a little more about us!

Marcia CEO Mud Pie

Founder & CEO

Gina Creative Director Mud Pie

Creative Director

Bobbi Senior Designer Mud Pie

Senior Living Designer

Lauren McHenery Designer Mud Pie

Director of Kids & Gifts

Laura Anne Fashion Director Mud Pie

Fashion Director

Katie Lead Fashion Designer Mud Pie

Lead Fashion Designer

McCay Living Designer Mud Pie

Living Designer

Hillary Kids Designer Mud Pie

Kids Designer

Nicole Mud Pie Designer

Fashion Merchandiser

Abby Fashion Designer Mud Pie

Fashion Designer

Lauren Miller Mud Pie

Product Development

Amanda Edwards Mud Pie Baby Designer

Baby Designer

Jackie Mud Pie Technical Designer

Lead Technical Designer

Lindsey Potter Mud Pie Living Designer

Living Designer

Aimee Product Development Mud Pie

Product Development Asst

Kat Living Department Assistant

Living Dept. Assistant

Katherine Product Development Artist Mud Pie

Product Development Artist


























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