Mud Pie’s Spring Blogger Lunch Party

March 28, 2017

Hey Mud Pie Babes! OMG we had SO much fun at our first annual Mud Pie Blogger Lunch Party. We had seven different bloggers from around the Atlanta area join us in our showroom for a day filled of fun! They first got an exclusive tour of our Spring 2017 Baby and Kids, Living, and Fashion lines by our designers. Then they ate a delicious lunch catered by Sun in My Belly. The ladies had a chance to try on all of our Spring 2017 Fashion, play around with different tablescape set ups and even had a chance to get their hair done at the braid bar with stylists from Fifth & Mae Salon. It was an absolutely amazing day and we cant wait to do it again!


Diamond Bungalow Pitcher \\ Blue Jute Trim Table Runner \\ Blue Grainsack Napkin Set \\ Burlap Charger


Blue Jute Trim Table Runner \\ Blue Grainsack Napkin Set \\ Burlap Charger


Blue Fish Platter

Brunch Brunch Hard Wine Glass

Brunch Stemless Wine Glasses


Cork Wine Cooler


Mom Without Labels & Chanel Moving Forward


Painterly Window Pane Sawyer Swing Dress (Left on Borrow and Blue) \\ Midnight Floral Sawyer Swing Dress (Right on Talking with Tami)


Oliver Off The Shoulder Romper \\ Barcelona Bangle Set \\ Talking with Tami


Foster Off The Shoulder Top \\ Miller Leather Clutch \\ Mom Without Labels


Azalea Straw Sun Hat \\ Vivi Fringe Dress \\ Perforated Tote \\ Borrow and Blue


Foster Off the Shoulder Top \\ Leather Tassel Necklace \\ Photo by: Blue Gray Gal


Burlap Charger \\ Cork Wine Cooler \\ Wood Initials (uppercase) \\ Wood Initial (lowercase) \\ Photo by: Blue Gray Gal


Wood Initials (uppercase) \\ Wood Initial (lowercase) \\ Photo by: Blue Gray Gal


Enamel & Wood Whale Board \\ Brunch Stemless Wine Glasses \\ Anchor Napkin Rings \\ Blue Fish Salad Plate \\ Burlap Charger \\ Blue Jute Trim Table Runner \\ Farrah Flounce Dress Navy Ikat

Table Set Up_1

Gold Cheers Marble Board Set \\ Brunch Stemless Wine Glasses \\ Brunch Stemless Champagne Glasses \\ Glitter Charger \\ Blue Jute Trim Table Runner


Blue Gray Gal


Check out the bloggers that joined us for Lunch:

Turquoise & Teale \\ Talking with Tami \\ Loverly Grey \\ Mom Without Labels \\ Blue Gray Gal \\ Borrow and Blue \\ Chanel Moving Forward

Shop all of Spring 2017 on our website and make sure to follow us on social media @mudpiegift and use #mudpiegift when posting so we can see your Mud Pie goodies!

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It’s the First Day of Spring!

March 20, 2017

Yup, you can pick your jaw up off the floor, try blinking for a second and don’t forget to exhale! The days have flown by and we are springing into warmer weather and weekend fun! We have put together five of our favorite Spring activities and of course, outfits to match!


French Hen Dress || French Hen Kimono || Moving Truck T-Shirt || Tractor Chambray Shortall || Mercer Plaid Scarf || Perforated Tote || Hannah Shirtdress



Daisy Sun Hat || Daytripper Tote || Crochet Daisy Dress || Pirate Shark Shortall || Pirate Shark Sun Hat || Shark Canvas Bucket || Ryder Athletic Tank and Harper Track Short


Lake Days

Kelli Shirtdress Cover Up || Daytripper Tote || Shark Hooded Cover Up || Whale T-Shirt || Whale Swim Trunks || Flamingo Ruffle Swimsuit || Popsicle Sequin Tote

Sunday Brunch

Isle Chambray Dress || Linen Princess Dolls || Blue Monogram Pacy Cuddlers || Chambray One-Piece || Braided Denim Dress || Miller Leather Clutch || Barcelona Bangle Set



Fish Stacked Chambray Shortall || Tahiti Tassel Bracelets || Azalea Straw Sun Hat || Derby Maxi || Denim Ruffle Romper || Floral Essential Tote

What are your Spring plans?! Let us know on social media! Tag us @mudpiegift and use #mudpiegift. We can’t wait to hear all the fun you have planned! And don’t forget to visit to check out the rest of our Spring goodies for your home, kids and most importantly, you!

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Spring 2017: Watercolor

March 17, 2017



Did you know that Mud Pie has an in-house watercolor artist that created a lot of our Spring 2017 prints?! Well if you didn’t, let us introduce you!


Meet Caitlin Alderfer, Product Development Artist at Mud Pie. Caitlin started working at Mud Pie almost exactly a year ago (at the end of the month!)  She has been painting/drawing/creating things ever since she can remember; her mom is very creative (she paints too in her spare time!) so there was always art supplies and classes during the summer as a kid.

Painting seriously didn’t begin until college though, where she was a Studio Art major, but focused in oil painting and collage. Watercolor painting only began for her about 3 years ago, when she was in grad school for Graphic Design but missed painting. At the time Caitlin had a roommate and limited space, and oil painting involves strong chemicals and is much messier than watercolors, so she decided to give it a try, and has grown from there.





 “I have also always been fascinated with watercolor because it is so challenging and unpredictable; the more you learn about it the more you understand how the paint will react when you add water, but it is always a little bit of a surprise,” says Caitlin. “It is also really a challenge because you really only get one shot; if you make a mistake you can’t erase it (for the most part) so you have to be very intentional.”Baby and Kids

Painting Horse




Watercoloring takes a lot of patience. It depends on the print and how detailed/complex it is. As a general rule, any prints Caitlin designs that begin as a watercolored painting take longer than ones created digitally, mostly because there are so many more steps involved. She begins with sketching the patterns, then after painting she has to load it into the computer to clean up and digitize! It’s a process, but a fun one!






Caitlin loves a lot of the patterns she created for Spring 2017, but her favorite has to be the Midnight Floral pattern for Fashion. Although landing on the final version of this pattern took several weeks, she painted the original watercolor elements on her 2nd or 3rd day working at Mud Pie! “I remember asking if it was ok if I brought in paints to work with and everyone thought I was a little crazy, so it was fun to get to show what I could do so early on,” she says. “I think about my journey at Mud Pie every time I see this print, which makes it special for me. Plus, I’ve always loved florals!”



As crazy as it seems, Caitlin is already starting work on our Spring 2018 prints! And even when watercolor isn’t the right medium for a pattern, you can find Caitlin sketching and drawing by hand before she gets to the computer!

“It has been so much fun getting to see my work, which I’ve previously only seen on paper and canvas, live on products,” Caitlin says!

Which pattern do you enjoy the best from our Spring 2017 line?! Let us know on social media! Tag us @mudpiegift and use #mudpiegift. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Pi Day 2017

March 14, 2017

It is one of our favorite days of the year; National #PiDay! So of course, we have put together some of our FAVORITE pie recipes! You’ll want to read to the end, there is a sweet surprise baked special for you!



Recipe by: A Family Feast

Chocolate-Crack-Pie 1

Chocolate Crack Pie

Recipe by: The Kitchen is my Playground



Recipe by: Spend with Pennies


Mud Pie

Recipe by: Six Sisters’ Stuff

If you need something to serve your delicious pies in, we have you covered! Our Circa Pie Plate & Server Set is great as a hostess gift or a little something for yourself!

4801000And here is an even sweeter treat for you! Today (3/14) only! Free shipping on orders of $25 and up!



We hope you like our Slice of Pi Day! Don’t forget to follow us on social media to stay up-to-date on everything Mud Pie!

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10 on the Tenth: Spring Break

March 10, 2017


March’s 10 on the tenth are must have items for spring break! From prepping for you trip with adorable workout clothes, outfits for night time, cover ups by the water, beach bags and totes, to hats and jewelry, Mud Pie has you covered for SB17!











Have fun in the sun, babes!



Easter Outfits: For her

March 7, 2017

Less than a month and a half away! Are you ready for Easter 2017?! Family pictures, church, Easter brunch, make sure you look perfect for every Easter event! We have put together our top six Easter outfits for what to wear this year.



[Derby Maxi Dress: Chambray | Watermelon | Black]

[Penny Panama Hat]




[Tilly Swing Top: Tropical Green | Pink Floral | Blue Medallion | Black Brush Squares]

[Mckinley Vest: White | Black]

[Miller Leather Carry-All: Black | White | Brown]


[Isle Chambray Dress]

[Perforated Tote: Metallic Gold | Bone | Black]



[Britain Scallop Dress: Watermelon | Aruba Blue | Navy]

[Sparkler Tassel Necklace]

[Miller Leather Carry-All: White | Brown | Black]



[Rosie Shift Dress: Blue China Garden | Coral Medallion | Black Brush Squares]

[Perforated Tote: Bone | Metallic Gold | Black]

[Rowena Reversible Earning ]


[Mia Embroidered Dress | Mini Mia Dress]

We want to see how you style Mud Pie this Easter! Follow us on social media @mudpiegift and use #mudpiegift and you never know, your style may end up on our channel!

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Shop on, loves!



Spring Trends: Fashion

March 2, 2017


Things are going to get HOTT this Spring and we are not just talking about the weather. There are so many adorable looks trending in Fashion this Spring and of course Mud Pie has the looks you NEED in your closet this season!

Give winter the cold shoulder hun, because it’s all about showing off this Spring. Flaunt the freedom and show those shoulders!


Cold Shoulder

This season is big on versatile outfits that you can wear everyday! From the office, to the store, in carpool line or even for a picnic in the park. Pair our Hannah Shirtdresses with scarfs, light vests, hats, or jewelry and you can change it up for any occasion. Did we mention how comfy this dress is to?!


Everyday Wear

One of our least favorite things about summer? Trying to dress cute, but sweating your make up off by the end of the day. Yeah, no thanks. This year, we are so into the light layering. Over a dress, shirt or tank, the Mckinley Vest is must have addition to your wardrobe. (ps. it has a pull string in the back to give it an even more sexy shape!)

Light Layer

Versatility, versatility, versatility. Wait, we’ve said that before… getting the trend? We LOVE our cover-ups, because they do more than just, well, cover us up on our way to the water. Of course you can throw it on over your favorite bikini or one piece, but there is no need to go in and change before heading to get drinks. Pack wedges and white pants and you can go straight from the beach to the bar! That means no wasted time next vacation and more sun for you!

Beach to Bar

Not going to lie, we are about to brag. Because this is just pretty cool (no actually, REALLY cool!) Mud Pie has an in-house designer that does watercolor patterns! So that means our items are SUPER unique to our brand. You will not find it anywhere else and we can promise you that! So go ahead and skip off in your one-of-a-kind Sawyer Swing dress, because you look dang good in it, girl!



Flowers blooming, the sun shinning and more time spent outside. We CANNOT wait. But first you need to make sure your wardrobe matches the weather! Shop all of our new Spring 2017 Fashion at

We want to see it how trendy you are this Spring! Follow us on social media @mudpiegift and use #mudpiegift and you never know, your look may end up on our channel!

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Cheers to Spring, babes!



National Tooth Fairy Day

February 28, 2017

One thing we love at Mud Pie is keeping kid’s imaginations alive. From Santa Clause, to the Easter Bunny, to the Tooth Fairy, we have items that will get your little one excited to keep the fantasies alive. Did you know February 28th has been named National Tooth Fairy Day?! Mud Pie has fun gifts to make losing a tooth even more exciting!

Tooth Fairy Pocket Buddy 

Join in the fun and give your child’s pocket buddy a name! Take your kids name and spell it backwards. Then type out a name tag or write one by hand. Tuck the tooth under the heart pocket to keep it safe until the Tooth Fairy arrives!

Pink Fairy Box

Pink Fairy with tooth

Fairy on pillow

Blue Knit Tooth Pillow

For your little man, have him place his tooth in the back of the pillow and lay it next to him until he falls asleep! It’s a fun way to make sure the tooth does not get lost under a regular pillow!

Tooth Pillow Front

Tooth Pillow Back

Tooth on pillow

Tooth Fairy Doors

We think our Tooth Fairy Sets add even more to your little one’s imagination! Get creative with your kiddo and set up an easy way for the tooth fairy to get in and get the tooth! (And this helps from having to potentially wake your child up from reaching under their pillow) Comes in two colors: Blue Tooth Fairy Door  & Pink Tooth Fair Set

Double Doors

Back Of Door Box

Blue Door Set Up

Pink laid out

Pink Door Set Up

All of our Tooth Fairy items come ready to give as a gift!Shop all of our Tooth Fairy items on! Has your child lost a tooth? We want to see your spin on the Tooth Fairy! Follow us on social media @mudpiegift and use #mudpiegift when posting photos!

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Easter: Kids Edition

February 22, 2017

Easter is less than two months away and it’s time to start thinking about what your little bunnies are going to wear for family pictures and Church! Shop our newly launched Easter items now!

Bunny Pocket Dress

0-6 months | 6-9 months | 9-12 months | 12-18 months | 24 months-2T| 3T | 5T


Bunny Knee Socks


Seersucker Short Suit

0-6 months | 6-9 months | 9-12 months | 12-18 months

(p.s. there is also a Seersucker Pant Suit for 3T, 4T and 5T!)

Short Pant

Bunny Raglan T-Shirt

12-18 months | 24 months -2T/3T

(personalize it for your hopping hunny! Add his name to the top of the shirt!)


Bunny Chambray Stripe Shortall

0-3 months


Boxed Bow Ties

Chambray | Plaid | Polkadot


Seersucker Wicker Baskets 

Don’t forget to get a personalized Easter Basket for your little ones!


Hop on over to and shop our Easter items now! Taking family photos wearing Mud Pie?!  We want to see it! Follow us on social media @mudpiegift and use #mudpiegift and you never know, your baby bunny may end up on our channel!

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Dress up the Imagination

February 16, 2017


Growing up, we found ourselves tucked away in our playroom, using our imagination and costumes to whisk us away to fantasy land. Well, today we find ourselves wishing we could hop in that time machine we made out of a box and crayons and go back to our childhood. It isn’t just Halloween where dress up costumes come in handy, every day can be a new story for your little one. Help them write their story with these ADORABLE costumes! (And BTW, you are going to want to scroll all the way down to the bottom of this post, WARNING: CUTENESS OVERLOAD AHEAD!!!)











Shop all of these heart melting looks on our website, Photographing your cuties in these costumes?? We want to see it! Follow us on social media @mudpiegift and use #mudpiegift and you never know, your sweet pea may end up on our channel!

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